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Where to Dine In When in New Boston, Texas

We just moved out here in the country 3 weeks ago. It’s a big step we had to take, it is my husband’s decision to move out here and make it as his retirement place. It is peaceful and quiet out here and everybody seems to love it and enjoy the surroundings and all.

But, I on the other hand, is longing to go to my favorite stores to just you know hang out and pass time. I may eventually get used to driving 33 minutes to get to the mall, as long as I can buy the basics nearby, I guess I will be fine.

On a lighter note, we found a Chinese buffet restaurant in New Boston, Texas. I am delighted to know that I can just go there and have a taste for Asian food anytime I want since it is not very far from us. We did not expect much for a small town Asian restaurant. I have read reviews about them on Facebook before visiting them last week.

We were not disappointed, although buffet time was over when we got there. We thought that this place served tasty food. We ordered from the menu and plenty of dishes to choose from. We ordered beef broccoli, sweet and sour beef, sweet and sour chicken and shrimp. My children said they loved their food and so did my husband.

The restaurant was quiet and there were only us and another solo customer who dined in at the time, a few ordered to-go. I expected for a crowd but no, it is not in the city anymore so I must get used to going to places like this to be quiet and lots of empty chairs. Prices of food are okay.

Quality of food they serve is 8 out of 10. Ambiance is 7. Food server is 9, she was nice and kept asking if we were okay or if we needed anything. Overall, our visit to China Cafe in New Boston, Texas was a calm and pleasant experience.

I recommend this place to those who love Asian food. You can’t go wrong with this place, it’s good.






4 Tips to dressing your best for work as a plus size woman

If you are a plus sized woman, you likely have a hard time finding clothes in styles that you like and enjoy wearing. Sometimes clothing looks larger on a hanger than it actually is and can therefore lack in showing off the cut and design of the garment without trying it on. The trouble is that trying on clothes can be cumbersome and make one feel defeated if they do not like how they look in a particular garment. It feels even worse than usual to those who wear larger sizes because they are constantly worried about being judged by society. What matters is who you look and feel in your clothes and your happiness with yourself will translate in to all that you do.

This article will provide some tips on dressing your best for work as a plus sized woman. People do it everyday; you are not alone!

1. Make sure that the clothes fit. The first step is to make sure that your clothes fit properly. Sometimes it can be enticing to want to purchase a larger size for comfort but in reality a larger size can make you look larger than you are. While you will not want to wear form fitting clothes that show off every curve on your body, you will want to purchase items that have a nice cut and fit to them. The clothes should also feel good on your body as you will be wearing them all day.

2. Skip the mall and buy online. Trying on clothes at the mall can be a big ordeal and is likely not enjoyable. Having to wait for a changing room after you waited for someone to check the stockroom for your size is an exhausting endeavor. In the future, try skipping the mall and doing your shopping for great work ensembles online at shops like ChescaDirect.

There are patterns, colors, styles, and sizes for all body types, shapes, and heights. You are likely to find exactly what you are looking for while shopping online. The beauty of getting an item shipped to your house instead of the anchor store in the mall, is that you can return it with the return address label if it does not fit. Better yet, you can expect to receive a refund when you send the item back.

3. Classic staples. Having a few classic staples in your closet that you can pair or mix and match with various outfits is a good idea. It makes your wardrobe look larger than it actually is and it makes you feel better about your style and what you wear to work on a daily basis. Some classic staples to consider purchasing are cardigans in various colors, slacks in black and khaki, pantyhose, and casual but nice dress shirts. Women can also have a few classic staple jewelry items such as small hoop earrings or small earrings.

4. Accessories and shoes. No outfit is complete without the proper accessories and pair of shoes. Be sure to wear jewelry and carry a matching handbag with you at a minimum.

Traveling with Your Baby: How to Get Organized

Traveling is never a simple feat and much less easy when you’re traveling with a baby. Babies require so much care during trips. A lot of parents get edgy when making plans to travel with their babies and this is partly because they are not exactly sure of what to expect while on the trip.

Here are a few pointers to help you organize yourself, your baby and your luggage before a scheduled trip to avoid panic attacks and leaving important things behind.

Plan ahead of time and ensure all important items are packed accordingly in your luggage. The last thing you need is to forget important stuff like travel documents or your little angel’s favorite toy. Put all the stuff you’ll need during the trip in your hand luggage for quick and easy access.

Get enough sleep the night before the big trip. Being groggy can cause you to make slip ups, like forgetting the hand luggage and carrying the golf bag instead. Being tired during the trip is not good for you for safety reasons. So rest well and stay alert during the trip.

Help your baby sleep by giving soothing back rubs or singing lullabies. When your baby is asleep during trips, it makes it easier on you and other passengers.

