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electronics at

When it comes to shopping for electronics on the internet, there is only one stop shop that I can greatly recommend for customers to buy their favorite gadgets, the place is no other than for they have various of electronics/ gadgets to choose from, low in price and most of all excellent in customer service. Just an honest opinion here about the store.

diet supplements

I see myself as chubby again. Here goes my stomach bulging again after a month of staying here in Pinas. Eating all the foods I craved for so long and not even stopping myself when I want to eat certain foods that I can’t find or eat in America. You can’t blame me, if you were in my shoe, I know you will do the same too. I don’t necessarily need a diet pill to lose weight once I am back home, maybe a little bit of diet supplements is good enough for me. What do you think?

I need one

Since we are going for a month long vacation in two weeks, I would have to secure another memory stick for my camera so I don’t have to worry I run out of space if I decide to take tons of photos of my friends and most of all my family. I am so excited now and I better hurry to look for memory stick now.

term life insurance online

In America, it is a must for each individual to be responsible of saving up for their retirement. Once they get old, they will can enjoy the benefits what they earned when during those days when they worked hard to earn it. If you are to buy for your life insurance, try looking at term life insurance online first and look for the insurance that you desire. At Wholesale Insurance, they will make it easy to get term life insurance quotes online for you.

Can’t Wait To Go Home

I am so excited now that we are getting closer to flying back home. This time around will be different obviously because I have the greatest trophy with me to bring and show off her beauty to the people of Cebu.

My parents are as excited as me, I can tell that for certain. I am pretty sure they will be delighted hugging, touching or seeing their very first imported grandchild and welcome her with open arms.

I only got 2 and a half weeks then we’ll be off to Cebu. It’s gonna be a month long vacation for both of us before my husband will follow for our baby’s Christening. I can’t wait for the day!

looking for exit sign

Every time I go for a private or public room or whenever I’m in the airplane, the first time I need to look at is the exit sign. I will not take risk for who knows there might be an unexpected emergency and I don’t know where to exit in case of fire or whatever it is that we don’t expect to happen. Just taking precautions here you know.

ball lock pins

Reid Supply Company has been providing industrial equipment products since 1948. They are the leading supplier of the following categories clamps and workholding, fasteners and hardware, leveling hardware, material handling, metal working and a whole lot more. If you are looking for ball lock pins, rest assured you can find it there at

sweet potato casserole

I am tired of eating my own cooking which consists mainly filipino dish everyday. I have no mother to cook for me here so I do it all by myself. Also, when I do my husband won’t be able to share my food because he thinks it’s too salty for his taste. With that said, I am trying to look for a certain recipe called sweet potato casserole that we can both enjoy eating. Thanks for they able to provide me the ingredients of such recipe so I can cook it.

kids wagons

We can just find toys everywhere in the mall, in the local grocery store or online but not all of the toy stores are selling kids wagons that is made beautifully designed only for kids to enjoy riding around the backyard or in the house. I find sole website that different styles of kids wagons and I even saw a wagon that were provided in the Pumpkin Patch.

we need more office supplies

It’s my husband’s last day off today and he doesn’t want to be driving to the store again and buy some office stuff. We ran out of paper for our printer and other office supplies but I don’t he is willing to do the chores today. I may have to buy office stuff online tonight at, this way it’s more convenient for me without needing my husband’s help.