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Have you ever heard of the word staycations? When I first heard of it I thought it was cute but didn’t really know what this means. Staycations means you are on vacation but you are not going somewhere else but stay at home. Whoever invented that word, hat’s off for him because it is too cute.
Anyway, I am talking about staycations because I feel I always I’m on vacation. I need a new place to see, a new environment to enjoy life with my family even for just a short period of time. I wished I could go to the beach and rent one of the villa rentals that are available in a specific place I dreamed of visiting.
If you are a stay at home mom just like me, I guess you know the feeling of being always in the house. It is tiring sometimes and I know you can somehow relate to that. I so love love love love to go home now. Home for me is visit the Philippines and be with my family and friends once again. It would be so cool to have fun at the beach with them. I miss them so much now.

Bad Back

I love watching news of any sort. I am glad I have these two news channels that I tune in every mid day. Health news is really important to me to be updated of the latest technology in the US as well as the updates on keeping our health good all the time.
One of the most significant news I can’t forget is the report of Janeth St. James about how a bad office furniture can greatly affect your body too. If you don’t have a decent office chair then you may be taking yourself at risk for future bigger problems especially back problems. If you feel like you starting to feel that throbbing pain in your back, find office chairs that will help you with your pains. Better do it now dude than wait for later before anything gets worse.

Extra Shade

We need an extra shade so that my husband’s sports cars can be safe from damaging hail or other types of weather. Right now they are just sitting outside with no shade at all for our garage is still full of boxes and other stuff from our moving last year. It’s just there is nowhere to put them for now. We got our things and his dad’s stuff altogether so you just imagine a stuff equivalent to two houses occupying three spare rooms including the garage. With the use of metal buildings which I am looking at right now, if we can get one of these, we will have an extra space or a place to put those cars safely. Now I know where to find for a metal building. I just have to give the website to my husband so he can browse on the products when he arrives home tonight.

Happy Weekend All!

To all visitors, avid readers and occasional lurkers, HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU ALL. Hope you spend this time with your family and have sometime to connect with yourselves at home, alone. For us here, it is kinda busy. The husband is doing his manly work outside, removing stumps while I am busy inside the house taking care of my duties including feeding the baby, doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen. I am just taking my time actually while waiting on the husband to finish his job so we can go grocery shopping. I can’t wait to drive and buy the ingredients for my signature possum pie to bring at Abigail’s birthday party tomorrow. So see you later folks. I may have to drop you ECs if time permits.

Opps! You Are Not Lost!

Hi welcome to my blog. I just changed the layout of this blog as you can see I got a new look in here now. Yes, you are still on the same blog you used to drop your EC cards and nope, you are not lost! You are in the right place! Come on in, leave your slippers outside and be comfortable reading my posts!
I thought of changing the layout for a fresher look. So what do you think of the new look guys?? Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you and have a good one!

tag your friend

I’ve never known such a cool application until I found this Tagyourfriend application on facebook. Huh, I am curious as to what my other friends say about me. It’s important for me you know? What I like about this application is that I can also put a tag on each individual that fits their personality. Try it and you’ll like it too.

Live On Webcam

This is the actual shot of me and my baby voice chatting with her uncle in the Philippines moments ago. Through YM we are able to see my family back home and vice versa. Doing the chatting also saves me a couple dollars in my monthly billing since I only paid in pesos amount for their PLDT bill for unlimited internet connection.

Unlike before I used Nickeltalk that cost me 45 bucks per month, I can only hear them talking but we/they can’t see our faces on the cam. Alakansi kow!

sports gifts

Just right in time I am looking for possible birthday present for my little sister on the internet and I found this sports gifts website that sells personalized sports gifts for everyone. They sell high quality innovative sports gifts and presents. With unique personalized gifts for more than 30 sports that includes the following woven and dye sublimated blankets and afghans, pillows, towels and wall hangings and personalized sports posters and pictures.

computer desks

We just arrived from our vacation in the Philippines and for that I am missing my family already. I can’t believe that my happy times in our home country is over. Good thing though that I got them an internet connection so that we can always just log on and get connected to each other especially my little brother and sister.Yes, they have a computer but the computer desk I got them is not durable enough to last a lifetime. I may have to look at computer desks again on the internet and have it shipped to our house in PI.