weight equipment

Our wedding anniversary is drawing near.I can’t think of something that I can give to my husband except a package of weight equipment since he loves working out alot.This way,he doesn’t have to drive to the gym and lift weights.Haay thanks goodness,problem solved already on what to give to him on our special day.

so tight

I follow what Inahan Maureen told me.She told me to wear a girdle to help flatten my belly.We went to Walmart today and I managed to find a a girdle of my size.I am wearing it now and yikes I feel like throwing up for it press down my belly.Mind you I am very full for we went to the buffet resto earlier and am still very full right now.

Argsss..I guess I just have to get used to it.I am tired of seeing my big balloon belly.Even my husbanf told me that he can no longer see my bones.Hahaha he thinks my bones are sexy,my body is now all covered with fats..

she’s blind

I have chatted to my old friend in the Philippines and she told me that her mother is now blind.She has eye diseases,cataract if I am not mistaken.I told her what if she’ll get a Lasik so she can see the world again.I will let you know guys the news when I’ll be able to talk to her again about the progress of her mother’s condition.

A Quick Glance At Our Faces

Let’s take a look at our beauties.This is the very recent shot of us I have.5 months after baby,I gained over 20 pounds. I cannot believe I grew this big as most people in the Philippines predicted that I will never get bigger,but look at me now?

I am a bit worried because I still have those small tops that I used to wear.I don’t wanna throw them away.I am somehow optimistic that it will be back to normal,unless I restrict my diet and be serious in exercises.Huh it would be a big miracle if it happens.


Warning to all bloggers.If you ever wish to make a post from Bloggerwave,beware while it’s not yet too late. Their company is deceiving.They will give you opportunities but never pay you back of your hardwork.I have been blogging with them for a year now and it started out fine.Until the end of year 2007 their company went rough and never remember to pay their bloggers.

They owe me 70 bucks and seem to forget it.I tried contacting them 5 times through e-mail but no luck.No reply at all.70 bucks is quite a money,it is not easy sitting in the computer,wasting my time making a review of their products but then I get nothing in return.

This B.S pisses me off.Alkansi ko kay akong gipang post are still very active and is searchable on the internet,what do I get? 0 as in wala! Mga gahi ug ulo pakabuta bungol lang ning linti nga tag iya sa Bloggerwave

Webcam Shots

I am big.As in big in weight now. I was only 106 after giving birth 5 months ago.And now I weigh 110 lbs. What happened? I guess late night eating contributed so much of the weight.Yes,I do run or walk sometimes but I don’t think it’s enough for me to get to my normal weight.

I think I should cut back calory intake as well as no more eating 12 midnight.It’s so gross!

NC Health Insurance

We all know that getting a health insurance is a necessary thing to have.For we might not know it sickness and accidents do happen and what if you don’t have health insurance? It would cost you so much paying for the bills from your own pocket.So it is advisable to get a health insurance for your family.If you are living in the NC area,you can now apply for North Carolina health insurance.

Bleeding Nose

Whoaaa hehehe I guess my husband now knows the worst habit I have.We were ready to go to bed last night when I KEPT picking my nose until it bleed. He walked through the bedroom when I suddenly got up with some blood in my fingers and my nose was kinda dripping too.

I ran hurriedly to the bathroom saying MY NOSE IS BLEEDING.He saw what happened to me and uttered “well stop pickng your nose!” whoaa shame shame on me.Nabuko intawn ko cge chulala my own nose.

Being Silly

I miss being silly around friends.It just feel good being yourself with the people that have the same personality as you do.I miss the Philippines so much and hang around with old folks again.I so looking forward to the day I can finally go back where I grew up and show them what I got,my precious pretty baby.

Almost all of my friends and my family are anticipating for our arrival next year.It’s gonna be another 6 months before we can fly but I just try to forget it for a while..then tomorrow we are gonna be there..

home theatre seating

My husband got everything he wants.He has got very good and nice HI-DEF tv. A nice surround sound,what else do I ask for? A complete HOME THEATRE SEATING so we feel like we are out in a real movie theater.Though I am not complaining of the seats we have but I want to make everything perfect.