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Treasures I Found

When you hear the word thrift store or donation center, what comes to your mind? FREE, right? Donated things from people who don’t want them in their house anymore. Yes, that’s what those shops are for. In order to generate revenue they sell those items for a very low cost.
But don’t you know, there you can find great brand names of clothing, children’s toys, household items, shoes, handbags etc.? You may think stuff that are usually being donated are junks, but hey let me clear this up to you, it might be junks to other people but to some it will be a treasure. And don’t you know often those stores have also new unpacked or in original package items sold for a fraction of a cost in regular stores?
There is a Goodwill store near us just outside the village and I go to there once in a while. Out of boredom I visit the store just to escape the house just for for an hour not knowing or expecting what I can find in there. Examples of my last purchase 2 weeks ago are photos below.

…….. lucky is my girl she saw this unopened/unused fancy tea set for just $5.35 normally sells for $11-$19 in almost all stores.

…… this cute eyelet halter top was below $2 and a pair of brown pants for $1.49… and take note, they are new but without its original tag… I scored great on those ones, shopping is amazing!

……..and lastly the pretty copper home decor basket for $3.55 .I thought it was pretty when I first saw it so I never let it go…
SHOPPING TIPS: When going to Goodwill or other thrift stores, be open because you will never know what you can find in store… could be a leather jacket from DKNY or a Coach handbag lol…

Hunting For Deals?

One can be stylish and fashionable without spending too much on a dress. If a shopper knows what she wants and where to buy trendy clothing, she should know the big difference of prices of each store. For instance, this embroidery print tank dress above at Body Central cost $19.80 for a full price. One of my friends bought exactly the same dress only black in color at their outlet store for $9.99 clearance price. 
On the other hand, Abercrombie sell the same dress (although they differ in materials used in this clothing and quality) for a staggering price of $68 and the sale price (you wanna guess?), it will cost you $34.   Now the important question is, would you spend that much money on a dress at Abercrombie or would you rather save some bucks and shop at a cheaper retail store? Besides, when you wear a more expensive dress nobody or no one knows you’re wearing a designer dress. It depends how a person carries her clothes no matter what the price is.