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4 more months

… hang on there Anne, soon you will see your family and be able to enjoy your life by going out freely not needing a husband to take you where you wanna go. Still a long way to go but I am willing to wait and I tell you I am so anxious going home,yeppeeeyyy!

I hope Annie can go with me so that I’ll have someone to accompany me while traveling for I have a baby with me. I know how difficult it is having a small baby in the flight but I can make it, I believe myself.

60 more days.. I can’t wait for the time I step foot in my own native land, the Philippines.

bar stools

If we are able to move out from here and I’m given a chance to choose the kind of house I like,I would prefer to have a house that has ample space to accommodate a big family and a place to unwind and relax.One of the many places I’d like to spend time is the bar.Having a bar in the house is such a good idea where me and my friends can sit,talk while drinking our favorite beverage and of course I need to buy a couple bar stools to complement the said place.


Oh well,it’s nice to have everything you need.Nice air conditioned house,a comfortable bed to sleep on,big HDTV,playstaion,computers and a whole lot more.These I’m thankful to my dear husband.I remember him talking about getting an HDMI to make our entertainment system work properly and I’m glad he got it now.

drug treatment center

I love watching Extra,Entertainment tonight and other showbiz program because they keep me up to date of famous Hollywood stars’ personal life and their upcoming big movie.They can also inform me of actors or actresses that are being confined in drug treatment center because of drug abuse.Well,they all have the money,therefore,they can do or buy whatever they want.One of the most talked drug rehab center is the
drug rehab sunset malibu.This place is famous because of the big people in Hollywood would go whenever they decide to have a drug treatment.


Way back in my school days,I consider myself as an average student.Not too smart and not dumb either.I am in between,should I say. We were poor,my father didn’t have enough to buy all the textbooks I needed for my class.I am just thankful though that I studied in public schools during elementary and high school for the government will provide free textbooks to the students.But in college? You have to buy your own at your own expense.

cellphone repeater

It is important to have a cellphone signal in any place we are going to keep in touch to people who are dear to us and also it’s important for emergency purposes or in case of blow out while on the road.To make all these possible,a cell phone repeater should be used or installed.Want to learn more information about this? Visit their website by clicking on the link provided here.

Playstation 3

I am amazed of how technology can change things.Before,we can just solely play video games in playstations. Aside from that,there is nothing you can do more about it.Now that playstation 3 has been out in the market,we can do several things in this high tech gadget like video games,play movies in clearer quality and most of all using the internet. I am so glad we have a playstation 3 because during those times when I didn’t have my laptop and my husband wanted to use the computer,instead of disturbing me of my blogging,he would just use the playstation 3 to do his ebay or check e-mails in the living room.

she’s blind

I have chatted to my old friend in the Philippines and she told me that her mother is now blind.She has eye diseases,cataract if I am not mistaken.I told her what if she’ll get a Lasik so she can see the world again.I will let you know guys the news when I’ll be able to talk to her again about the progress of her mother’s condition.

home theatre seating

My husband got everything he wants.He has got very good and nice HI-DEF tv. A nice surround sound,what else do I ask for? A complete HOME THEATRE SEATING so we feel like we are out in a real movie theater.Though I am not complaining of the seats we have but I want to make everything perfect.

door hardware

There are just 3 of us at home right now until Saturday,perhaps. During the first night,I was kinda scared for what if something bad will happen? I just keep my faith in me that God is always there for me and that He hears my prayers.That is to keep us safe all through the night and until my husband arrives home.I make sure that our doors are securely locked before I go to bed. Thanks to the company Door Hardware Plus for their product is reliable.We are using door hardware that is from this online store.