Stick to your regular routines. Feed your baby on schedule, change diapers on time and keep him/her entertained and comfortable.

Bring along favorite toys, pack bite sized snacks and make requests for liquids if you can’t travel with yours.

Also pack along a medical kit and be certain that your insurance policies are up to date and cover your and your baby where you are headed.

For more tips and pointers checkout the infographic below from



How To Look Your Best For That Big Event

Whether you’re attending prom, getting married or attending a huge gala, if you have a big event coming up then chances are that you want to look your absolute best. Looking your best all comes down to feeling your best and you feel your best when you find an outfit, shoes and makeup look that suits you perfectly and makes you feel like a princess. Here are some tips on how to look your utter best for that big upcoming event.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Shop For Your Dress

You don’t want to walk into the store the morning of the event in a panic, desperately scouring the racks for something to wear. Instead, you should give yourself a few weeks to really check out a few different options. Plus, if you find a dress that’s perfect but requires a few alterations, this will give you adequate time to have the garment tailored. Whether you shop online or shop in-store, it’s best to start looking early.

Practice Your Makeup

If you’re doing your own makeup, it’s a good idea to practice a few times before the big day. Sometimes a makeup technique that looks simple in a picture of a video tutorial is actually a bit difficult to execute. Practicing a few times will ensure that you know what you’re doing on the day of your big event.

Book A Hair Appointment

Salons can fill up quickly, especially if it’s a time of the year where a lot of high schools are having dances or a lot of people are getting married, such as the springtime. Try to book your hair appointment as soon as possible. The idea hair appointment should be booked early enough in the day so you still have time to do your makeup and get ready, but not so early that the style has fallen flat by the time you’re ready to head to the venue.


No dress is perfect until it’s paired with the right accessories. Shop around for the perfect shoes, jewelry and handbag to compliment your gorgeous gown. Think of accessories as the finishing touch to your look.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to feel like your absolute best when you walk through the doors of your big event. Now all that’s left to do is dance the night away and enjoy yourself.

Another Great Promo from Victoria’s Secret

If you have been following my blog, need not wonder why I post about my shopping at a specific store often than any other store. Here are the four items I got for free from my favorite shopping store, Victoria’s Secret!

2 pairs of PINK panties, a pair of bottle opener sunglasses and a big size water bottle all for free just by buying any PINK product. I chose this lightly padded sport bra for $28 including tax and got these sweet freebies.

I used a coupon they sent me in the mail, two free panties with a bra purchase. That is how I got the panties.

2 panties = $21
sunglasses = $14.50
water bottle = $24.50

Imagine how much I saved for all of them if I were to buy them in full price? I went to their physical store so I don’t get a cashback for it. However, if you choose to shop online, the promo is still the same, you just have to make sure you buy a bra and use the code FREESHIPBRA to get free shipping, this offer valid only today. Don’t forget to sign up through e-bates for a cashback.

 photo pink_zpsgpk2v3gx.jpg

Grilled Steak at Home

I think we are not those usual families who love to eat out. We only do that on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other Holidays. During normal days, we cook our own food in our kitchen. That saves us a lot of money, I tell you.

We don’t have huge home and car bills yet we choose to save our money by buying groceries and make our own meals. That way, we ensure what we put in our mouth are healthy ingredients and we know what’s in there. My girls love veggies and meat so feeding them is not a problem. You can give them anything, rest assured they will clean their plate up before putting in the sink.

One of the meats we cook at home is a steak. My husband grilled it. He loves grilling so is tasked to do that. I help him do frying the veggies, steaming and or roasting them in the oven. One example of what we cook at home is pictured below.

Two plates, equally have the same food in each to be fair for them. What one gets, everybody has it. My two girls are equally cucumber monsters. They’d chow it down like they’re eating candy.

 photo steak_zpsymlykvjm.jpg

Filipino Noodles and My Own Chicken Curry Dish

Cooking your own meals give you control as to how much you can cook, what kind of ingredients you will put in a dish and most of all, you can season it according to your taste. I do the cooking most of the time in our household and it is so inspiring that the people you’re feeding your cooked meals too will love it and exclaim, yummy.

I usually cook food in huge batches so it will last for a few days and not worrying about what to cook the next day. While freshly cooked foods are delicious, cooking in big batches save me energy and time in the kitchen. I am a huge noodle eater here and for that, I made myself this Filipino version of noodles with all the goodness of veggies and seasoning in it.

