A Night Full Of Frustrations

…argsss I want to shout to the world that I want to kill all the roaches in the world! I am so pissed,mad,angry and disappointed earlier tonight.I’ve waited for PPP for the whole day for the opps to come out.Then finally there’s one came out,a 12-dollar payout,I missed it…pinisti I typed too slow.Then followed by low payout ones,the site went crazy,crawling as hell.

I ended up grabbing only 1 opp,a 5-buck one.grrrr that is all I make tonight.During the time PPP giving out opps that is when my baby started getting fussy,she was sleepy.I was not in the mood for anything so I didn’t bother calming her down.

Good thing my husband is here.He was the one who took place of my job.He did everything he can to put his baby to sleep.Turned on both radios in the bedroom and give her some milk.Now,I’m at peace…ang sabaan natulog na..ah there’s still one,our naughty dog..still awake running around cge patingog sa duwaan nga makalagot.

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My Little Princess

Meet my little Princessita,Deden.She is now 6 months old and clever.I love every trick she does for it puts a smile on my face.There is something in this baby that I cannot replace with all the fortune in this world because she is so precious and valuable to me.

We Both Woke Up Crying

I woke up this morning only to find myself crying from my dream.I dreamed of being in the airplane going back to America.In my dream,I saw my parents,lil siblings and baby being left behind,saying goodbye in the airport and so I cried because I didn’t feel like leaving from my country.I woke up tear-eyed.

Then moments later,I heard my baby making panting sounds so I went to the crib,picked her up and brought her to our big bed.I started playing with her but she cried.She cried for minutes and was having a hard time putting her back to sleep.

Ah,I realized that she was still sleepy and disturbed her.She doesn’t normally cry when she wakes up but this morning she was different because mom disturbed her.

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Well,how you doing guys? Here goes Sunday,stuck in the house,no more laag for my husband went to work.It’s his first work day of the week so as usual,baby and me should stay in the house.We were done with our laag yesterday with my local friends so I’m happy enough.

Ok,enough all that,let’s talk about acne cream.If only I can help people who suffer severe acne then I would have done it long time ago.But no,I am not a dermatologist.However,I can just suggest them to buy an acne cream for a cure.

quick weight loss

My husband treat me to a hamburger place this afternoon.I was so happy because it is a good and nice place to go if you want real hamburger.We went there earlier ahead of the crowd.As the time slowly crawling,people started coming in.Then there was this family,with 3 kids,a father and the mother. The mother was the most noticeable of them all because she was obesely gross! She just way too big and I got wide-eyed upong seeing her. If only a quick weight loss is possible for her then her husband would be so happy.Imagine,the husband just look average guys,not fat and not skinny either.

I Missed Newborn’s Little uhaaa

What happen to my once “newborn” baby? She suddenly become big! It’s only 6 months since I gave birth to my baby girl but feels like it was just yesterday.When I looked back all her birth photos it makes me want to have another baby for I so missed havin a newborn now.

I got this video from youtube.It’s a cry of a newborn being bathed by her mommy.Just sounded so cute that’s why I posted it here in my blog.

Tag Baby

I call my baby as “tag baby”.And why not? Each time I put her in her crib with stuff around her;pilow,dolls,as well as the beddings and burp cloth,she would lick them as if lami kaayo ba.Each of them has a tag attached to it.For some reason,she could easily find the tag and play with it and eventually lick on it.There’ll never be a tag that gets near to her that wouldn’t be licked.

As if she is attracted to tags.She can lick anything that she can grab except only one little thing,my nipple.I never wanted her to stop her nourishment from me but she was the one who abruptly stopped and never liking to suck milk from me anymore.Attached photos show my little Princessita licking or playing the tag.

…. opps gotcha! tag sa bedding niya holding it bringing it closer to her mouth…

…..studyhan pa ang tag sa pillow…

…dayon gi tilipan na jud..hmm lami