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Tuscany, Italy

Guestpost by Victor Flowers

As you know, I love to cook and as I was watching my cooking show on my new tv from, I got the wonderful idea that for our anniversary this year, we should go somewhere to truly romantic and experience the best Italian cuisine there is; so we decided to fly to Tuscany.

Now Tuscany, Italy is known for it’s historical, natural, and romantic atmosphere and for rich, home cooked Italian food, so it was the perfect place for us to go. When we arrived we decided to stay in a few of the charming ‘bed and breakfast’ hotels that are scattered throughout the countryside. By staying in one of these, we got to experience the rich, rural life in the country, but then we were also able to drive to any one of the cities in Tuscany, like Umberto, Valentina or Stefano, in less than an hour, and go sight-seeing.

We were really lucky in that we went into Piazza Santa Croce one day and found a Chocolate Fair going on for three days! The fair took place under huge tents and they had the best, most decadent treat ever, chocolate! They had chocolate from Florence and Tuscany, and then, there was also more chocolate from France, Spain and Belgium.

We enjoyed everything on our trip, but I think the Chocolate Fair took us over the top. Maybe we’ll get to go back again someday.

08 Numbers

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Online Games

There are plenty of things you can do on the internet including online slot games. But we all have different likes and hobbies. Mine is playing bejeweled blitz on Facebook and lately I am into watching Korean soap operas. Whatever our means of entertaining ourselves, we all come up to the same goal, to be entertained, that is. Hope you are happy with what you are doing online and enjoy.

Roadside Assistance

One of the things I dreaded that could ever happen to me when driving is having a flat tire in a busy road or in a secluded area. That thought alone gives me creepy feeling for we don’t know what’s going to happen then especially if there is nobody out there to ask help with. I witnessed it myself whenever we go driving long distances, I see several cars having sudden breakdowns along the road, that is when roadside assistance is needed the most but what if you don’t have it? Who are you going to turn to when unfavorable circumstances happen like car breakdown in the midst of nowhere? Gladly though that there are insurance companies offer free roadside assistance or if not, there’s an independent company that could provide motorists quality service 24/7.

Europe News

Keep updated of Europe’s daily news by simply going toabdul rahman el assir website. The writer of this site has always something fresh for his visitors/readers to read everyday. You will find great articles all over Europe on there so better check it out. As for me, I bookmarked the page so I can read a bit of the articles later when I get back from my orthodontist. So see yah later people.