Playstation 3

I am amazed of how technology can change things.Before,we can just solely play video games in playstations. Aside from that,there is nothing you can do more about it.Now that playstation 3 has been out in the market,we can do several things in this high tech gadget like video games,play movies in clearer quality and most of all using the internet. I am so glad we have a playstation 3 because during those times when I didn’t have my laptop and my husband wanted to use the computer,instead of disturbing me of my blogging,he would just use the playstation 3 to do his ebay or check e-mails in the living room.

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Alone,Entertaining Herself

..earlier tonight,while me and my husband including Chichai were all busy doing our thing,the internet,our baby was in her walker by the computer room door,all alone,looking around,licking her hand, looking up the ceiling as if there was something fun to look at up there.She looked so happy and very well entertained.

Then,I paused for a moment,I turned my head to my baby(talikdan namu siya..busy ayo mi cge computer),there she was,very louy tan awn.Mura gikumot ako dughan after the realization that I,we actually ignored our baby.I stood up quickly,picked her up and brought her with me in my desk.

I kissed and kissed her softly saying the words,poor baby! poor baby! She didn’t know she was being ignored that made me feel so bad of the thought,”I’ve forgotten my baby because I was busy chatting and reading blogs!”

Until now,I’m still being strucked with so much guilt of what had happened earlier tonight….

Perfect Moment With My Anak

..for you who read this post of mine won’t think it’s special and nice,but for me it is indeed PRECIOUS.As I am typing this entry right now,my baby is on my “kandungan” sleeping slightly.She just closed her eyes.

I am so touched as her mother,while doing this I am playing her soothing baby lullaby,feeling her warm body against mine,looking down into her beautiful angelic face makes my heart melt.She is so precious falling asleep sa akong mga kamot intawn ug kaning ingon ani nga talagsaon nga higayon ako jud ni e treasure forever.

Nothing is more fulfilling in this world than being a mother to my precious baby girl.I love her so much and I am willing to give everything and do anything to show her how much I love and care for her.

I cannot find the exact word to describe what I’m feeling right now.As in grabe lapas sa langit akong kahimout sa among position.As in tunaw jud akong malumo nga kasing kasing sa akong anak…DILI IKABAYLO SAPI ANG AKONG ANAK UG ANG KALIPAY NGA WAY KATUPNGAN iyang gihatag kanaku.

..too bad i can’t take a decent photo of us right now for my camera is in the bedroom..

this is how she looks intawn natulog sa akong lawas.Bahala daku ko tiyan basta nindot pud ang premyo.

A Night Full Of Frustrations

…argsss I want to shout to the world that I want to kill all the roaches in the world! I am so pissed,mad,angry and disappointed earlier tonight.I’ve waited for PPP for the whole day for the opps to come out.Then finally there’s one came out,a 12-dollar payout,I missed it…pinisti I typed too slow.Then followed by low payout ones,the site went crazy,crawling as hell.

I ended up grabbing only 1 opp,a 5-buck one.grrrr that is all I make tonight.During the time PPP giving out opps that is when my baby started getting fussy,she was sleepy.I was not in the mood for anything so I didn’t bother calming her down.

Good thing my husband is here.He was the one who took place of my job.He did everything he can to put his baby to sleep.Turned on both radios in the bedroom and give her some milk.Now,I’m at peace…ang sabaan natulog na..ah there’s still one,our naughty dog..still awake running around cge patingog sa duwaan nga makalagot.

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My Little Princess

Meet my little Princessita,Deden.She is now 6 months old and clever.I love every trick she does for it puts a smile on my face.There is something in this baby that I cannot replace with all the fortune in this world because she is so precious and valuable to me.

We Both Woke Up Crying

I woke up this morning only to find myself crying from my dream.I dreamed of being in the airplane going back to America.In my dream,I saw my parents,lil siblings and baby being left behind,saying goodbye in the airport and so I cried because I didn’t feel like leaving from my country.I woke up tear-eyed.

Then moments later,I heard my baby making panting sounds so I went to the crib,picked her up and brought her to our big bed.I started playing with her but she cried.She cried for minutes and was having a hard time putting her back to sleep.

Ah,I realized that she was still sleepy and disturbed her.She doesn’t normally cry when she wakes up but this morning she was different because mom disturbed her.

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Well,how you doing guys? Here goes Sunday,stuck in the house,no more laag for my husband went to work.It’s his first work day of the week so as usual,baby and me should stay in the house.We were done with our laag yesterday with my local friends so I’m happy enough.

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