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Victoria’s Secret Order Arrived Earlier than Expected

I am pleased of the early arrival of my order from Victoria’s Secret. I placed my order last Thursday and I got the package five days after that. How awesome? I don’t mind paying $6 for the shipping as long as the items arrived in no time.

Here’s a deal I got online, $26 for 7 panties, 3 travel size fragrances and a secret reward card. Who knows how much is in the reward card, if I get lucky I can have the $500 hehe. I don’t really need new undies but I went ahead and bought 7 since they were on sale and three of these beautiful undies will go to my little sister in the Philippines.

I hope she’ll love what I give to her for I personally pick them, colors and sizes appropriate for a thirteen-year old girl. I can give a lot to her without hesitation because I love her and she is my sister. She is also appreciative and grateful for everything that’s given to her, unlike a few people out there…. they don’t give value to the small things that come their way.

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Victoria’s Secret 3 Free Travel Size Fragrance and Secret Reward Card

Wooohooo, I think I scored a deal on Victoria’s Secret just now. Although I paid  over $6 for the shipping but the freebies I am going to get once they arrive pay for it plus one secret reward card worth $10, $25, $50, $100 and $500 with $10 purchase.

Also, when you shop online, don’t forget to go through Ebates so you’ll get 2.0% back by shopping online. If you haven’t registered, do it now, just click on the link before checking out from Victoria’s Secret website.

To avail these 3 travel size fragrance, enter code : 3FREE, another good deal to score right now is their current promotion for panties 7/$26 use offer code : PARTYON. I paid a little over $35 total including shipping and tax but who knows if I am lucky this year, I’ll get the $50 secret reward? I got it last year so hoping for another one won’t be bad!

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A Treat for Myself to Victoria’s Secret


I shouldn’t feel guilty for going shopping today. I told myself a thousand times that I would not spend money at least for now and the coming days but hey who could resist such a deal if you have coupons and reward cards that is enough to almost pay all of the stuff pictured above?

For a long time I have been wanting to buy me a robe for winter, I get very cold once I step out the shower during winter season and a good and cozy robe was all I wanted, for years I couldn’t buy one for me but this time I couldn’t let the chance to pass me by and so I bought a PINK robe along with other Pink mists,  little teeny tiny hand sanitizers and an iPhone case at Victoria’s secret store today.

I only paid $17.50 for all of my stuff after using a $50 secret reward card, a $10 off coupon and a free iPhone case coupon. Awesome and such a deal if I may say so. I still got 2 secret reward cards for $10 each for next purchase, I hope the $10 off a bra coupon will come soon so I can combine the two and get another deal from my fave store.

Some Sweet Free Items From Victoria’s Secret


When I went to the Victoria’s Secret store one weekend to claim my free panties and also to use the bra coupon, I didn’t expect they were giving away free Pink mini dog with every Pink purchase. I got lucky when  I went there that day to purchase a Pink bra as always. For some reason, I am only comfortable wearing Pink bras rather than other VS bras.

I paid all those stuff in the picture less than a price of the bra. The bra price is $39.99 and bought it for ten dollars less, plus I got my free panties and a mini dog… those two small beauty rush were on sale, originally priced $7 and sold for $1.97 each. All in all I only paid $35.39 for those. Great deal indeed.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Clothing Sale


I don’t normally shop at Victoria’s Secret (well except for undies and bras) for clothing for I find them too pricey even if they are on sale or 50% off. Although I browse for their clothes I never would want to buy anything from them unless I see a dress that is attractive enough for me to buy and the price would also be affordable. One for example is the same exact dress photograph above. I bought it for $9.99 that is awesomely delicious for a Chain Strap V-neck Bra Top dress that’s below ten bucks.

I was very happy to have found this red dress. I love it, the style and the material but I wished I ordered in Small size since the waist area is a little too tight for me!

A bit of information about the item lifted from the original source.

Add a little glam to every day, with goldtone hardware straps. Imported Supima® cotton/spandex.
Fit-and-flare shape
Removable pads for added lift and contouring
Made with Supima® cotton for exceptional softness
18″ from waist
Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.
Orig. $39.50 Clearance $9.99

Why Women Love Victoria’s Secret

They say Victoria’s secret is when a woman is over 30 years old, she can no longer wear their products which is very wrong for the reason their products are made for tiny or sexy women. That is very wrong. As long as you maintain your figure, slim, sexy, skinny and a bit chubby,  you can still wear VS for they do have different sizes especially in panties and bras that anybody can choose according to their fit or right size.

Personally, why I love Victoria’s Secret so much is that they have various styles to choose from, panties that are sexy yet comfortable. I love the cottony feeling and lacey hiphugger panties. When it comes to bra, I could only buy their Pink collection. I find them comfortable, stylish, different print patterns and colors that I love and most of all it adds up one size to your bust. To top of it all, I love love the free panties they give me each month and a $10 less a bra coupon. I think these what drive customers to keep shopping at Victoria’s Secret.