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A Surprise Early Christmas Gift

You know the feeling when someone surprised you with a gift you didn’t expect, much more do the kind deed to you? I was just beyond surprised when a friend just left this beautiful Juicy Couture watch in my car one time when I dropped her off in her home.

After having lunch with the other girls, we ended up just the two of us shopping in a store and we looked in a store glass display several items and pointed out cute stuff that’s in it. One that caught my attention is this watch but did not even think of buying it myself since I don’t need a new watch these days. Little did I know, she had something in mind for me. I knew she bought it for we checked out the same register together but it was really a surprise that she bought it for me.

I am beyond touched by her and I feel happy, that someone so generous thought about me that day… thank you so much ate, will forever treasure this gift from you!

When someone gifted with you a watch and you didn’t expect it. I am beyond surprised.

Not Being Surrounded by Stores Saves Me Money

I find it weird for not spending too much these days. Thanks to living far away from the civilization for it helps me tremendously from spending money everyday. Although I can very well go online and shop but it is way different when you are able to touch, feel to your skin, smell and hold the merchandise before buying it.

I guess it is an advantage for my husband, especially living out here, haha. He told me that I can stop shopping for home decors now and replied to him with a joke, “Never! Over my dead body, Lewis.” I may sound stubborn and big-headed but hey, it’s a joke and we both know he can’t stop me anyway.

Grilled Red snapper Fish and My Childhood Memory

“The Fish”

I got the biggest (almost 12 inches long) grilled red snapper tonight for dinner. I told my husband that I don’t have rice to eat it with and he said to just eat the fish. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help but reminisce my life in the past and told him my story. He then jokingly said, “well, dried fish must be good for you because you turned out to be a nice woman.” Haha for that…

Growing up poor, I never had the chance of eating a whole big fish for myself alone because there were so many mouths needed to be fed too. I remember, my grandmother used to divide a 5-inch dried fish into small parts so that others will be able to taste it too, with rice or grits of course!

With all that being said, I couldn’t be more thankful of the kind of life I have or where I am now. I am in a much better place on earth, I shall say. I am blessed and grateful more than ever. Although we are not rich but at least I can eat whatever I wanna eat. I have a comfortable life, a wonderful family and a great marriage. Thank You, Lord! You are awesome… you greatly changed my life more than I imagined.

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My Order is Taking So Long at Tanga

I don’t normally shop at but if I find some items that are really cheap that is when they entice me to shop from them. I placed an order from them last November 15,2012 and until now I still haven’t received my order. It is just a pair of smooth leather (probably not genuine) gloves in preparation of the coming bitter winter months that cost me only $7. Yeah not much but to wait over 15 days for your order is just disappointing.

If I didn’t email their customer service, they probably wouldn’t do any action with my order and ship it to me. Really disappointing and makes me don’t want to shop from them ever again. Last night, I received their tracking information for this item which I didn’t bother to check because I’ve waited for forever for my gloves to arrive.


Money Sent

I just made two calls to my family in the Philippines. One last night to my father lasted for one hour and one this morning to my mother. It would have been cheaper if I was able to talk both of them last night but my mother wasn’t home when I called so had to make another call when I woke up.
I called them to let them know I just sent them some money for the whole month of October. I was not gonna do it because I spent a freaking $420 to the USCIS for my sister’s immigration application and I already told my mother, I am not sending them money for two months. I have to save some more for the upcoming immigration bills, you know?
But I sent anyway and they are happy especially my mother for she now has money to use to pay the bills and other stuff. If it wasn’t because of my sister rushing me to give her budget to buy herself a girl scout uniform, I would have not done that. Anyway, I feel good after hearing they are doing okay and helping them in a way I can.

Increased Of PR

How nice of Mr. G for giving this blog an increased of 1 in PR. I can’t believe they remember this blog. I thought it would stay PR1 forever or worse go down to 0, God forbid. I would be left with no task to do if any of my blogs will lose its PR. Thank you so much Mr. G for all the PRs you have given to my blogs. You have been so kind lately muahhhhhh!


I received this pondering thoughts in my personal e-mail and I would like to share it here so other people can read it too. I know this has been circulating around the internet hence, I am posting it again so it will never stop reaching to the ones who need it.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don’t just because you can.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly.
Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promised it would be worth it.