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Buy More for the Price of One

There is a new scent for Spring at Victoria’s Secret right now. It is called Tease Flower that costs $58 for a 1.7 fl. oz. Current promo is you get a free full-size tease flower lotion and a bath bomb when you buy any tease flower scent. Okay granted, the freebie is great but what’s even greater is when you buy a tease flower gift set for $70 instead of just one single item that cost too much!

My idea of this deal is, I bought the set which pictured below plus I get the same freebie as above. I had a $15 gift reward from Victoria’s Secret that made my total to come down under $60 including tax. You see, sometimes you’ll have to buy more in order to get more. If just bought that single perfume, all I could bring home that day was three items.

Fortunately for me, my mind acted quickly when I went shopping in VS store that I should just get the set that cost $40 more because I GET MORE OF what could’ve I paid for just one product. In the end, I feel I won!

 photo tease_zps69iaynle.jpg

I Paid More For Shipping than the Items

Look at the attachment below, don’t you feel aggravated by some companies who charge you more for shipping than the items you want to buy? I just made this transaction 30 minutes ago due to the lack of deodorant, lol. This is for a Nivea deodorant which will be shipped from India or Thailand.

If only there is Nivea whitening and deodorant available here in the US, I could have saved the shipping or it will be much cheaper if we can buy it here. You see, there is a benefit if you use this particular item. My main purpose I bought this product is for a clearer and fairer underarms plus it is a deodorant not an anti-perspirant which a lot of women do not know using anti-perspirants can cause cancer because of its active ingredient “Aluminum zirconium” found in most anti-perspirants/deodorants sold on the market.

Sweat as we all know is a waste product released by our body and we are supposed to let it not to be stopped…

I bought 4 pieces of deodorants which only cost me $2.01 a piece but the shipping for each is $4.99. Heck, if I don’t need it, I would pay for such choking shipping fee.

 photo ship_zps252e9769.png

 photo 319Z9FxH7tL_zps54bf3b4e.jpg


Because I have PUR Attitude

Blessed are the women who have PUR attitude just like me! I couldn’t be more thankful when I received this set of skin care products in the mail one day sent to me by my good long time friend David Pollock – a true beauty expert. I have been using his line of products for two weeks now and the very day I started using it, I loved it right there and then.

You know I will be turning 30 years old in June and I somehow have this impression that a woman turns 30 she will then develop or show signs of fine wrinkles especially in the eye area, that is exactly my worries although I am not so vocal about it but deep in my mind, I am wondering how am I going to keep my face younger looking, a skin that doesn’t show my age. PUR attitude is the answer. Just minutes after putting on the products starting with fountain of youth serum, followed by 3-piece skin essentials kit except for a facial rice wash as I usually put them on right after shower, I could feel my skin is tightening, leaves me fresh and clean feeling. Unlike other facial moisturizers, they often give me a greasy feeling.

Using PUR attitude line of products give me confidence that I got the right skin care for my age and the fact that each of the product is made with pure 100% ingredients and fragrance free, ah I feel I could stay young-looking for a few more years.

If you want to know more about these awesome products I am talking about, you may want to watch the embedded video below brought to you by the founder himself or you may explore the website by clicking on any of those links above.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I highly recommend PUR attitude to everybody.


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Receive Your Free Toe Juice Product and Hand Sanitizer


Look what I got in the mail? It’ TOE JUICE and a hog wash sanitizer. They both belong to skin care products that is proven to be effective for a large variety of uses. Check out the list below and see if you or any of your family has the following skin condition.

This is great for my feet, I have flaking, dry feet and my husband has psoriasis. Its effectiveness will be proven to us when we begin applying it onto our skin and see the result in a couple of days.

GET YOUR FREE BOTTLE OF TO JUICE NOW PEOPLE WHILE IT IS STILL AVAILABLE AT TOEJUICE.COM. If you wish to buy more in the future after testing one bottle of toe juice, just look at it at your favorite local pharmacies and grocery stores.
Athletes foot
Cold Sores
Foot Problems
Insect Bites
Jock Itch
Jungle Rot
Misc. Skin Irritation

Hog Wash is an alcohol based hand sanitizer infused with DermaVine®. Unlike common hand
sanitizers Hog Wash® promotes soft healthy skin rather than over drying your hands.

Got Whiteheads?

Got whiteheads? I don’t. Luckily I don’t have skin problems especially on face. Bot for those who are dealing so much of whiteheads, learn how to get rid of whiteheads. I know it is so annoying having any of those dilemma but you can do something about it at least lessen the infection and maybe apply some ointment to the affected area. Here at, you will learn what are those products that would work on your whiteheads before they turn into pimples. Having those doesn’t show of a healthy skin so you better cure them before they get worse.

Nodular Acne

There are four types of severe acne, one of which is nodular acne. Cysts are relatively uncommon in acne; however, this form of severe acne is characterized by cysts, which may measure several centimeters in diameter. The nodular cyst of acne is not a true cyst—an abnormal dilatation of a normal skin structure. Acne cysts are nodules of inflammation. The cysts may arise from a papular or nodular acne lesion, or occasionally from a type of cyst that develops in the outer layer of the skin—a type of cyst not usually associated with acne. A cyst may appear to be filled with thick, yellow pus-like fluid. Information obtained from its original SOURCE.

Skin Problem

I was browsing photos of my cousin on Facebook and saw how she became into a young beautiful woman. She has the brain beauty and looks but the only thing I see a flaw in her is her face. She is having acne problems and that is very visible even just on the pictures. I wonder if she ever used best acne face wash she can find in the Philippines to lessen the breakouts? She asked me one time if I can buy here a certain acne cream which named the brand and I found it is not available or sold in the US market. I didn’t want to disappoint her but I really couldn’t find the BB cream she was talking about.