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Abercrombie Clearance Sale

To those who love wearing nice comfy tees out there, Abercrombie and Fitch clearance sale is still up. Ah they always have nice items on clearance rack and adding some more as we get into summer getting rid of the old stocks from previous months.

It is now your chance to pick that desired color of A&F tees and shirts for you. Some of the shirts were for sale for 19 and now it is down to 15.90 and 16.90 bucks! Hurry and go grab a shirt or two for you!

I bought two already and I am happy I have waited a while for prices to come down before buying or else I’ll end up buying shirts in just half the price which is still kind of pricey for me. I would suggest to shop in your local store though for if you gonna buy it online, you have to pay for the shipping which is usually higher than the items bought.

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale

Geeezzz here’s another temptation that I know of. I just received a Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale catalog today but I didn’t even take a second opening it for I know already what’s in there. Fashion, clothing, nice discounted dresses, brassieres and summer clothes are up on sale up to 50% off.The other day a Body Central catalog arrived in the mail. Hmppp as if these companies are trying to temp me with their big big sale event. I know myself, if I want it I would buy one and yet if I am not interested no matter how discounted the item is, I wouldn’t waste a penny for it.

If any of you guys who came across this blog and are interested in shopping for sexy stuff, head to Victoria’s Secret website right away and shop ’till you drop!

we need a tv stand

We need a tv stand badly. I thought my husband is weird because the other day he wanted me to put a stick behind the t.v’s feet and on top of the big wooden where it stands and it’s kinda strange. He did it so he can clearly see the t.v aside that it’s too high for us, it is not tilted enough for the pictures to see. I may have to look at tv stand very soon and surprise him with it and will not say a word whether who bought it for him.

Manolo Blahnik

I looked at pretty sandals for women at with specific brand of Manolo Blahnik and I was astounded upon seeing the price. As an average shopper, it is kind of high for me. There are this pairs that I like on sale of only 335 USD. Imagine that! If I were a celebrity, I would gladly spend that much money but I am just a poor “pamugasay” blogger.

oakley watches

The usual watch that I have been wearing for a year with interchangeable bands is getting worn out. I would love to change it with a nicer yet simple one like the ones I’ve seen on Oakley watches online store. I have two choices that caught my eyes, the blue and pink bands. They are quite pricey and since I am blogging too hard, perhaps it’s time for me to buy myself a nice watch.

sexy swimwear

I am not dreaming of wearing sexy clothes or sexy swimwear for I know I have no guts wearing them. I’ve never had a sexy body so I am not hoping to become sexy.For me sexy people that truly have something to show,then it is best for them to flaunt what they have but not in a provocative way.Wearing sexy swimwear is one way of showing their asset.

Nautica watches

It’s cool being sporty and looking sporty.If you love wearing Nautica brand of clothing,then you should love wearing Nautica watches too to complete your wardrobe.You can look for a wide variety of styles and design for Nautica watches from casual or every day wear watch at Nobody beats this company when it comes to selling watches.They do have tons of different name brands of watches to choose from also.

MBT Shoes

Do you want to wear a cool looking pair of shoes for women? Look for MBT shoes when you are to shop for a new pair of shoes for you or for gifts. MBT shoe,the anti shoe.Search for it at,choose different sizes,styles and colors.No sales tax and free shipping.What do you waiting for? Shop now and enjoy the cool and comfortable shoes you can ever have in your life.

gold anklet

I do indulge in genuine jewelry.White gold is my preference or sometimes I buy gold ones but I have to make sure that it will compliment to my tan skin. I am looking for a gold anklet in the local jewelry shop and can’t find the specific anklet I want.I could probably get it online at website has tons of designs of jewelry to choose from.