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My First Jollibee in the US

Only Filipinos can relate how much we love dining in Jollibee. Wherever we may be in the world, we would always crave for that Pinoy taste only Jollibee can make. So here we are in Texas, we only have one Jollibee franchise here in Houston. And that is four hours away from where we live.

You see, going to Jollibee is a treat for us no matter how far it is, we are eager to drive to go there because it satisfies our cravings. Being on the road for four hours was nothing because of the anticipation that what we’re getting after such a long trip is heavenly.

An added bonus is that, Red Ribbon and two other stores are adjacent to Jollibee which made it very convenient for us. We brought home lots of goodies from JB and Red Ribbon. If money was not an issue, I could have bought the entire Red Ribbon stocks and re-sell it from here, just kidding! Anyway, chicken joy and gravy was my order and a taro boba. It filled me up, made my tummy happy and most of all, I had a lot of fun during the road trip. If we have to do it again, I will not say no!

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Travel Agent E&O Insurance

Travel agencies that have ever been involved with a lawsuit that came about due to an error or omission by one of the travel agents that worked there can attest to the importance of travel agent E&O insurance. These types of policies generally cover the travel agency for cases of bodily injury, property damage, financial loss, and personal injury.


You may try to protect your agency with all possible legal means, but even having the person sign a waiver that limits your company’s responsibilities for the safety of the person and the responsibility that the vacation you have helped them to book comes off as planned may not protect you from a lawsuit. Even an unsuccessful lawsuit against your travel agency can have terrible financial impacts that drive you out of business.

Out of Your Control

It is easy to book vacations and offer people the option to participate in certain activities, but you cannot guarantee that any one company will be in business when the person gets to where he or she is going. The economy and business practices of the company over which you have no control will determine whether or not that company remains in business. Unfortunately, if the person has booked a tour to Antarctica from Tierra del Fuego through your agency, and the tour doesn’t happen or he or she gets hurt on the tour, you may be sued for damages. That is one reason why insurance can be important.

Financials in Court

With the right kind of travel agent E&O insurance, you can at least guarantee your business a fighting chance in the event that someone files a claim against your company for any of the four categories mentioned. Insurance companies tend to be better versed in the particular area of law that such lawsuits will concern, and that means better success at coming out on top. Beyond that, a good insurance policy will take care of everything in such a case, except for the testifying. That keeps you and your business out of the financial obligation when it comes to defending yourself in court.

Fresh Sells From the Island

I feel lucky for having been here in Cebu for almost five weeks now. I have been eating fresh seafoods, fresh vegetables, barbecue, Filipino delicacies and those rare fruits that I haven’t eaten for years. I don’t mind my belly getting big everyday for I can easily lose the excess weight I gained during my vacation. All I care about is that I get to eat the foods I craved when I am in Texas.

One of the many foods I enjoy eating fresh are these shells freshly caught from the island of Sta. Rosa. For just 10 or 20 pesos a pack, you can enjoy the sweet goodness of soup it brings to your tongue.

You can only imagine how delicious the soup it makes that will really get you to eat plenty of rice/grits. Even my 5 -year old girl loves the soup and love taking out the flesh from its shell with the use of a pin or a needle. Anyone wants some “aninikad”?

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Something I Would Miss a Lot

I just had lunch at Jollibee, taking advantage of the time while I still have 5 days left in the Philippines. One of the many foods I would miss eating is this Jollibee spicy chicken joy. I love the gravy and the smell of the chicken itself. Jollibee is not available in Texas so I can only get to eat it when I am home.

I need to bring Jadyn to Jollibee one more time before flying back to Texas so she won’t blame me she missed eating Jollie spaghetti asap we land in DFW airport. Hopefully I can make my little girl happy.

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Seafood for Breakfast

I had an early day. I started out by waking up at 5 in the morning for church. The mass was finished at 7:30 in the morning so I had enough time left to roam around the Opon wet market. So many things to see, fresh seaweeds, fresh fish, all different kinds of meat, fruits and a whole lot more. Two of the many things I bought today are these fresh seaweeds we call “lato” and a fillet fish ready for “kinilaw”. The kinilaw itself doesn’t look appetizing but it tasted good to me. The lato was fresh and I ate a bunch of it. My two girls loved it too.

My Sunday is complete, I fed my soul with the words of the Lord and so is my stomach. I am taking advantage of the foods that are available to buy while they are still in front of me. When I go back to Texas, I know for sure I am going to miss these kind of foods and it would take me a while before I can eat them. So don’t blame me if you see I put on a little weight in the pictures I post on Facebook.

