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Abercrombie And Fitch’s 40% Sale On Hoodies and 50% On Jeans

Do you guys love shopping at this popular brand of clothing called Abercrombie and Fitch? They currently offer 40% off on their hoodies online and in store, offer ends tomorrow as well as 50% off on jeans for men and women. Hurry now for it is the last day of their jeans sale. You don’t wanna miss this out, do you?

I always love how soft and comfortable A&F’s material used in their clothing but I can only buy one or two tees at a time when they are on sale because they are a bit pricey for me if I buy them in original price.

I Just Saved $5 On Infant Formula

Weew what a deal. I just saved $5 on infant formula for buying two cans of Enfamil online at Babies “R” Us. They are having a promotion on selected items when you buy two, you’ll save 5 dollars. I took advantage of it because I rarely see this kind of promotion in stores. And take note, it is available online only plus the fact that you cannot avail the deal if you go to the website directly, you have to have that promotion mail they sent you in your personal inbox.
Promotions like these is hard to let it go away. Baby girl is using Enfamil and luckily it is one of those that are included in the promo. A can of milk will last only for a week if I feed her formula straight and not giving her some of the breast milk.

Airport Parking Savings

It is hard to get free stuff nowadays. Every little thing, big and small would cost you money. That’s the way it is. While you are still alive, you won’t stop spending that is what I always bear in mind. Even going to the airport to fetch or pick up someone, that might cost people some money too. Why not? They will have to pay for the parking while waiting for someone you want to take home with you or when you go for travel, you drive your own car to the airport, find a parking space somewhere safe until you will return from your trip. When you exit, expect that you are going to be billed for the space used for a day or more. Mind you, they aren’t cheap that is why before your scheduled trip, take sometime to research on the internet for airport parking savings. That way it saves you a couple dollar when you are going to drop off your car to the parking at the airport.
Or an idea in order for you to save yourself from spending a penny, have someone to drive you back and forth to and from the airport. A wife, a mother, a friend or anyone who is available to do the big favor to you so that you don’t have to worry about paying for just the parking fee.