I hate it when it’s time for me to take my medication.I feel drowsy and dreamy after taking pain reliever and antibiotics for my “pangag”. I feel like its killing me and I want to stop it right now.My husband insisted to let me finish all of my antibiotics..grrrrrrrr there are still several of them.

Overdosed? I think so.This has strong effect on me that makes me wanna go oh oh ah ah! Enough for dentists.No more mouth jobs please! I am not happy with it anymore.Hope this will be over soon..huh wishing!

She Broke The Record

I have been keeping a record of my baby’s sleep since we moved her into her crib.We noticed that since then,she could sleep longer than she was still sleeping with us in our bed.

The longest she’d ever slept before was at 10:37 in the morning.And today,she broke the record of 11:11 a.m.Isn’t it amazing? That is the longest so far,hope that she will continue sleeping that way to avoid trouble.I like it when she gets enough sleep so she won’t be grumpy during the day.

Baby’s sleeping habit has changed drastically now that she’s grown up..hahaha mura pila edad,7 months old palang baya.She takes a nap several times a day too which is good and at night the latest she goes to bed is at 11 pm or 12 midnight.

Heart Melting Smile Of My Anak

..who wouldn’t be melted with this sweet sweet smile of my anak? Awwwsss it feels like I’m being praised by small angels in heaven and uplifted by birds in the air seeing this cutie smiling at me.Yes,proudly I say,SHE’S MY LITTLE BABY.I try to capture every moment spent with my anak while she is small and happy because we will never know if she is gonna change when she gets older.

MBT Shoes

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Not In The Mood

…I can’t force myself to do something I don’t feel like doing.I have not done any blog dropping today because I simply not in the mood to do it or anything.I just want to be lousy,lay in bed,take a good nap but all these seem impossible to attain.

I tried getting a nap earlier for an hour.After tossing and turning several times,my baby woke up,brought her with me in our bed,she was there beside me making a lot of noise,bubbling saliva and anything.I was there,struggling,lazily closing my eyes,listening to my baby and finally got up,went to shower and did my half bath..

That is all I did for today,whatttttttt a lazy boring day for me huh!!

$714.65 Damage

…so hard to let money get in to the wallet and yet too easy to spend it all in just a matter of minutes.No regrets though if I spent $714.65 this week for it’s for my family’s sake.It’s my time sending some financial support to my beloved filipino family and so I am just doing my job if I may say so.

Then after my moneygram trip,we did our grocery shopping yesterday which I heartily paid for it.Feels good to be able to contribute a bit in this house because it makes me think that I can be useful too lolz.

Sigh though for blogging is really bumpy these days.I wonder if I can come up with total $400 in a month for me to send my support to the Philippines as I normally do.

My Baby’s Yaya?

…for the very first time since I have my baby I was told by a friend whom I chatted online 2 nights ago that I look like my baby’s yaya.She was the first person who told me that or there are few already but they don’t have the courage to tell me such word right upfront.

I wasn’t hurt to be honest,for her it was just a joke and I didn’t mind it.The night after that chat until now,the words YAYA OF MY BABY keep playing in my mind no matter how I try my best to just forget it kay joke ra lagi to niya.

I did not believe her somehow.I know my baby wouldn’t look GORGEOUS if she did not get her beauty from mommy.And who is the MOMMY? ME,the one who looks like her YAYA! Who said that? Jacky in the Philippines.

replacement windows

We need to take an action on broken windows in this house for some of it are cracked and I am afraid it will collapse one day and somebody got hurt by stepping into broken pieces of glass.We also have the same problem in the other house,I know we are going to face of repairing some of the windows in that house because people living there don’t care of getting replacement windows.Sigh,why is they’re making it hard for us?

Help! No Centralized Aircon

..it’s been 3 days now since our centralized airconditioner has stopped working.All we have right now is this small aircon,an electric fan and ceiling fan.At night when we go to bed,we just point the electric fan to where the small aircon is blowing it’s cool air towards us so we’ll be comfy a little bit.

When we watch a movie,that is when we are tormented to death for it’s really hot in the living room.There is no way we can get cool air from there because the comp.room is way too far from their,so we suffer.

At day time,it’s another painstakingly hot for we normally have over a hundred degrees F until late in the evening.Gosh,gosh..it’s gonna be like this until the owner of the house will send his airconditioning experts right here and fix the problem.

I’m Busy

If I have something important to do on the computer and the baby is about to be fussy,I would just carry her and put her beside me.2 people in an office chair really works.I would make sure though that she is comfortable and safe when I put her beside me so I can do my thing.

Attached is a photo of us how we look when we’re sitting together.Hmm looks like she likes it in her seat.