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Year-end Deals

In America, people tend to be busy looking for deals and steals on or after Christmas. Whether online or in-stores, a never-ending deals are expected but it is up to you whether to be tempted to go on a shopping splurge or not. Depends mainly on the budget of a person if she goes shop and drop.

As for me, although I have everything I need as of this moment, I still shop here and there but with limitation and if I have great coupons/gift cards to use.

First photo is the Clinique lipstick set I purchased on December 23,2016. Sold for $25 online and used $15 worth of Macy’s money/gift card, final out of pocket is $11.81 and it’s free shipping. Plus I earned 75 cents for shopping thru ebates before going to the retailer’s website. You should do that too because, ebates cashback can add up.

Second photo is the Victoria’s Secret gift set I bought in-store for 65% off. The pouch with mist and lotion, originally sold for $20, got it for $7, the big gift set was $35, came down to $12 plus. I used my $15 gift reward from them for reaching my minimum points. Ended up paying just $4.80 for both gift sets!

 photo deals_zpsuefakfpe.jpg

Mommy, the Girls and their Summer Dresses

Here are recent photos of me and my girls. They were taken at the Fair Park in Dallas last Saturday right by the entrance. We received a compliment from an older woman when we were at the park because of the  matching summery dresses we wore that day. She said, we looked cute and that our dresses matched and blended with the colors of the cabana and colorful rides in that place.

I think the only thing I like about summer is that we get to wear nice summery, comfortable, stylish and colorful dresses that best suited for the season. Take note, dresses are easy to put on and doesn’t need to spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to match your outfit with other accessories. Besides, dresses if you are not brand conscious are easy to find and are cheaper to buy.

I am not the most fashionable girl you will see on the street but rest assured, the dresses or outfit I am wearing aren’t complicated and would look good on me.

 photo adventure006_zpsef84e482.jpg
 photo adventure039_zps52cd2fee.jpg
…at 30, I should take care of myself not just for my husband and other people but for myself. Having two children already and weighing 96 pounds, towering a height of 5’1″ isn’t bad at all.

Protect Your Eyes


Too much of everything is bad. Too much money can turn a person into evil. Too much sun can cause people sunburn and worse cancer. It is always good to take things in moderation. Therefore, getting moderate sun tanning should be observed this Summer. I know a lot of us are heading out to the beach and get that natural tanning that we get free from the sun. Just keep your skin protected though by applying ample amount of sunscreen with SPF 30 if possible and apply it every a few hours. And to protecting your eyes against the sun, wear the appropriate protective gear, a pair of sunglasses that could cover your entire eyes, this is to prevent your eyelids as well from getting eyelids sunburn.

Talking about getting out in the sun, I am excited for a birthday party tomorrow. Not only I can get out of the house, I can also test my courage for yet another long distance driving. God keep us safe and guide my hands, mind and foot while behind the wheels so we arrive to our destination safe and sound. I got our towels, pair of sunglasses, sundress, swimsuits, camera and GPS ready for tomorrow’s event. I am anxious for it and also to have a long chit chat with friends.

I Missed The Sun

It’s only 44 degrees Fahrenheit outside and guess what? It’s gonna get warmer as we get to the afternoon so my plan is to take a walk outside with my little girl and the dog. The weather in our place has been good since yesterday, might as well take advantage of the sunny skies and pleasant temperature these days for we will never know it might suddenly change to being bitterly cold.
I missed the sun so much that I feel so alive when I am outside feeling the heat that penetrates into my skin. I would be so lucky if I’ll be able to walk in the neighborhood today because this is one of the things I missed about being home in Texas. The nice landscapes, houses, nice pavement and etc that can only be seen around here. So later folks, you all have a nice Sunday and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

So Hot

I went outside this morning but I didn’t stay long. I wouldn’t go out if I have no important things to do but I did anyway to water the flowers in our front yard. They are wilting for they have not been watered for 5 days. Even if it was only at ten in the morning, the heat was almost bearable.
Hmmm Texas weather! I hate it to be honest for it gives me headache when I am exposed to the heat for long hours. Seems like I am not the only one complaining the heat, like everyone else they too wanting to cool off a little bit. The only thing that can help us deal with this heat is an occasional rain in Summer.

Spring Blooms

This is what I love Spring, aside from very nice weather I can also get to see various colors of plants and trees. Seeing different colors of trees and flower blooms is refreshing. Everything seems so colorful around this time of the year and that alone makes me wanna live here forever. Proof are the photos I took yesterday of my tulips in our front porch and the big purple tree at the neighbor’s backyard.

These purple trees are all over Texas. I don’t remember seeing them last year, all I know is that they look amazing and pretty. Do you agree?

…… my hardwork of planting these tulips is paid off, now they are giving beautiful blooms
… purple tree that is so beautiful…


It is going to be our last day to be warm and sunny for this week. Tomorrow we’ll be back to wearing jammies, socks and jackets inside the house for the cold front is coming. There some chance of snow according to the weather forecast and I don’t like the idea of being cold again. Such a hassle for me for it is when the time my knuckles and soles cracked until it bleeds. I hope the coolness of temperature would only last for one day for we are planning of going to Dallas Arboretum this weekend. It would nice to go there with a beautiful weather so we can enjoy the pretty scenery of the garden. Anyways, sharing you a picture of me, Annie and our babies one sunny afternoon just so you can see how much sun we have been getting lately here in Texas.

… annie on the above picture at a mini park in EV..and below is of me and my Jadyn in the small pond around the block..

Depressing Weather

It has been raining since yesterday. I thought it was going to be sunny today but it got worse this day. So dark, kind of cool, windy and still raining. So depressing when we have a weather like this. I don’t feel like doing anything inside the house too.

I got a basket full of dirty clothes waiting on me, floor to sweep and kitchen to clean. I haven’t started any of these chores because I feeeel so lazy right now. All I wanna do is snuggle in bed all day, eat, computer and watch t.v. Does anyone out there wanna help me with my chores? Raise your right foot!

Jadyn and The Snow

These photos were taken earlier today when the snow just started pourin’ that is why it looks so thin on the ground. I wasn’t able to take pictures of her when it was 4 inches thicker for she took her nap and I thought that it would be a torture for her if I did because the wind was blowing so hard.

It’s not much but it’s good enough. Better to have some than not having anything at all. When the snow got 4 inches thick it was dark already so tomorrow when I wake up I am hoping it will still be there so I can play some more.

Gorgeous Color

You might be wondering where I got these pictures knowing that we are now experiencing cold temperature almost everyday? Well, we went to San Antonio last weekend and you may not know, it is a lot warmer there than where we live. Even I, was amazed upon seeing these trees still having their colorful leaves and looks like they just started to fall.

…. the fallen leaves I took, can’t resist the beauty of the leaves as they were just pretty so I took a snap of it as a souvenir.