4 Tips to dressing your best for work as a plus size woman

If you are a plus sized woman, you likely have a hard time finding clothes in styles that you like and enjoy wearing. Sometimes clothing looks larger on a hanger than it actually is and can therefore lack in showing off the cut and design of the garment without trying it on. The trouble is that trying on clothes can be cumbersome and make one feel defeated if they do not like how they look in a particular garment. It feels even worse than usual to those who wear larger sizes because they are constantly worried about being judged by society. What matters is who you look and feel in your clothes and your happiness with yourself will translate in to all that you do.

This article will provide some tips on dressing your best for work as a plus sized woman. People do it everyday; you are not alone!

1. Make sure that the clothes fit. The first step is to make sure that your clothes fit properly. Sometimes it can be enticing to want to purchase a larger size for comfort but in reality a larger size can make you look larger than you are. While you will not want to wear form fitting clothes that show off every curve on your body, you will want to purchase items that have a nice cut and fit to them. The clothes should also feel good on your body as you will be wearing them all day.

2. Skip the mall and buy online. Trying on clothes at the mall can be a big ordeal and is likely not enjoyable. Having to wait for a changing room after you waited for someone to check the stockroom for your size is an exhausting endeavor. In the future, try skipping the mall and doing your shopping for great work ensembles online at shops like ChescaDirect.

There are patterns, colors, styles, and sizes for all body types, shapes, and heights. You are likely to find exactly what you are looking for while shopping online. The beauty of getting an item shipped to your house instead of the anchor store in the mall, is that you can return it with the return address label if it does not fit. Better yet, you can expect to receive a refund when you send the item back.

3. Classic staples. Having a few classic staples in your closet that you can pair or mix and match with various outfits is a good idea. It makes your wardrobe look larger than it actually is and it makes you feel better about your style and what you wear to work on a daily basis. Some classic staples to consider purchasing are cardigans in various colors, slacks in black and khaki, pantyhose, and casual but nice dress shirts. Women can also have a few classic staple jewelry items such as small hoop earrings or small earrings.

4. Accessories and shoes. No outfit is complete without the proper accessories and pair of shoes. Be sure to wear jewelry and carry a matching handbag with you at a minimum.

Traveling with Your Baby: How to Get Organized

Traveling is never a simple feat and much less easy when you’re traveling with a baby. Babies require so much care during trips. A lot of parents get edgy when making plans to travel with their babies and this is partly because they are not exactly sure of what to expect while on the trip.

Here are a few pointers to help you organize yourself, your baby and your luggage before a scheduled trip to avoid panic attacks and leaving important things behind.

Plan ahead of time and ensure all important items are packed accordingly in your luggage. The last thing you need is to forget important stuff like travel documents or your little angel’s favorite toy. Put all the stuff you’ll need during the trip in your hand luggage for quick and easy access.

Get enough sleep the night before the big trip. Being groggy can cause you to make slip ups, like forgetting the hand luggage and carrying the golf bag instead. Being tired during the trip is not good for you for safety reasons. So rest well and stay alert during the trip.

Help your baby sleep by giving soothing back rubs or singing lullabies. When your baby is asleep during trips, it makes it easier on you and other passengers.

Stick to your regular routines. Feed your baby on schedule, change diapers on time and keep him/her entertained and comfortable.

Bring along favorite toys, pack bite sized snacks and make requests for liquids if you can’t travel with yours.

Also pack along a medical kit and be certain that your insurance policies are up to date and cover your and your baby where you are headed.

For more tips and pointers checkout the infographic below from babyinastoller.com.



3 Tips to selecting the best air conditioning unit for your home

Just like any other furniture and appliances in your home, choosing the best air conditioning unit is an important decision that you will have to make. If it is done correctly, it can be an important investment. On the other hand, it can potentially cost you extra money for energy expenses as well.

You simply can’t just select a small unit to a large space, as you will never reach the preferred cool temperature you want. When the summer heat arrives, you would want to have the best and most reliable cooling unit possible. You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing an air conditioning unit. One of this is determining the correct size that suits the size of your room. You to will also need to check the cooling and heating capacity of the unit.

