Lavender Beauty Gift Set

I love lavender, it smells good, it is relaxing and calming. A couple remembers me this Christmas and gave me this gift set. I love it and I hope they know I am appreciative of their thoughtfulness. I can really use this everyday and will enjoy it!

Thankful for this blessing, it’s not every day someone give me something.

 photo lavender_zpsfwnmwyvy.png

Deals on Shoes at DSW

For some women, going shopping is their stress reliever which I find it true. Although I am not a big spender, going to the store I like is soothing to me. One of the favorite stores I love going in our area is the DSW shoe store in Hulen. I know exactly where to go once inside, to the clearance rack. I went there today for the reason of returning two pairs I bought online because I was disappointed, the weekender set did not come with the items so I felt I should return both of them, I don’t need them anyway!

My trip to DSW today did not go wasted because I found three pairs for only $31.34, this is after that $5 off $49 purchase coupon that came with the shoes ordered online and a $15 certificate that was in my account.

The soft gold or champagne color low heel shoes was the highlight of this shopping trip. I don’t have open-toe shoes like this plus this pair is comfortable and soft to walk on. It came down to $15 after a discount. The other two pairs are 80% off each, you do the math, that’s the final price for each after a yellow sticker discount.

So I took home three pairs of shoes for just a little over $30. I don’t need to wear designer brands, as long the shoes are pretty, comfy and look good on me, I am happy with them. I am not a hard spender either, clearance rack in every store is my favorite corner to go straight whether for clothes, groceries, shoes or anything you can think of. Trust me, it is painful to think buying full price on items you can get for deep discounts.

This is one of the many things I like about living here because these kind of discounts only happen in the US, back in the Philippines it’s the business’ that fool customers, they make customers believe they got a 10% discount on a shirt but little do they know, the store only raised the price to ten percent. Also, there are no grocery discounts or “clearance” sale over there.

…. my beautiful champagne open toe shoes and two pairs of strappy sandals that will go to the Philippines for my sister. It’s winter here now that is why those two summery sandals are marked down heavily.

 photo dsw_zpselveu1l5.jpg

 photo dsw1_zpsczjkp4xk.jpg

YOUCOPIA Storage and Organization Solution

I wish I had that organization skill so I can organize our cabinets, drawers, closets and pantry nicely where we can easily find things we need. But, that should not be a problem these days since here in America, we can buy almost everything we need. For example these drawer storage racks, storemore lid holder and most of all the spice steps that includes 96 labels to find spices fast!

These products are made with strong and durable plastic materials although designed in the US but assembled in China. They can be found on the manufacturer’s website on if you want to buy them, just search for specific product keywords and you should be shown product results that belong to that keywords. I love the lid hold among the three because it makes the drawer look pretty as well as the lids to be easy to retrieve.

Please enter their giveaway below to get yours of these awesome products!

With these products, our drawes/pantry look a little better now. Would love to buy more of each to completely eradicate the mess especially in the pantry.

A BEFORE photo of the pantry without the spice step
 photo organizer2_zpsb4shnrle.jpg
 photo organizer.jpg1_zpscztzozoi.jpg

 photo organizer_zpszl7wbi9r.jpg

 photo organizer3_zps1sewsujh.jpg

Win a YouCopia Product of your choice #34


Beautiful silver braided band pearl adjustable open rings

Look what I have here. Beautiful silver braided band pearl adjustable open rings set of two that I got for free by Habeats! I find the style unique and these rings suit my skinny fingers. I find it difficult to shop for rings online because of the sizing. No matter how I try to buy the ring size which I think fits me but for some reason, when the rings arrive, they are too loose for me.

This is set is awesome as they are open and can be adjusted to fit my rings. They look antique in style too! Curious where I got them free? Get yours here . I love them and can wear them out going to parties, dinner with fam or simply doing errands.

This set is great for gifts to your sister, loved ones or to a special friend, for only $22.99, the person you give it to will absolutely adore it.

 photo habeats_zps7zclottn.jpg

PINK ANGEL Forever Freebie

It pays to be a loyal shopper of Victoria’s Secret. I got this set absolutely free for being a PINK ANGEL FOREVER card holder. That is at least $50 worth of savings there.

