Pink Nation Outfit for Under $30

When shopping is in your favor. Like this Pink Nation baseball tee and gym pants, a set that was only $40 for Pink members. Snagged this deal with a zipped top gorgeous Victoria’s Secret tote and a $20 award certificate for $40 purchase. I paid a little over $28 for all plus it was free shipping. I love Victoria’s Secret, I got freebies and discounts from them that is why no matter other people criticize their “cheapo” bras and products, I’d still buy from them.

For me, it is not the brand or how expensive your under wears are, it is how you wear and wash them. Anyway, before I get out of topic, this set I am looking forward to wear during a long flight to my homeland in several months. I choose this outfit for it is really soft and comfortable, suitable for long period of sitting down in the airplane.

I chose XS size for top and bottom, they fit perfectly for me. As you know, PINK clothing runs big for this Asian girl. I am glad XS fits me.


Pink nation

Pink nation

Sears $25 in FREE CASH points

Shopping for new coats online wasn’t in my mind but then I keep receiving this notifications from Sears in my email. When I looked at it, it is a whooping $25 in free cash points. Who am I to refuse?

Looking at my girls, they are growing up so fast and for that they need clothing appropriate for their age. Since Winter is approaching, I just thought a new good coat to keep them warm while going to school would be nice. I am not gonna give them the coats once they arrive, I’ll wrap them with Christmas wrappers so they’ll have something to open on Christmas Day.

Thanks to Sears for this awesome free cash point. As you can see, I am also earning $5.13 for next shopping. A whooping of $98 in savings for this order today. Woot! Woot!


Nutty Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Baking is not for me, I shall say. That’s a fact. I have tried a few times before baking some of the Filipino breads but I messed it up so I am not doing it again.

However, one thing I can do which I am good at is baking banana bread. This time, I made it perfectly. I craved for rich chocolate cake but I don’t have it available, I did not want to drive 12 miles just to get it at the grocery store. What I do instead, bake it at home.

Craving satisfied for a chocolate cake, though mine isn’t rich but it’s good and a bit healthier.

Here’s the recipe that I keep in handy, although not all in the list of ingredients I followed.

2 1/2 flour
2 cups sugar
2 tsps. hershey’s chocolate powder
4 large eggs
2 tsps. cornstarch
2 tsps. baking soda
1/2 cup sour cream
4-5 ripe bananas (mashed up)
1 tsp. salt
2 sticks melted butter
2 tsps. pure vanilla extract
2 cups walnuts

Mix all dry ingredients except sugar! Add it to the wet ingredients. Use mixer to get the cake texture of your batter. Bake at 320 F for 1:20 minutes.

OPTIONAL: add nuts of your choice.


Cookout Once A Week

Nothing is more satisfying than moving to a beautiful home in a quiet place in the country. Comes with is a peace of mind and the appreciation of living in this world. Since we moved here, we make it a weekly routine to cook something for the entire family and invite a friend over to have dinner with us and watch a movie afterwards.

One of those cookouts is this fat cheeseburger prepared and grilled by my husband in his traditional egg grill called, “Kamado“. You know I see him as a grilling expert, he cooks anything in his kamado with perfection. Burger patties is one of them.

Everybody had a choice on what to put in their bun. This is mine pictured below. Just by looking at the picture, makes me drool and want to do it again soon. Home cooked meals are the best because you know what you put in your food. We do make our own meals 98% of the time.

However, sometimes I look for a change of taste and flavor and that is when I go to a drive thru or a restaurant to try other people’s food.


Where to Dine In When in New Boston, Texas

We just moved out here in the country 3 weeks ago. It’s a big step we had to take, it is my husband’s decision to move out here and make it as his retirement place. It is peaceful and quiet out here and everybody seems to love it and enjoy the surroundings and all.

But, I on the other hand, is longing to go to my favorite stores to just you know hang out and pass time. I may eventually get used to driving 33 minutes to get to the mall, as long as I can buy the basics nearby, I guess I will be fine.

On a lighter note, we found a Chinese buffet restaurant in New Boston, Texas. I am delighted to know that I can just go there and have a taste for Asian food anytime I want since it is not very far from us. We did not expect much for a small town Asian restaurant. I have read reviews about them on Facebook before visiting them last week.

We were not disappointed, although buffet time was over when we got there. We thought that this place served tasty food. We ordered from the menu and plenty of dishes to choose from. We ordered beef broccoli, sweet and sour beef, sweet and sour chicken and shrimp. My children said they loved their food and so did my husband.

The restaurant was quiet and there were only us and another solo customer who dined in at the time, a few ordered to-go. I expected for a crowd but no, it is not in the city anymore so I must get used to going to places like this to be quiet and lots of empty chairs. Prices of food are okay.

Quality of food they serve is 8 out of 10. Ambiance is 7. Food server is 9, she was nice and kept asking if we were okay or if we needed anything. Overall, our visit to China Cafe in New Boston, Texas was a calm and pleasant experience.

I recommend this place to those who love Asian food. You can’t go wrong with this place, it’s good.






4 Ways hemp botanicals can help with your overall wellness

There are many natural remedies that have been used for years to contribute to one’s overall wellness. Vitamins, supplements, and essential oils have been used by millions to alleviate stress, help with sleep conditions, decrease depression, and increase one’s energy. While the most potent aspect of a hemp plant are the seeds and the oil, there are ways to use the botanical to increase your overall wellness. If you are not a fan of digesting a seed that has a nutty taste, or applying oil to your body on a regular basis, you can now digest hemp in other ways such as with CBD Crystals. This article will highlight some of the main reasons that hemp is being used all over the world to increase one’s overall wellness.