The best ones in the market out there operate on minimal electricity and pretty efficient. They also provide reliable performance for longer periods of times so long as properly maintained. They also produce less carbon footprint, emits minimal noise, and long-lasting.

Here are 3 tips to selecting the best air conditioning unit for your home.

  1. Calculate the square footage of your room in order to find the correct size of air conditioning unit.

You may need a professional or contractor in this matter to determine the optimum size and also study the cooling requirements of your home. Things like window dimensions, floor space, heat-generating appliances, and even your area’s climate need to be considered. This way, it will be determined if the cooling capacity of the system matches your home’s needs.

In measuring though, the calculation is done by square feet. In order for you to get the right numbers, you need to do some measuring by finding out the length and width of your room and multiplying them together.  Depending on the result, there will be a corresponding BTU’s needed in order to meet your needs. For example, in a 150 square feet room, you will need 5000 BTU’s.

  1. Choose the air conditioners that are energy efficient.

It is required by law for air conditioner manufacturers to rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This is called the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher it is, the more efficient the equipment. They can be more expensive, but in the long run, it can easily make up the difference as it can reduce your energy bills. You can also save a lot of bills if you choose air conditioners such as a Mitsubishi Mr Slim since it can already cool up to two adjoining rooms. You can check out AC online to find energy-efficient air-conditioning units.

  1. Check the condition of your ducts.

Before choosing and installing an air conditioning unit, it is important to check the condition of ducts, especially to existing homes. If it is leaked or does not deliver the right amount of air, it could potentially increase your energy bills. This is an important step that needs to be looked at in order to avoid paying extra bucks in the future.

I’m Just Busy

I know it has been a while since I last updated this blog and my other blogs as well. I will be back to posting normally once we are settled. Right now, I am kind of busy juggling between motherhood, packing our stuff in between, doing errands, taking care of my veggies/flower gardens.

This is not so me just leaving my blogs go dormant but rest assured, will be back to posting on time once I get things settled here. For now, may I wish you all a grand and enjoyable summer.

While others are posting their vacation trip photos on Facebook, I on the other hand, posting photos of boxes and empty walls of our country home.

Tips to avail the best offer on anything

In today’s world where acquiring a new customer or retaining the old ones is an equally important task as maintaining and funding the business the customer sure to come across some fabulous deals which the company’s use to attract customers. However, from the perspective of the customers we get avail free offers and deals which we would not be able to access otherwise. Nevertheless, accessing these deals can be one heck of a problem due to is limited availability and due to the constant search involved in it.

Here are some tips on how to utilize these deal to the maximum:

1. Use the deals on special occasions

On special occasions the companies tend to offer fabulous deal which are sure to blow your minds off. Deals on days like New Year, Christmas are must make use deals where the discounts shoot up tremendously. Even on days like your birthday, the day when company was started offer some good deals.

2. Taking a survey’s

Surveys are one of the finest ways to open up the door to som special offers. Usually companies conduct these surveys to take feedback from the customers and reward them with some of the best deals for their extra effort for giving valuable feedback. This process not only helps the company improve their product but also helps increase the sales as the customers who give feedback in the hope for getting offers are sure to make use of the offers.

3. Using the suggest payments method

Many companies have a tie up with other companies and tend to promote each other business which in turn can be good for customers as these tie ups tend to offer deals for making use of their company’s product such a payments method.

Overall, the customer has many ways of making use the offers and discounts which can help them avail the same product at dirt cheap price and even after making use of all the known tricks and techniques to reduce the price when we are not able to reduce the price considerably one has to find other means to get the money which is required to buy the service or the product offered by the company such as playing bingo at the best bingo site on the internet space as well as how US Bingo is done.

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So, get started in the wonderland named GameVillage Bingo today to not miss out the endless fun and excitement. Play and make a new friend over every win- Cheers!

75% Off Victoria’s Secret Gift Set Under $13

Wow, I did not expect for Victoria’s Secret select products to come down more this week! Just yesterday I received a $15 gift card from them again and decided to go out the house and go to the store today. I was really surprised to see that their beauty favorites have come down to 75% now.