I went to the store and just showed them my VS card, my driver’s license and the screenshot in my phone for the freebie with no questions asked, they gave me the set. Take note, these things are FULL size PINK lotion, scrub and mist with glitter! I love, I so love love it!

Looking forward for more freebies in the future from VS. Makes me wanna go back and shop from them even more! Happy me.

 photo pink_zpsotiummqt.jpg

 photo pink1_zps1ufw5lyp.jpg

Guitar Center Address

I am not sure if there is a guitar center music store near us, but I can always look it up on Google or on their site alone and locate their guitar center address here and hopefully someday, I’ll be able to make a visit in this store with my two girls. I am hoping when they grow a little bigger, they will be interested in playing a musical instrument so the guitar center store will become their favorite store to go.

Deals on Butter Cookies and Chocolate in Walgreens this Week

This small haul I did few days ago is worth the trip. Buy one get one free for chocolates and butter cookies is a good deal I think. There is one $1 coupon of chocolate that came out last Sunday so I used one for that, too bad Walgreens don’t allow a coupon on a free item. I did not use any coupons on the butter cookies for there wasn’t any available but it’s still a good deal.

Five cans will go in my box and a box of it I offered to my children and myself to munch on from time to time. I may have to go back today and see if they still have more!

 photo cookies_zpseyb4r8wj.jpg

Gifts for Christmas

If you are looking to buy that very piece for the musician of your family, you have come to the right place, I got a recommendation as to where you can browse and shop around on musical instrument websites. Please look and open the link. Today is the right time to start looking while you still got ample time to decide which one is the best that suits your budget.

Kelly and Katie Totes Clearance at DSW

I know a great deal when I see one like these totes I availed at DSW two days ago. I visited the store not knowing what I could buy that day, my main purpose was to look for discounted umbrellas. Unfortunately, there was none. So, as usual, I proceeded to their shoe rack clearance area and found two pairs that I actually fell in love with but having a hard time choosing between the too. I ended up not buying both.

Anyway, since I did not have anything in mind to buy, I roam around the store some more and I found these lovely totes on clearance with “red” stickers on them. Red at DSW store means the item is additional 50% off. Each tote is marked $39.95, plus I had a $20 coupon off of $49 purchase and a free scarf coupon to go with it. BIG SCORE for me!

I came out of DSW that day very happy and proud that I got to save a couple dollars for buying three sets of summery/floral reversible totes. These are decent size totes with matching medium size zipped pouches each, plus a bonus of dust bags.

 photo bags_zpstuqe5j3r.jpg

Cheering On Your Favorite Team May Be Good for Your Health

Who knew that cheering for your favorite NFL team may actually be good for your health? Experts say that cheering on a sports team, any sports team, may have positive mental health attributes. They say that this is true for people of all ages, which means it’s never too early to get your children into liking sports, so consider getting baby NFL gear.

Mental Health Benefits

The study shows that people who are personally invested in their favorite teams reap mental health rewards as a result of being socially connected with others. Scientists say that they saw a special bond that forms between people who pull for the same team. This bond helps strengthen relationships in family and friends. When your favorite team scores points, your self-esteem scores points also.

Indiana University

A study that came out of Indiana University showed that sports lovers were more confident in themselves after their favorite teams won games. Since other studies show that people are more attracted to people who are confident, the researchers concluded that watching sports can actually improve a person’s love life with a confidence boost.

Psychological Explanation

A professor of psychology at Frostburg State University, Paul Bernhardt, said that there’s a psychological explanation to this study. Men receive a boost in testosterone when their teams win. On the same note, that testosterone level falls when their team loses. Some studies showed that testosterone levels rise nearly 20 percent in people who cheer for winning teams. Other research shows that couples who lived in cities with winning sports team are nearly 30 percent less likely to get a divorce. The same was true for couples who watch sports together.

True Fans

Why don’t people just always cheer for the winning team? Psychologists say that this can only be explained by what they call a “time-tested” fan. People who consider themselves true fans are loyal and wear losses and wins like a badge of honor. Jumping ship and cheering for new teams when their teams do poorly often makes them feel worse than seeing their favorite teams lose.

Consider giving NFL-themed gifts to both adults, kids and babies alike. It may help you and the person you give it to form a stronger bond. Don’t be afraid to show your support for your team, and cheer when they do good. It may positively impact your mental health.