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Lunch with Friends at KFC

I am loving my stay here in my hometown. I love the idea of meeting new and old friends in the mall. This photo below was taken at KFC Ayala just a few days ago with my girls,little brother and two friends. Liezl is the one sitting next to my Jadyn has been my friend for over a year. We communicated through Facebook and we finally met in person last week for the first time. Trexia on the other hand, is my long old friend is the one on stripes who I introduced to Liezl because both of their boyfriends are from Scotland. They will be neighbors in Scotland if both of them will be successful in their love endeavor of their Scottish boyfriends.

I thought of introducing these ladies so that they will become friends too when they move to Scotland someday. That way, they will be comfortable with each other and they’ll have confidence living far from home that they are going to be alright since they know there is a Filipina living nearby. Wishing these ladies good luck and that they will become neighbors.

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Cakes for Dessert — and Plenty of It

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I took these photos of my girl and the different kind of cakes that were displayed at the buffet table at Cochran’s in Air Force Village, San Antonio, Texas. Sunday lunch in AFV is always amazing. Plenty of good food just laid on the buffet table, nice people, good service and great company. What could be a better lunch than that?

We had a scrumptious lunch with Jean last Sunday, the last lunch we shared together and who knows when can we visit her down there again. Well, if only San Antonio wouldn’t be too much of a drive, we could visit her as often as we can but we also have a life here at home.

Anyway, as you can see in the photos, there are several small slices of cakes and there are also whole ones waiting to be eaten by the diners. Jadyn ate a slice of cheesecake and the other kind I don’t know what flavor that was. She was so tempted to try the cheesecake topped with cherry and take note, she only left a bit of that cake after eating the first slice shown on the bottom right photo. I could no longer pick a slice of cake for me because I had 4 rounds of food, I was so full and there was no room for more food in my tummy at that time!

Dining And Nightlife In Central Jersey

We all have wishes at this moment. Some wishing for shopping, others wish to be somewhere comfortable and I wish to be able to travel to somewhere that is not very hot and comfortable during the day. There is only one place that is in my mind right now, New Jersey. Weird, isn’t it? Since we don’t have any relatives or friends over there but I heard so much about the place from people on my Facebook who have been to Central Jersey and other neighboring cities.

There are so many reasons why you should not get bored while visiting Central Jersey for there are a lot of things to do in there. There are fun things that an entire family with kids can do, for single people who love the night life or those that want to try different food from American to ethnic, they can very well do that. Just check out dining and nightlife in Central Jersey. There are also shopping malls that offer great deals to the visitors.

When you plan your next getaway, consider Central New Jersey to be the next destination for they can provide the visitors with all the art, culture and attractions that you are looking for. Please visit their website now for a more perfect family vacation or a getaway with your friends in Central Jersey. They have all the amenities and activities to help you plan the perfect trip.

I have explored the website a little bit and I really am convinced that this a place to go if I were given a chance to go on a vacation.

Avail These Vacation Packages

Spring now and wow in three months it will be summer. What do we expect if the temperature reaches 90 to triple digits? I know what comes in your mind when we speak of summer, right? Pool or the beach are most people usually want to be. Yes, a great escape from scorching temperatures of summer is to be at the beach and the only place I can think of right now is Orlando, Florida.

Why choose Orlando? Because aside from so many great things to do in Orlando, there are these great Universal Studios Vacation Packages that travelers want to avail.

If this is your first time to be here, be glad. You are very much welcome here and here you can find great deals especially on travels. Check out those links above and tell me if you are not happy to have found the great website that offers vacation packages in Universal Studios? Do you know anyone who plan of traveling to Florida sometime soon? Tell them about these links.

Lucky Are Those That Live In Orlando

Lucky are those that live in Orlando or anywhere in Florida because they get to enjoy the sunshine, long sandy beaches and most of all Orlando Attractions that other states do not have. We live in Texas and we are far away from the beach. For us to do that, we have to burn gas and drive for six hours just to get to the beach which my husband is not willing to do.

However, his mother lives in Florida and one day I asked him if we can visit her sometime next year. My way of saying for us to have a vacation to Florida and take advantage of Orlando Vacation Packages brought to us by as well visiting his mother so he has a valid reason to take a 2-week vacation and fly to Orlando.