I bought three gift sets which I did not think of buying today but geeeez I could not resist the deal they offer. I paid $11.34 for the two gift sets in white box and a little over $12 for the red one after using the $15 gift card on hand. I wished the other customer did not get the other red, I like it more than the white one. But, I should not complain I got a great deal you know?

If only I had a lot of money, I would have bought a lot of the products that had gone down so much and send them to the Philippines! Grrrr. Too bad I no longer work to be able to afford to buy some more of these awesome goodness deals.

Victoria’s Secret ever loyal shopper here.

 photo 75off1_zpsoz0lsxit.jpg

 photo 75off1_zpspuzj0yhl.jpg

5 Tips for buying a gorgeous engagement ring

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. There’s nothing like the promise of forever after all.

But for future fiancés, the hunt for the perfect engagement ring might prove to be tedious. Not only do you have to think about the size and design, but there are also the technical aspects of choosing an engagement ring. Not to mention that there are thousands of designs available on the market today. It might get confusing and overwhelming for people who are not ready for the hours you need to spend perusing through so much information.

If you are thinking of getting engaged soon, here are some handy tips to that you can follow to make sure that you will be able to get a gorgeous engagement ring for your future fiancée.

  1. Spend time on your decision – don’t put off going to the jewelry store to the last minute. Some spend weeks and even months studying up on engagement rings. If you are going for a custom design, it would also need more time. So you need to plan and manage your time perfectly when deciding on the engagement ring to buy.
  2. Research on your future fiancee’s style – since they will be the one wearing the ring, you need to make sure that you choose a style that they are sure to love. Think of yourself as a detective and peruse through her social media accounts to check if she has liked or posted anything that could help you. You can also look through her present jewelry collection to find similar styles. Better yet, you can ask for the opinion of her best gal pals to help you in making your choice.
  3. Make sure you have the right size – all the work and research will be for nothing if the ring won’t fit right. So make it easier for yourself and just get one of her old rings to know her size. If that is not possible, ask one of her friends to help you out without spilling anything of course.
  4. Study up on the 4C’s – if you’re determined to have a diamond engagement ring, then you need to know more about the four C’s that determines a diamond’s quality. They are color, cut, clarity, and carat. If you want your ring to have all four, be prepared to spend a lot of money. But if you have a limited budget, many jewelers would suggest getting the best cut grade, as this aspect determines the diamond’s sparkles.
  5. Go to a trusted jeweler – big decisions like this are important investments so you need to make sure that the jeweler you are talking to is someone you can trust. Find someone you can have an easy conversation with, and who would consider your budget and preferences. Picking an engagement ring is easy with a company like Dominion Jewelers. They have 30 years of experience and can ensure quality engagement rings for your future spouse.


$1 Olay Body Wash at Walgreens

If you have that $12 coupon for 3 Olay body wash purchase clipped last week, head on to your nearest Walgreens and score 3 Olay body washes for just $1 each. I redeemed mine and I am happy I was able to find there were still some products left in the shelf when I went there. Usually hot items with high value coupons to use are usually wiped out in a few hours.

Each body wash is on sale for $4.99 each, buy three and use a coupon. You’ll end up paying $3+ including tax. Sale started 6/18 to 6/24 only.

I don’t use body wash but I am still buying them due to the fact that my family in the Philippines might be glad to experience having an imported body wash for to smoothing their skin.

 photo olay_zpsndwgfd87.jpg

How I Scored Two Victoria’s Sport Bras for 53 Cents Each

Someone posted that $5 sport bras on Facebook group I am a member of last week and I went to the Victoria’s Secret store three days ago and asked the associate if the $5 bras were true. She said they were but no longer $5. They are now $7 and led me to the next room where these bras were placed/displayed. $14.99 tags and checked out, told the person at the register they are $7 according to the sales person so she override the price. I paid both for just $1.06 that is including tax using my $15 birthday gift card.

That $15 birthday gift card from Victoria’s Secret is something all card holders will get when their birthday is approaching, it’s June and I’m a June baby that is why I got it in advance. Deals like this I consider are just one of the sweetest for I almost got them for free! I am lucky as usual.

 photo bras_zpsqcn4wqmt.jpg