My Mag-Ama In A Trail

As mentioned from the last entry,we do love doing activities that can make us sweat.One of the many places we enjoy going is the Trinty River Trail which is only 10 minutes away from our house.It’s so refreshing there.A beautiful scenic view of the nature.

A green river on the other side and green grass on the opposite side.I love it there as much as my mag-ama do.Right now,we stopped visiting the place for it’s scorching hot,we only do our walking at night time at a nearby track instead.


What Your Workspace Says About You

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What Does Your Work Space Say About You?

Hahaha when you see me looking serious of what I am doing,don’t try to bother or you gonna get kicket in your molars lol.Jowk.I am a kind of person who takes my work seriously so I can finish it right away.Messy is good sometimes,I do clean too when I can no longer bear the dust around my workplace lolz.

My Adorable Jolly Little Baby

Stolen shots of my baby.The first shot is kinda strange for eating her foot like that.She would bring it to her mouth and have so much fun licking it.I guess that is just normal for a baby like her who just discovered that she actually has tentacles..este..feet hehe.

The other shot is of her sleeping like an angel.I love every angle she project,sleeping or not,she still look beautiful in our eyes.


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Oh He Just Make Me Flattered Secretly

I just wanna share this little conversation we had in this little poor house tonight.I was watching my favorite reality show The Bachelorette’s season finale.I couldn’t take my eyes off it while the show is running.If I do,I only stand up so quick when it’s pahinumdum time and come back to the seat right away as soon as it is on again.The show lasted for 2 hours and sitting there doing multi tasking making me hungry for I didn’t have my dinner yet.

My husband came home,tired and exhausted working in a hot sunny day.He was already on his computer when I asked for help.I wanted him to hold Deden for a while so I can eat my dinner.He did,but I was in a hurry to finish my food,in 5 minutes I did it. Then I came to the computer room to get our little Deden back.

He uttered “wow you ate so fast!”.I told him yes I did,because you are “relaxing” so I can take the baby.Then he looked at me saying “oh you’re so thoughtful!”,he had no idea that the word THOUGHTFUL me makes me flattered! I am writing this entry right now and smiling and feeling happy hehehehehe..

After he said that I told him,”well,you were out there all day working so I should let you rest”….

So that was it.Little gestures,simple word that could please me! Atleast my husband still knows how to please me! Thanks for listening to my ka blah blahan guys!

Nagwala Sa Mall Isang Araw

We,the wives of white men deserve to have a happy day out too.My only happiness is to be with my filipina friends and seeing a big crowd in the mall.Since it was holiday the other day,BIG SALE is expected in the mall after that.

That is what we did yesterday.Me and Annie and the baby went out to shop,Rose couldn’t go with us for she was working until 6 pm.We went store by store that has big sale sign.After that,as it was time for Rose to get off from work,we headed to an Italian Restaurant for dinner as we all agreed to it. So that was it for our Saturday.

Thanks for the laag guys.Sa susunod ulit ha!

at a restaurant while waiting for our order..
cam whoring sa parking lot..bisan init
nothing gonna stop them from photo shooting..
at Macy’s..

Farting On My Face

My baby is the teaser in this house.I have not known such little person that is a huge teaser but Deden.This morning,I woke up hearing loud farts! Naks,I open my eyes and found out that her bottom was exactly where my face was.I received 3 big farts from her this morning.Whoaaa so rude.

Not only this morning she farted me.A couple of times already.Sometimes her fart can be real stinky as if she was a big person doing it.All I can do when she does that is laugh big and cover my nose,alangan akong bunalan nga baby man love pa jud kaayo ni Mommy!

Panasonic cameras

If you are a camera addict and wanting to upgrade your old camera to a new digital one,do try looking for a Panasonic camera on low prices,high quality products.I love looking at stuff especially high technology gadgets on this site because they are a lot cheaper compared to other stores online. No wonder,they are in the business for a long time because customers keep coming back to shop at their store.

Me As A Blogger

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious

You’re an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.

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Yup yup! It’s true,just look at my sidebar under blog roll,if you can count how many list of blogs I have in there including in those 5 other blogs.I am a type of blogger who will not hesitate writing about anything especially things that bugged me.Whoaa great design for blogs? It’s my friend who designed it all.

weight equipment

Our wedding anniversary is drawing near.I can’t think of something that I can give to my husband except a package of weight equipment since he loves working out alot.This way,he doesn’t have to drive to the gym and lift weights.Haay thanks goodness,problem solved already on what to give to him on our special day.