Kelly and Katie Totes Clearance at DSW

I know a great deal when I see one like these totes I availed at DSW two days ago. I visited the store not knowing what I could buy that day, my main purpose was to look for discounted umbrellas. Unfortunately, there was none. So, as usual, I proceeded to their shoe rack clearance area and found two pairs that I actually fell in love with but having a hard time choosing between the too. I ended up not buying both.

Anyway, since I did not have anything in mind to buy, I roam around the store some more and I found these lovely totes on clearance with “red” stickers on them. Red at DSW store means the item is additional 50% off. Each tote is marked $39.95, plus I had a $20 coupon off of $49 purchase and a free scarf coupon to go with it. BIG SCORE for me!

I came out of DSW that day very happy and proud that I got to save a couple dollars for buying three sets of summery/floral reversible totes. These are decent size totes with matching medium size zipped pouches each, plus a bonus of dust bags.

 photo bags_zpstuqe5j3r.jpg

Cheering On Your Favorite Team May Be Good for Your Health

Who knew that cheering for your favorite NFL team may actually be good for your health? Experts say that cheering on a sports team, any sports team, may have positive mental health attributes. They say that this is true for people of all ages, which means it’s never too early to get your children into liking sports, so consider getting baby NFL gear.

Mental Health Benefits

The study shows that people who are personally invested in their favorite teams reap mental health rewards as a result of being socially connected with others. Scientists say that they saw a special bond that forms between people who pull for the same team. This bond helps strengthen relationships in family and friends. When your favorite team scores points, your self-esteem scores points also.

Indiana University

A study that came out of Indiana University showed that sports lovers were more confident in themselves after their favorite teams won games. Since other studies show that people are more attracted to people who are confident, the researchers concluded that watching sports can actually improve a person’s love life with a confidence boost.

Psychological Explanation

A professor of psychology at Frostburg State University, Paul Bernhardt, said that there’s a psychological explanation to this study. Men receive a boost in testosterone when their teams win. On the same note, that testosterone level falls when their team loses. Some studies showed that testosterone levels rise nearly 20 percent in people who cheer for winning teams. Other research shows that couples who lived in cities with winning sports team are nearly 30 percent less likely to get a divorce. The same was true for couples who watch sports together.

True Fans

Why don’t people just always cheer for the winning team? Psychologists say that this can only be explained by what they call a “time-tested” fan. People who consider themselves true fans are loyal and wear losses and wins like a badge of honor. Jumping ship and cheering for new teams when their teams do poorly often makes them feel worse than seeing their favorite teams lose.

Consider giving NFL-themed gifts to both adults, kids and babies alike. It may help you and the person you give it to form a stronger bond. Don’t be afraid to show your support for your team, and cheer when they do good. It may positively impact your mental health.

Pinoy Versus American Food

I love to eat, I love food and most of all, I love cooking our own food at home. Cooking these days is difficult because I got a job and I can only cook on my day off or when I work the afternoon shift. So, in order for me to save time in the kitchen, I just cook two dishes at a time.

Like for instance these foods pictured below. I cooked “pinakbet” which consists of Asian veggies for me and the mac and cheese for the husband and the girls, well, unfortunately, I put spinach in there so my little girl doesn’t like to eat it all.

Cooking these dishes at one time gave me the opportunity to compare both which tastes great and delicious. I even asked my friends on FB which one they prefer best and they voted for the Filipino food. Well, that’s sucks huh because they’re all Filipinos.

As for me, I would prefer the Pinoy food also. Don’t get me wrong, I like mac and cheese but I can only eat a cup of it because it’s too cheesy and “bidli”. The food does not stay in my tummy for long too so yes, I love Pinoy food. Nothing beats Pinoy food!

 photo foods_zpskfb45ry9.jpg

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My Daily Look at Work

I don’t like taking selfie of myself because I don’t seek attention or maybe I am confident of how I look. I don’t need constant people’s approval through selfies and post it on social media everyday. Occasional selfie for me is enough but not to the point of offending people on your FB list just because it’s your face, same old face that floods their walls.

Anyhow, here’s a selfie of me wearing my work uniform. This is my daily look as a host/hostess. Hair tied up, white long sleeves, a black vest, black pants and black pair of shoes. Of course, I have to have my lipstick, facial moisturizer, eye liner/brow on so people will respect me. I don’t let myself look “lusyang” at work for that reason.