Bottom picture is a chicken and mushroom curry especially cooked for my husband. I don’t follow chicken curry recipes. I just cook with whatever’s available in our fridges. I have tried this dish a week ago and he said he liked it so I cooked him another batch of it this week. This time, I put some cubed white potatoes in it so it will stay longer in his stomach. It tastes really great and you know, white potatoes are usually tasteless. But with curry and other stuff mixed with it, boy, I tell you… you would want to ask for more once you tasted my chicken/mushroom curry.

 photo foodies_zps3jnrqivw.jpg

10 Ways to Spark Romance in Your Relationship

As relationships progress it can feel like romance is flying right out the door. In fact you might find that it is nearly impossible to keep the romance alive after a certain length of time. If you have seen that older couple that still looks madly in love and wondered how they do it, then you must learn how to spark the romance in your own relationship.

10 Ways to Spark Romance

Remember that Real Romance is Not What You See in Movies

It can be hard to not feel bad about the romance in your own relationship when you see so much heated passion in the relationships on the movies. What you must remember is that this is not real so that you can have realistic expectations on what romance is.

Learn Your Own Romance Style and Your Partner’s

Having a romantic relationship requires two people. Each person might have completely different ideas about what romance means. If you work together to learn more about one another with the Color Heart Test you can learn what you each need to do for each other to keep the romance alive.

Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin

One of the biggest reasons that people struggle with intimacy and romance is that they are not comfortable in their own bodies. You have to be able to find comfort in who you are so that you can really enjoy romance with someone else.

Try Being Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is something that is going to help you make sure that romance stays alive. One of the things that you can do is make plans to go out without plans. Just let the night take you wherever you end up.

Everyone Loves a Surprise

There are so many cute ways that you can surprise your partner. Learning how to surprise your other half is a great way to really spark some additional romance. Everyone loves knowing that their partner took the time to plan a surprise for them.

Plan a Little Something Special in the Bedroom

When it comes to feeling sexy there is nothing better than beautiful bra and panty sets to make you feel great. Choosing options that make you feel confident is the best way to keep the romance alive. Sexy lingerie can be as forward as open cup bras or more conservative with something like a shelf bra. Finding lingerie isn’t hard when you are shopping around with a website like Foxy Lingerie that seems to carry a little bit of everything.

Embrace the Day to Day

If you always wait for a special time for romance it is not going to happen. Embracing the ordinary in your day to day life will help you to learn that you can find romance everywhere.

Focus on How You Can Show Love

When you are focused too much on receiving love you might miss out on opportunities that you can have to give love. Make sure that you focus on what you can offer your partner.

Do Not Have Expectations

Having expectations of what romance is can be very disappointing. Instead of having expectations look at everything with unexpected eyes and you will find that it can be a lot more exciting.

Be Willing to Try Something New

Being adventurous is not going to hurt anyone. When you are willing to do something new it can be enjoyable and can offer a nice spark of romance that is very unexpected.

Sometimes the oddest things can leave you feeling turned on and romantic. If you find yourself in a rut there are many things that you can do. These are just a few ideas that can help spark your interest.

Inside Smarts Wash Bags for Your Delicates

I recently received this awesome products from Inside Smarts for free in exchange of my honest opinion about these delicates laundry bags, premium quality products. I have used it a few times already and how glad I am I got to have these. It is good that it came with 2 large and 2 medium sizes for my delicates. 2 that is a good size for a dress that I don’t want to get damaged when washing, 2 medium sizes are good for scarves and hats so they don’t get tangled with other clothes during the cycle, also they are good for my lingerie and bras/undies and anything that I want to be safely washed.

I trust that the quality of these laundry bags that I ordered from Amazon is of premium quality, they should last forever and keep my clothing safe and very well protected. The company guarantees a 365-day “smart wash” so I should rely on that. Thank you so much for an amazing product like these laundry bags. I am one happy user here.

 photo insidesmarts_zps0315baa1.jpg

Joyal Beauty Natural Skin Care

If as much as possible minimizing your use of harmful chemicals in your body, is important and way better than not bothering at all as to what kind of products you have been putting on your skin. These chemicals with over time use can eventually cause harm than repair or what you intended to hope on your skin/body. These kind of chemicals are present in most products we use daily.

We can change that a bit by starting on your make up or serum by using only a natural skin brightening serum with potent 20% vitamin c serum. I am specifically talking about this great serum for a while now called Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum. This potent anti oxidant serum contains high concentration of 20% of vitamin C.

What it does is that, helps brighten your skin providing antioxidant protection , fading sun spots and discoloration. It also refines skin texture and reduces wrinkles formation. Personally, I love this product for it truly wonders onto my skin. I notice my face’s color evenness after just three weeks of usage. I have never felt smoother before until I use serum.

I definitely would want to have it forever. Serum, is a must-have beauty regimen for women over 25 years old for the purpose of maintaining that youthful look as well as get the amount of vitamin C as needed. Right now, you can purchase this product on AMAZON for $28.95 PRIME. You may also read the customers’ reviews before buying the product.

 photo joyal_zps4094aed0.jpg

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.