What’s Going On?

I can compare paid blogging as driving on the road to make some money.Picking up passengers and bringing them to their destination,the driver can make money through a fare that a passenger gives him. Just like blogging,if there is no opportunity to take,I will get 0. Sometimes,blogging is good and other times it can be so devastating.

Big paid blogging site has been so tight.I noticed that this week’s panginabuhi is not exciting for I only made a few bucks.Their site went crazy last night and all of their bloggers were complaining as to why we couldn’t log in to their site.

This morning,when I woke up,I was hopeful that they gonna give us some opps..but none…so so so boring and quiet..they’re really sleeping.Sitting in the computer all day and got nothing.

door hardware

There are just 3 of us at home right now until Saturday,perhaps. During the first night,I was kinda scared for what if something bad will happen? I just keep my faith in me that God is always there for me and that He hears my prayers.That is to keep us safe all through the night and until my husband arrives home.I make sure that our doors are securely locked before I go to bed. Thanks to the company Door Hardware Plus for their product is reliable.We are using door hardware that is from this online store.

Kwarta Malabo Nag Tagak Tagak

Good morning friends! Big disaster that happened to me and my baby last night. I meant to post it as soon as I am done cleaning her but it was a little bit too late and decided to just post it today.Well,life of a mommy ain’t easy at all.With a baby of 5 months old who is so makulit and lihokan,sometimes we cannot avoid that we’ll have to be so alert with her.

It was the most awkward and difficult situation for me knowing that I was alone,no one could help me dealing with my baby’s poop.She pooped too much that it leaked from her diaper and I didn’t even know it for I was having so much fun chattin’ with my buddies online.She was on my lap and felt that there’s a warm soft tai that dripped.

Nagkatae ako sinina duol sa dughan,unya kay taas man ako buhok cge pud ka tugkad didto sa naay tai nga part ang tumoy sa ako buhok grrr….paita…,ang katre nausikan pud,nag nag agas agas mau ako gidala sa cr nya kay paghuman nahulog naku sa bowl nya dili ko sure if flushable ang wipe ako gigamit basin stuck up unya ako jud gikout sa bowl ug gikuha balik para ilabay.Dayon didto nas tub sa shower naglisod kog hugas kay nikatay ang tai sa kilid sa tub nausik sa rubber mat giduwaan pa jud nya maglisod kog hugas kay magcge ka slide ang bata kay dangog.

Unya nagtuo ko nahuman na naku siya hugas …. gisimhotan naku lubot bahoa paman tai oi ako napud hugasan sa sink again slide napud kaayo….KAHIBALO MO UNSA ANG NAWNG SA BATA NGA KATO NAHITABO? PERTING DAKUA UG NGISI NAG PINK2X LANG APING PERTING LIPAYA NGA SIYA NAKA HATAG UG PURHESYO SA IYANG MAMA.

Dakung Kapildihan

Ok,my baby beat me today.She had taken her naps several times now.5 times already I think and I hadn’t got one yet.I have had no sleep last night as she kept moving and disturbing me. I had to wake up several times during the night because I needed to monitor her if she was good and her head is not touching that headboard for it surely hurts her bald head.

Until the morning came,she never really stopped moving though she was sleeping but still…hmmm perting lihokana.Lots of punching,kicking and moving happened last night.I feel so defeated by her because until now she is still sleeping as in she’s been in deep slumber for 2 hours now.

I tried closing my eyes hoping I could forget the world for a while but I was unsuccessful.There is no way for me to get some rest because my show is coming up next.

Advance Birthday Dinner

We’re gonna be away from home later for a dinner.My birthday is coming up this 21st of this month and so we celebrate it in advance because I am going to my friend’s house to have a small banquet on the actual day.

This is a way of celebrating my birthday exclusively me and my family only.My husband asked me what I want for my birthday I said nothing but just bring me to a place where I can have crabs. I’m easy to please with so crabs is all I need to make my special day.

I hope when we are gone that PPP won’t release opps ’till we can come back.We will see though.

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I just knew a certain business website that could be of great help to run your company through the use of corporate performance management.It enables an organization to understand, act on and influence its business performance through software, processes and measures of business success – metrics and key performance indicators.

And guess what? This company,Prophix is a proud recipient of the 2007 Innovative Solution Award for Corporate Performance Management.

So Damn Upset

Blogging is doing no good this week.It’s real slow and very upsetting. Blogging is like a gambling,sometimes you win but more often you lost.You can never predict when you make money or not. I am so damn upset here for the fact that I sat on the computer all day long and I only got 8 bucks.

I woke up early hoping that there’ll be tons of opps in the morning but there’s none.This evening at 6 I went to the kitchen to do my chores kay nahapunan nalang kinan an naku sukad pa ganiha buntag wa nahugasan ang plato giatay diha na manggawas ang kahigayonan ug mobarog ta.

I tell you,it’s very time consuming ug hasol sa konsensya.Yes,there are several opps in my dashboard,8.50,9,5 and most of all 50 bucks but I missed them all.There is no way I can make some more since it’s late here now and all the gray ones will never become white/yellow again.
I wish that they will give us the exact time when to release their opps so we will not waste our time sitting here.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Jumper I like this movie,it’s so uniquely created by the people behind this movie.Wish I was one of the Jumpers so I can go to different countries whenever I feel like it without flying.I would just jump from one place to another.

loyal jnj user

When it comes to bathing my baby,I make sure that she only use shampoo and body wash that has less scented and chemical free to protect her sensitive skin. I only use Johnson and Johnson products including lotion after bath because I don’t want to damage her skin. JNJ is one of those pharmaceutical companies that makes very good products trusted for generation.

1 Year In Paid Blogging Today

…yep,I exactly turned 1 year today since I joined PPP and other blogging sites for money.I did not expect it to last since blogging makes no promises that it can make your future a brighter one.I have a feeling that it’s not gonna last forever but atleast I am making quite a bucks for the whole 12 months of doing it.

Cheers bloggy for the achievement we just reached! I remember,’twas June 23rd when I first signed up for PPP and took me 2 weeks before I could make a post from them because I wasn’t really convinced whether they gonna pay me or not.

Well,apparently,it worked for me as well as the other sites kay nakaabot ko aning panahona karon.To tell you,the number of bloggers dramatically increased after 6 months from the day I started blogging.The last time I heard that PPP had reached 600K in just few months alone.I don’t know now what’s the current number they have.Surely it is more than the mentioned number above.