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Investing In Dustbags for Handbags

I never thought about buying dustbags for my ever loved handbags until a friend told me that I should buy dustbags to keep my treasures from getting dusts sitting in the closet for years. She is right, I thought. I looked for some on e-bay and they are a bit pricey. Just for dustbags, they cost $24 plus shipping and imagine I have a couple of handbags that I’d love to be dust-free.

It took me a while before I could buy me at least 8 dustbags. I know they might not be enough but at least I already got some. Collecting handbags truly is an investment, lol.

Chatting Is Fun

Meeting a lot of different people from all over the world is fun. I have been there, done that and during my time when guys were serious about marriage I was ecstatic and thrilled knowing that I could get married one day to a foreigner which I did eventually. Few of my friends back home are into chatting too. In fact, I just talked to somebody I knew in caregiver course way back 2005 that she is also joining different dating sites now for fun. I may have to tell her to join also since it is free and who knows her future husband is waiting for her on that site.

Read Reviews

Are you familiar with Herbalife? If not, we have all the tools to know about this company and read Herbalife Review about it. Please click on the link above and you will find out more of it as well as reviews from different people involved in the company.

Sultry Look Of Avril Lavigne

I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne from  my younger years until now. I have not seen her latest videos nor heard her latest songs because life has been so busy with me here. Recently, yahoo featured her sultry lingerie look as a gift to her fans on their homepage. She has gone from skater girl to seductress in her newest video “Goodbye” as she dedicated it to her fans as she closed out the last leg of her recent “Black Star” tour, the video follows her around celebrity hideout Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles wearing little more than heels and black lingerie. As sexy as she looks, the 27-year-old Canadian singer is practically unrecognizable out of her tomboy uniform of a t-shirt and jeans. Has she gone too extreme in an attempt to be more mature?

I actually like how she looks in her sexy lingerie in these photos. I don’t see it as offensive either instead, she just embrace her thin body and loves her own skin.

The music video can be seen here

Real Vacation

I am looking forward to the day my husband retires from his job. Just a few more years to go! I can’t wait for that day to come because maybe by then he will ask me to bring his whole family for a real vacation to other states. A real vacation is always I’ve always wanted but we cannot do that since he is still working 4 days a week. If ever he will ask me where do I want to go first, I would love to wander around Chicago. I heard it is a pretty place to go and plenty of vacation rentals Chicago that tourists or travels should not worry about where to sleep or rest at night. I wish, I wish upon a star the husband will see that having a vacation once in a while is not bad at all.

Blue Diamonds

So you think blue diamonds don’t exist? Yes, they do. Only very few wear them but trust me when you see a real blue diamond you will be astonished by its elegance and beauty. Diamonds International sells blue diamond engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. You got to see their items to believe how beautifully blue diamonds are cut and polished. They carry a wide variety of traditional studs, hoops, hearts, chandelier, as well as contemporary styles for those who prefer to show off their trendy side. Shop by type or price range and quickly find the earrings that are of interest to you. Diamonds International is your source for gorgeous earrings of the highest quality.