How I Got 2 Victoria’s Secret Free Full Size Bottle Perfumes

If you frequent in this blog, you would know that I am a big Victoria’s Secret shopper. You would also know the reasons why as I keep writing them over and over again.

It’s the only store I buy my bras, perfumes/mists and lotions, and other stuff from. Last week, I was able to avail their glitch online. Buy 2 sport bras for $29.50 each and entered the promos “EDP4FREE” and the other one I forgot for free shipping. I paid $63 plus including tax and received my two full size bottle of perfumes that would have cost me $110 if I were to buy them in full price. Not only that, I also received .53 cents from Ebates cashback for shopping through their site before checking out Victoria’s Secret site.

I love the new collection of VS sport bra, small size fits me perfectly and the material they used is decent enough to last for long.

2 sport bras and two full size bottle of perfume do not come by often so when I saw it, I did not hesitate to avail the glitch. It’s something that I would always go for when it happens because you would pay more if you were to do this in store.

Besides, free perfume and free shipping codes often are not stackable codes if not for the glitch.

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SALT Pepper Spray Gun the Simplest and Easiest to Handle

For your information SALT Pepper Spray Gun, round and accessory is manufactured here in the Midwest by their manufacturing partner, Tippmann, the number one most trusted name in air powered technology.

I love the idea I now own this SALT gun. It somehow puts my mind at ease that I can grab this without the fear of killing someone. It is so simple to figure out how to put it to safety and make it ready to fire with those buttons with marks on each side. I actually find it easy to use especially taking the magazine out and load it with pepper spray rounds. What I like about this gun is that it is so light and it does not require much energy to lift and aim it to the target.

This is a great gun especially for people who live in the country to be used for barking dogs outside your door or for wild animals that threaten to attack you or your children. Since it is a quiet gun, it does not make a loud commotion and scare those harmless animals.

However, I will not claim it to be a self defense weapon. I don’t think that it can replace or is a good alternative for real guns because when shit happens, the only life it saves is the intruder’s not mine or my family’s life. Because, what if the intruder has a real gun and all I have is this SALT gun that would only injure the person? Most of the time, when someone kicks on your door, you only have to show your gun and not necessarily fire or use it, this is just to scare the person then they would run away seeing you have a “real” gun in your hands.

Like I said above, this is good for animals. As a wife of a law enforcement officer, I believe only real guns can provide me and my family utmost safety when the need arises.

If you are interested in finding out more about this SALT Pepper spray gun and want to buy yours, you can buy it on AMAZON.

I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased and honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was not compensated by the company for writing this blog post.

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Try This Swissvita Eye Lift Cream on Amazon

I love trying out new beauty products that are available on the market today. I am 32 and of course, I want to look and feeling good inside out. As for my facial care, I try to consistently use anti-aging serum, facial moisturizer and this one, eye lift cream that is water-based and most of all, paraben-free.

It may not reverse the little fine lines I already have around my eyes but at least it can delay the process of aging. A small pea-size of this cream to use everyday is good to treat both of my under eyes to slowly vanish dark circles too although I seldom get dark circles. I trust that this product does not use harmful chemicals because it has light color and has no smell at all. I have been enjoying using a small amount of this product now and will continue to do so until I use up in the squeeze tube.

I put this on first then followed with the usual beauty regimen I have and they mix fine. Dries up quickly and truly I feel that tightening of my under-eye skin after a couple of seconds being applied.

I encourage everyone to try this out and experience this product has to offer you, buy it on AMAZON for $30.

I am glad I got to try this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. All opinions are 100%.

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The Revlon Mascara Craze

So everybody in the couponing groups are posting their Revlon mascara haul from Target, Walmart and CVS. I am sharing mine here too. I only printed ten coupons from smartsource and made sure to use them all today as they are only good for today.

I did try the first CVS store I went to this morning but failed. The cashier couldn’t accept more than one coupon because she thought they were copied coupons while they’re not. Revlon allowed me to print two copies each browser and I used two computers!

Gladly, the second CVS store store I went to accepted all four $5 manufacturer coupons, combined that with $4 off of $20 purchase Revlon products. Deal this week is buy one $8.79 get one 50% off, I paid out of pocket $2.76 including tax.

The six remaining coupons were used in Walmart, their current price is $5.97 so, ended up paying just 97 cents each mascara. Happy shopper here.

I know I can’t use them all as I still have old mascaras from how many months ago I don’t know… but my friends, cousins and relatives in the Philippines can use them.

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How I Scored This Rollerbal Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum

Getting freebies at Victoria’s Secret isn’t hard at all. If you follow them on social media or belongs to an FB group that posts deals and promos from stores, you can score yourself cool freebies from VS or other fave stores. How I scored this rollerball VS eau de parfum in store last weekend just by voting for VS’ new scent online that’s been going on and took a screenshot of it, showed it to the cashier at the register and voila! No questions asked, she handed me this nice scent perfume that I could wear once in a while. With no purchase necessary, I got this thing at least worth $10.

This is not the first time I got a freebie from them. If you are following my blog, you would know that. Thanks to VS for they know how to keep their customers happy and keep coming back to their store.

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My New Favorite Lippy and Mascara from Covergirl Queen Collection

Below line of products is from Covergirl #QUEENCOLLECTION. I received them free complimentary for testing purposes from #Influenster.

