Jumper I like this movie,it’s so uniquely created by the people behind this movie.Wish I was one of the Jumpers so I can go to different countries whenever I feel like it without flying.I would just jump from one place to another.

loyal jnj user

When it comes to bathing my baby,I make sure that she only use shampoo and body wash that has less scented and chemical free to protect her sensitive skin. I only use Johnson and Johnson products including lotion after bath because I don’t want to damage her skin. JNJ is one of those pharmaceutical companies that makes very good products trusted for generation.

1 Year In Paid Blogging Today

…yep,I exactly turned 1 year today since I joined PPP and other blogging sites for money.I did not expect it to last since blogging makes no promises that it can make your future a brighter one.I have a feeling that it’s not gonna last forever but atleast I am making quite a bucks for the whole 12 months of doing it.

Cheers bloggy for the achievement we just reached! I remember,’twas June 23rd when I first signed up for PPP and took me 2 weeks before I could make a post from them because I wasn’t really convinced whether they gonna pay me or not.

Well,apparently,it worked for me as well as the other sites kay nakaabot ko aning panahona karon.To tell you,the number of bloggers dramatically increased after 6 months from the day I started blogging.The last time I heard that PPP had reached 600K in just few months alone.I don’t know now what’s the current number they have.Surely it is more than the mentioned number above.

The Sunset

If I were to choose where to build my dream house,I would love to have it built near the secluded and private beach somewhere in Hawaii.I would love to have my back porch to be facing the sunset so when the sun comes down,I could sit near the glass door and watch the sun with my husband and kids to disappear in the sky.

The sunset,oh so beautiful! I am tired of my life in the city so if ever I win a million dollar in lotto,you would likely find me nagtatampisaw sa tubig dagat tuwing hapon.

acne treatments

If you have problem with your skin especially to your face,let me know so I can refer you the website that sells acne treatments.I know acne is not a joke to have.It is a common problem with teenagers as well as adults.Those who have oily facial skin are prone to having acne so you better take good care of your skin.

Ouch It Hurts

I spit a small amount of blood this morning when I gurgled some water.Blood? Must be serious eh? In my case,it’s not that serious.It’s just that I love picking my nose so hard that it bleeds and I won’t stop even if it means hurting myself until I see some redness inside.

It sounds gross but I can minimize it and probably forget about my nose.I only do it when I am bored hehe.And that blood that I spit,it was from my nose that passed through the tube that connects the air passage to my mouth,I don’t know how to call it but I am certain there’s an exact medical word for that..so that’s all my story.

Larson Shutter

We are in the process of moving out.I hope it can be done soon since baby is rolling over a lot now.And not long from now,she will be crawling and there is no space around this small rental house.We are just waiting for the case we are fighting in the court right now to be over so we can start a new.With all these being mentioned,the other house that my husband owns,it has a lot of damages and rotten parts of the house,one of which are the exterior shutters.He was looking online to replace the shutters with a new one and he found out that there is a sale going on at www.larsonshutter.com.They sell affordable premium quality shutters.

Computer Headache

I wanted to stop my blogging but I can’t.I just can’t.I am getting tired of sitting on the computer all day and only make a few bucks.All of my time wasted waiting for opps to come out can’t pay with it.Worse,I tend to forget that I have a baby and that I forget to feed her sometimes.

It haunted me knowing that I take priority my blogging than my baby.I promise though that it will not going to happen again.Argsss,it is weekend and yet I am still on my computer.I suppose to havea break you know? Eyes are heavy and having a slight head at this moment.Hope it will go away as the night pass through.

stop my foreclosure

Housing market went really bad since last year and for that many houses and or other properties are being repossessed by the bank due to lack of resources to pay the high interest. Most of them are going to foreclosure.Interest rates continue to soar to the sky and people can no longer afford to pay the mortgage as a result,they lose their property and end up renting or leasing at an apartment.When is this going to stop? No one knows since world economy is going bumpy too.