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Family Dollar Reduced Price Don’t Say What It Says

Don’t be fooled of the red sticker that says “reduced” for it is not what it always says. I am beyond disappointed to have fallen Family Dollar’s trap when I found out that their “supposed-to-be” reduced items are way higher than anywhere else.

First photo below are 19 0z. progresso soup cans, you can clearly see the red sticker on them for $1.95 each. I trusted them that I actually bought ten cans of it. I consider myself a wise shopper so I take the opportunities to save on things we use everyday or on foods. I shop to several grocery stores and remember the prices especially on progresso soup and compare their prices to Family Dollar. Man, Family Dollar is deceiving!

I visited Dollar General their price for it is $1.95, Kroger under $2 and Walmart is $1.88. Imagine, I paid full price for cans that are supposed to be on clearance. I returned 7 cans back and got refunded for it. I am thankful I did that because, I scored a great deal on these soups at Walmart, was $1.88 down to 75 cents each. Can you imagine the difference there?

I promised to myself that I will never shop ever again at FAMILY DOLLAR, they do have higher prices there plus they deceive customers for being dishonest on their prices. When I returned the cans I wished the cashier have asked me the reason for returning them, I could have told her that I paid full price for their clearance items.

 photo progresso_zpsf1f5b765.jpg

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Olay Deal Round Two

I was not gonna do the Olay deal for the second time but I found out that I messed up a bit in my first haul. I misplaced the 3/$2 Olay manufacturer coupons and wasn’t able to use them previously. Good thing I found them again just before a new week starts or before Olay deals ends at CVS.

CVS was out of Olay bars so all I had left were body washes. I am not really into body washes but no choice. Six 700 ml bottles body washes for $30 and sunscreen store brand lotion, total paid $20.10 got back $10 ecb towards next purchase. That’s 67% savings there. $1.44 each bottle final price after coupons and ecb received! Not that bad!

Coupons used:
3/$2 any 2 Olay bar soap, body washes or in-shower lotions
$3 store mq Olay purchase of 15
$5 extrabucks on hand

On a lighter note, I am ready to send the mail-in-rebate for P&G beauty rebate of $50 purchase get $15. So hopefully I get more money than what I spent for these products.

 photo olay_zps4862b81e.jpg

Deals on Maybelline Cosmetics

These are just few of the items I bought for less at my favorite store today. I saved at least 86% for buying these items. Biore charcoal facial cleanser is free, it’s a trial size for $1.99 and used 1 manufacturer coupon $2. As for the Maybelline New York mascara and face powder, they are worth $12.93 including tax but I only paid $1.93 for both because of the $5 extrabucks rewards I  had, $3 worth manufacturer coupons plus a $3 store coupon off $12 Maybelline purchase. Not only that, I also got $3 ecb back. I think that’s just awesomely sweet deal right there. CVS gives back $3 this week until Saturday for any Maybelline purchase of $10.

 photo myb_zps1793f873.jpg

Beauty Products Deals Plus P&G Mail-in-Rebate

CVS trip yesterday, I paid $20.14 for all these (first photo below), got back $10.72 ecbs. The cashier messed up my other $4 store coupon so I went back there today and got refunded (cash). I should have just paid $16.14 yesterday..

Items: 6 bottles of shamp./conditioner (total of $23), glades room spray has $1 crt coupon and a printed $2 any glade products online makes them free (on sale this week $3/3), Crest mouthwash and toothpaste got them for 74 cents each, denture adhesive free after using manufacturer coupon and received ecb afterwards, jelly beans and easter eggs no coupon needed, they are a store’s offer.

 photo shamps_zpsc9a72ee5.jpg

Today’s trip was purposely to buy Olay products, I saved $42.44 or 77% after using ecbs on hand that I received from yesterday’s shopping and manufacturers coupons. I only paid $14.60 for all of the items below, got back $10 ecb. Why? CVS’ offer this week is spend $30 on Olay products get back $10. Olay Body bars/washes on sale this week 2/$10, facial cleansers and cloths for $3.99.