The top long sleeves is so big for me, only large size available but thanks to the small vest, it can be hidden and na remedyohan ra jud tawn! I love the uniform, it looks classy and respectable.

 photo thr_zpspvpxnymy.jpg

Feels Like We Are in a Different House

I just received this free two panels of stripe curtains from Homier in exchange of my honest and unbiased review, Striped Linen Blend Window Curtain in nautical stripes! I love these window treatments, they are thick at the same time not totally blocking the natural light coming in from the window.

Our tv room is facing South, so you can only imagine how much sun we’re getting from noon time until sun set during summer. Texas summer heat is excruciating so a good pair of window treatment is what we needed. Although summer is over, we are still getting a lot of sunlight in this room that we have a hard time watching tv because of the glare reflected on to our tv monitor.

These curtains help a lot. I love the stripes, they are beautiful and makes me imagine I am by the seaside. My two girls even told me last night that we feel like we are in a different house! Amazing what a new curtain can do.

As for the product, it has a nice and clean stitching. Great quality fabric and long enough to create an illusion that we have big windows. Do I like them? Not just like, but LOVE THEM!

You can get yours on Amazon for $40 each panel. I tell you, it’s worth the money for it truly is gorgeous and high quality. Simply click on the product link above. Thank you!

 photo P1014364_zps0c7c7708.jpg

 photo P1014365_zpsl0l6pdqw.jpg

 photo P1014361_zps4kngehch.jpg

Deals This Week

It always makes my eyes go big when I go in the store and see unexpected clearance sales whether it be food, chocolates, clothing or household items. I would not say no to sales you know! One best example for a really good sale is this Ghirardelli chocolates at Walgreens. From $3.29 down to 89 cents. Mind you, expiry date is until January 2017. A few expire in two months, but hey, it’s chocolate. My daughters will eat them in no time if I let them.

Another great store to go for sale items on food is Kroger. Every Monday, I go there when I have the time to scour for yellow/red stickers on items in dairy, center aisle, seafood and even in produce area. One of my best buys in Kroger is this Hawaiian rolls which is 50% off the original price. I don’t buy it in full price because it is kind of pricey for me. I wish I grabbed two instead of just one in Jalapeno because it is so good!

Not pictured is the third deal I got this week is the price matching of spam canned meat at Walmart, I got 52 pieces of the lite and original flavors for just $1 each, normally $2.68. You wonder why I got so many spams? Half of it will go to my box for the family in the Philippines.

I’m such a sucker when it comes to deals because I want to help my husband by saving money on groceries and anything we need and use in this house.

 photo chocs_zps0vx40ifh.jpg

 photo rolls_zps2b7mwjse.jpg

Guitar Hanged Safely

The worst thing you can ever do to your most precious guitar is getting it damaged due to your negligence. A guitar is like your baby or part of yourself, therefore, it should be treated fairly and delicately. One string is broken, replace it right away. If you are looking for one or a string swing, look no further. Click on the link and start browsing. You can even find for a perfect guitar stands and hangers there.

Native Visayan Stew in America

Those who grew up poor and in the province anywhere in the Philippines can relate to this kind of food with the exception of shrimp because it is expensive in my home country. A native Visayan stew or “utan bisaya” as we call it consists of Asian spinach, yellow squash, long yard beans, eggplant, bamboo shoot, malunggay or moringa oleifera, okra or anything that can be grown in your backyard can be made into a stew.

This is one of those that I so appreciate here in America because not all Filipinos have access to native veggies like me. I grow this in our own backyard free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. When I feel like cooking native stew, I just go out there and pick some vegetables. I am blessed to have the ability to plant my own food that I enjoy so much!

Native stew freshly cooked paired with dried fish and leftover grits, anyone? This is my kind of food, belly filling, nutritious and it satisfied my craving for a healthy dish. Aside from that, it also felt like I was home when I gobbled this up!

 photo utan_zpsuyes6ijb.jpg

Time to Upgrade, You Think?

You know, we all got things that are hard to let go that we truly treasure because either these things have been with us for so long or they have sentimental values. Whatever it may be, it just just pretty normal to keep them and never let go. Same goes with our musical instrument, but if you want to achieve the ultimate sound and high performance of your microphone, try to upgrade to art pro mpa ii, you think?

The new ART ProMPA II is the next generation in affordable high performance microphone preamp technology. Each microphone input circuit, with selectable 48v phantom power, features variable input impedance which can radically vary the overall performance of any high quality dynamic or ribbon microphone.