  1. More Omega-3 than fish oil. If you suffer from high cholesterol and are unable to get your numbers down by eating oatmeal, taking fish oil capsules, and working out, you should give hemp a try. With more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, the supplement can provide more fatty acid than a high dose of fish oil. As it is available in several forms, it is not recommended for frying with as it contains so much fatty acids.
  2. Low saturated fat. With a high concentration of good fats and very little bad fats, hemp offers the lowest saturated fat in its oil out of all plants. Hemp oil has been proven to help balance out hormones and assist with growing healthy hair, skin, and fingernails. While not recommended to use as a cooking oil, many choose to use it in the bathtub, on their temples, or diffused into the air.
  3. High in protein. If you lack protein and are looking for a creative way to get the recommended daily intake, hemp is a great option for you. Hemp seeds are higher in protein than many meats, cheeses, eggs, and milk. In addition, they are full of minerals and antioxidants which the body needs and craves to perform at its best.
  4. Helps manage major health ailments. Tuberculosis, psoriasis, and colon cancer are all painful diseases that have been known to show positive results when added to the diets of infected patients. There are many studies occurring at the moment that will add further proof that hemp botanicals is a positive and natural way to live a better life.

In addition to helping to manage chronic health problems, hemp can help control seizures and psychotic disorders. It can calm one’s mind and help them deal with the struggles they are experiencing.

Whether you are dealing with chronic health problems, anxiety, depression, or need to lower your cholesterol, hemp botanicals is a great way to achieve the results you are looking for. With so many positive results, you could be living a healthier life right away by adding hemp to your daily routine.


Not Being Surrounded by Stores Saves Me Money

I find it weird for not spending too much these days. Thanks to living far away from the civilization for it helps me tremendously from spending money everyday. Although I can very well go online and shop but it is way different when you are able to touch, feel to your skin, smell and hold the merchandise before buying it.

I guess it is an advantage for my husband, especially living out here, haha. He told me that I can stop shopping for home decors now and replied to him with a joke, “Never! Over my dead body, Lewis.” I may sound stubborn and big-headed but hey, it’s a joke and we both know he can’t stop me anyway.

A Car is a Necessity

Sponsored post. All things written here are by me.

Growing up in a third world country, never in my wildest dreams that I could learn how to drive much more own a car. Thanks to my husband who provided me with transportation. Back then, those who have cars were rich, at least that was what our impressions of people who owned cars.

But then, when I got here in America ten years ago, I discovered that cars are a necessity for everyone in order to get to and from their destinations, in order for them to function and go to work daily, running errands and the many uses of cars. It is also here in America where I get to see so many makes/models, types and body styles of cars just like what we can see on This website is a good site to be when it comes to searching for new model cars, looking for trade-in, buying used cars, do-it-yourself repair, repair and service and many other useful information one should want to know anything about cars.

Speaking about cars, I’d like to share mine which my husband bought for me two years ago. It’s a 2006 Lexus RX330. We bought it used and only had 60,000 mileage on it. So smooth to drive and we are totally loving it, suitable for long distance drive. This car pretty much serves its purpose for we have driven it to and from DFW metroplex and small town in East Texas feeling comfortable in those trips.

What’s yours peeps?


Photo below is a beautiful and cute 2017 Buick Encore lifted from website, this isn’t mine and we don’t own one. You can read its review on there site, just click the link above for it.



I Am Gonna Miss Going to the Mall

So we have decided to move out to the country and here’s what my life is going to be in the next months and years. A life that will constantly missing going to the mall for freebies or shopping for crafts. Everything is so far away from where we are. Walmart is ten miles away, compare that to just 10 minutes in the city, we are talking about continues stopping due to traffic lights. Lowes and Home Depot are 45 minutes away including that small Asian store which we have visited for the first time last weekend.

I guess there is an advantage and disadvantage having to live far from the stores. It keeps me from spending so much money and would only go out the house if something really important I need to get. The disadvantage would be, it will require me an hour worth of driving and spend so much gas to get to the store in order to finish a project. Although there is Amazon that offers a 2-day shipping, but there’s a hella difference when you see and get to touch the exact product you want to buy so you don’t make a mistake purchasing it and save yourself from hassle of returning it.

Anyway, I am whining too much. I should be unpacking some more boxes now instead I glue my hiney on to the computer and use up a lot of our 50 gb internet data. Sucks!


Photobucket’s Ridiculous Pricing

I have been on Photobucket since I started blogging in 2007. I never had problems with them until recently when they changed their policy. They did not give their millions of users a chance or options on what to do with their saved pictures for decades.

I for one, was devastated when I found out that all of my images embedded to my blogs wouldn’t display unless I pay them an oozing $40 per month to embed and use their service again. June 2 a lot of their users were complaining they couldn’t access to their accounts. While I missed that hype, I can still login to mine but I fell into their trap!

I have a direct advertiser with infographic needs to be posted and I couldn’t do that due to Photobucket’s new rules. So I forcibly paid them $49.99 for the entire year which I found out this amount will just increase my storage space and still I cannot embed photos to my blogs.

I have done further reading, I still need to pay them a FREAKING $499.99 annually to use the once free service they provided! This is maddening! I can’t imagine how they pissed millions of their users. I wonder, do they even realize who ridiculously overpriced they are for such a simple service while there are other sites offer it for free? What are these people thinking?

Some commenters on their blog is predicting that Photobucket’s new policy won’t work and that they will put their business down to the drain if they continue to ask for THAT VERY IMPOSSIBLE PRICE for hosting pictures on them. GOOD LUCK PHOTOBUCKET!