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Vitamins I Am Taking

It is undeniable that my age is past the calendar number now, so I all I can do is at least take care of myself by exercising 2/3x a week if possible and take vitamins and supplements in order to delay the aging process and help support my immune system. I tell you what, I rarely get sick, except for seasonal allergies but other than that, I feel good, I feel healthy and most of all I don’t feel my age.

I have brittle nails, I do have natural smooth hair and no acne/pimple problems yet I am taking these vitamins pictured below. Two pink bottles by the way are for my girls. I feel these vitamins are working especially for my nails. They no longer chip easily and they grow fast.

Vitamins are expensive but if you are a wise shopper, you’ll find ways on getting them for low prices. Coupons and store sales are my way to afford these and be able to continue taking them as long as I live.

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Best prenatal vitamin

When I went to my OB’s office last Friday, they gave me five samples of prenatal vitamins for me to take and see which one I like so they can give me a prescription to it. All seems fine with me as I have never have problems taking any kind of medication or vitamins even if I am pregnant. So what I chose is the one I think is best prenatal vitamin, why? Because I can save $100 for it as it has a ten dollar coupon every time I buy a refill. They are huge pills, alright? But it is perfectly fine with me, as I said I have no problem swallowing any kinds of medications. I am one lucky woman to not have any problems during pregnancy. Not all women possess such a gift! Huh, call it a gift lolz.

Calcium Supplements

My husband has all kinds of dietary supplements. When it comes to maintaining general health condition, my husband is very good at that. Of almost five years living with him I don’t remember him being seriously sick. Of course there have been days when he had colds but not to the point of going to the hospital, God forbid. One of the many supplements he’s taking are calcium supplements. His vitamins are complete from A-Z each in separate bottle. While me, I only got a multivitamin for I am lazy taking different big capsules each day so I settle to just one kind of vitamin brand.