There are only four things I would use on my face when going out, these are my sunscreen facial moisturizer, age defying serum, lipstick and eye liner. I am a simple woman and I don’t need a lot of make up in order to feel and look good about myself because I believe wearing my natural beauty is easier and if I get complimented with it, I’d be more prouder of myself than being liked by many because of my heavy makeup. I don’t know about you ladies but there’s no offense meant here.

Now, since I have tried this Covergirl Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara, looks like it is going to be added to my fave essential to put on before heading out to do errands. I have two other mascaras from Maybelline and Covergirl professional collection but I don’t use them as much maybe because I don’t get good beautiful natural-looking lashes from them when applied. But this new collection I just tried applying on, I fell in love with it right away. The result is instant long black lashes as you can see in the pictures below.

Also, I got another thing from the same collection which is a Stay Luscious Lipstick which gives me an all-day moisture and truly a long lasting wear. It stayed in my lip yesterday all day even if I had eaten once wearing it. Another good thing about this lippy is, it’s a new oil-based emollient-rich formula which gives me moisture without me applying for lip moisturizer. This one great lippy here is already has it plus I love its color. Not to be biased here, I like it more than my MAC lippies. Many say that MAC lasts all day, I somehow having a hard time to believe that. I have used mine, two of them actually a lot of times already yet, I don’t see it lasted all day.

As for the liquid foundation, I don’t use any form of foundation on my face. I like it to be naked with foundation but anyway, I am gonna try it on one of these days and I bet I won’t be disappointed with the product. I will post an update here whether I like it or not.

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Open-Back Top is What I Like

I am 32 at the moment yet I don’t let this number keep me from buying and wearing trendy tops. I don’t have a thin body nor a sexy bony-showing back but I love wearing open-back tops. It is because, in my mind and in my heart, I don’t feel 32.

I don’t get attracted to tops that look vintage or too oldie. No, if I wear those, it’s like I am declaring to the world that I am getting old, haha. Just my own opinion. No offense please.

Anyway, I am glad I now have this real cute open-back long sleeves from Amazon and it truly is comfortable. I could wear this every time I go to the mall or a dinner with my family if not for its neon pink color. I have dark skin tone and I get even darker if I wear this often.

It is a current trend and it’s even cuter when paired with the right bra. I saw other reviewers on Amazon posting photos of themselves fitting on this top wearing a cami, like ladies, seriously??

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Searching for RME Audio?

What are RME? To get a better understanding of what RME are, read on.
RME are considered the benchmark when it comes to audio interfaces. Innovative, reliable and used by an almost endless list of musicians worldwide, the interfaces found in this section are literally second to none. So if you’re a musician who refuses to compromise when it comes to the integrity of your music, you’ve definitely come in the right place. If you need one for your music needs, you know where to find for RME Audio, right? Search for it on the link provided either star rated, by price (lowest-highest) and or used/new.

Vitamins I Am Taking

It is undeniable that my age is past the calendar number now, so I all I can do is at least take care of myself by exercising 2/3x a week if possible and take vitamins and supplements in order to delay the aging process and help support my immune system. I tell you what, I rarely get sick, except for seasonal allergies but other than that, I feel good, I feel healthy and most of all I don’t feel my age.

I have brittle nails, I do have natural smooth hair and no acne/pimple problems yet I am taking these vitamins pictured below. Two pink bottles by the way are for my girls. I feel these vitamins are working especially for my nails. They no longer chip easily and they grow fast.

Vitamins are expensive but if you are a wise shopper, you’ll find ways on getting them for low prices. Coupons and store sales are my way to afford these and be able to continue taking them as long as I live.

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How to Edit Fashion Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

Taking good fashion photos requires skill – not just in terms of how you position and take the shot, but also in terms of how you edit it afterwards. Even in a studio setting where you have control over most of the factors involved it is unlikely that your fashion photo will turn out ‘perfect’, and by editing it you’ll have the opportunity to work out any kinks while also adding some artistic final touches.

Needless to say, the way in which fashion photos need to be edited will vary depending on the situation. When it comes to fashion photography, the focus is normally on the apparel, accessories, or other types of fashion items that are being photographed and so you will want to show them at their best. In some cases all it takes to accomplish that is a few small adjustments, while in others you may need to perform more extensive edits.

Bearing all this in mind, the first thing you should do is go over your fashion photo and figure out how it can be improved. Ask yourself whether altering the frame or composition would help to showcase the fashion item better, or if the lighting or photo quality should be improved.

To actually pull off the necessary changes, you’ll need to use a picture editor such as Movavi Photo Editor. It will make editing your fashion photos easy and intuitive by providing numerous powerful features that are designed to be user-friendly. In short, even if you have no prior experience editing fashion photos you will be able to:

  • Alter the composition of your photos by removing unwanted elements from the frame such as people, objects, shadows, date stamps and so on.
  • Adjust the frame and orientation by flipping, rotating, resizing, cropping or leveling it.
  • Improve the photo quality either manually or automatically, and correct common issues such as blurry or pixelated photos.
  • Delete the entire background and replace it with a new image.
  • Apply filters to stylize the photo in various ways.
  • Add customizable text to create unique captions, watermarks, or titles.

Between the features in Movavi Photo Editor it should be easy for you to implement tweaks and adjustments that improve your fashion photos. Assuming you already have a few ideas of what you’d like to do it would be a good idea to get started – and see firsthand how easy and straightforward it can be.

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