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Web Builders

Pretty much everything today is done on the internet. Even doing banking, business, shopping or selling products and services can be done through the internet by setting up your own website, one can fully do whatever he wants to do once he has his own site. Now the question is, how are sites going to be built? Who are the people behind it that makes merchants or simply businesses to have their own site? That is the work of web builders. They help clients build their own site or other web development services companies like WebDeva. Their services include custom web design, e-commerce store design, site setup, content management, strategic marketing consulting, business consulting, video editing, content creation and graphic/logo design. If you would like to inquiry any of the services offered here, you may contact them at Please remember though that they charge on an hourly basis.


I guess I know what I want from my husband this coming Valentine’s day. I am on the look out for ipods for I got so many nice music including Korean pop music saved in my computer that I am so afraid of losing. You know this computer is 3 years old and it can crash anytime. I better be prepared when that happens so an ipod could be a good gadget to possess in case something will happen to my computer. I am not so fond of ipods but what I care about is to save all my favorite music before they are all gone.

Cool Phone

Few people thought my phone was cool but I don’t think it is. What I find cool to use is this htc desire Android smartphone. It brings the latest version of Android to its already top quality hardware. It comes with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, HSPA connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities, connect to quick Internet browsing at your finger tips. With super fast download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps, this is something that my current phone doesn’t have.

Coolest Gadget

The coolest gadget was born, it is called iphone 4 that is now available in Apple stores in the US and around the world. The Apple iPhone 4 16GB is another new and improved iPhone, known to be more powerful, more convenient and more indispensable than ever before. iPhone 4’s greatest feature is the double camera FaceTime capabilities. Get yours now at for only $159.95. The iPhone 4 has four times the pixel count of previous iPhones, displaying crisp text, vibrant colours, and high-resolution images.

Rack Mount PC

What could be more comfortable than sitting in your own chair using your computer with just the right height to your eye level. It is either you can fix the height of your chair or the computer desk or put your computer by using a rack mount PC to the desired height wherein you don’t have to stretch your neck just to read what’s on the screen or bow down to adjust to the height of your desk. That is not the way how it’s done. You should be able to find a way in which you are comfortable, alright? If you are looking for a rack mount PC and other stuff that could bring you ease while doing your computer thing, look no further has everything you need.

New Search Engine

Sometimes when I have something to look on the internet, google or yahoo somehow won’t give me the result I want to find. Some would just give me crap of information that I don’t need which I think is a waste of time. Gladly, Rapidshare Search exist. Just one click of a mouse, it gives me a rapid result, the exact thing that I need to know. It’s a new search engine which you guys could try. I can’t help but wish sometimes that I have other option to do my research, I want a more faster, reliable web search engine that could give me a minute of precise results.

Our Anniversary Present- PS 3

I am amazed at how quick Sony is in responding our business. We did not expect for our new PS 3 would arrive this early. We got our old one sent in 2 days ago because it is damaged inside. Jadyn must have played  recklessly with it and screwed up the tray that accepts the dvd.
When we tried playing the movie  last time it created a deep scar on to the disc so we had no choice but sent it in to Sony. What a sweet deal to get this new model of ours for we only paid 150 dollars with this of course with the exchange of the old model we had. But even so, it’s still a great deal. If we’d purchased it alone it would cost us 400 dollars for a newer one. This serves as our 6th wedding anniversary present for each other. Great timing!

……… see how thin that thing is… hmmmmmmm flawless and it’s new…

……..our new PS-3 fresh from the box just arrived less than half an hour ago…

Been Having Trouble With My Free Hosting

I don’t know what is up with blogger lately. I am afraid it’s gonna crash on me one day. All of my blogs are hosted free on blogger and lately I noticed a glitch to it. When I open my dashboard it wouldn’t show a thing except “Unavailable service” message in a clear white background. I know I should have done getting a web hosting service before. If something bad happen to all my blogs, there is no one to be blame but myself. Oh Lord! I haven’t decided yet whether to subscribe for a hosting service or continue using this free one. It is important for me to keep all my blogs running and up because I rely so much on them when it comes to making money while staying at home. There is no way I could give up blogging.

Social Media Agency

Do you want to boost your online presence? Join Facebook and Twitter then. They are just two of the many networking sites you can join to possibly build a network of friends and families. Of course it’s the Social Media Agency that is behind in manage websites like these. It’s main function is to manage and maintain the online campaigns of a business across the complete social media portfolio.

Brash Has It All

Brash offers the following services link building, social media, SEO, pay per click, web hosting, SEM and many more. Brash has it all so look no further when it comes to exposing or promoting your website to the world. All you need to do is visit them right away and find out what they can do to help you.