Plus, a future $15 mail-in-rebate from P&G buy $50 worth of Venus, Secret, Olay, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Aussie, Head and Shoulders, Vidal Sassoon, Clairol, Covergirl, Crest 3D White, Puffs, Safeguard or Ivory products. To think that I am only $8 away for my rebate, I am getting excited to get that money soon.

Wise shopper I am!

 photo olay_zpse09abf8e.jpg

Nutella Haul at Family Dollar

These are the total number of nutella jars I bought on two different trips to Family Dollar. First trip, I only bought 4 pieces, used 2 buy one get one free manufacturer coupons along with other items on sale and a $5/$25 purchase store coupon.

Second trip was this afternoon, I used 5 of BOGO coupons and a $3/$15 purchase store coupon. Nutella in Family Dollar cost more than in Walmart or other grocery stores but I bought them anyway because of the store coupon I had left. Their Valentine’s chocolate is 50% off so I bought 2 of them.. Geez… I just did the calculation, I found out that I paid 17 cents more in FD than in Walmart even if after using the store q… geeezzz sucks!

I am only keeping two of the nutella jars for my girls and the rest will be sent to the Philippines so that my family can enjoy them. Somebody told me that when you are able to buy nutella in the Philippines makes you rich because it is expensive there for common Filipinos who barely can afford a kilo of white rice.

 photo nutella_zps0cc4a304.jpg

Spam for Only 62 Cents at CVS

I found myself hooked to couponing again, when I say “hooked” meaning I think about it all the time, browsing for printable coupons online and matching up coupons I have available. Even buying a newspaper just so I can get coupons that aren’t available online.

Anyway, I did go to CVS again today and I am already planning of going back there on Wednesday because I have expiring store coupons. So this is my haul today. Will give you a breakdown below, keep reading. I am happy of what I did even though I paid out of pocket over $15.

It is never bad to keep adding items in my stockpile for home use and for my family in the Philippines, isn’t it?

 photo haul_zps6e1bc23e.jpg
I started with $5 ecb from last week’s trip. Here we go!

OOP: $16.96 (I could have paid less and have ecb left if I didn’t do transaction 4)
Total Extrabucks Received: $18

1 Culturelle Digestive Pro-biotics $10
Used $5 ecb on hand
Paid: $5
Received $10 ecb = FREE

1 Colgate toothbrush plus pen teeth whitening on sale for $10.99
Used $10 ecb from first transaction
Paid $1.07 with tax
Received $5 ecb = $3.93 

4 Spam Classic on sale @ $2.99 each (CVS promo, spend $10 on select groceries get $3 ecb)
Used 1/$1.50 on 3 Spam manufacturer coupon and $5 ecb from 2nd transaction
Paid $5.46
Received $3 ecb
($5.46 divided by 4 = $1.37 each. Subtract that with the ecb received $3 =  it’s like getting them for 62 cents each after ecb  )

2 Scott single rolls $1
3 bags of Valentine’s Hershey’s kisses @ $1.89 each
2 Store brand dish liquid det. 20 oz. @ 88 cents each
Used 1/$1 store coupon and $3 ecb from 3rd transaction
Paid $5.88 with no ECB LEFT

Couponing: My Trip to CVS on 2/12/2014

If there is a store that I frequent, it will be CVS. It’s because of their in-store coupons and their member rewards that attract me to their business. Here is my haul today and a breakdown on 4 different transactions I made in order to get a better understanding of the deals I got. I started with NO extra bucks, by the way!

OOP: $35.21
Extra Bucks Received: $13

FINAL cost of all items after rolled ecbs is $22.21. I came up with this amount after summing up all ecbs received in all 4 transactions. See below.

 photo coupon_zpsd88b164c.jpg

1 Crest Pro Health 500 ml $3.99
1 Oral B toothbrush $1.37

used 1 CVS q $1.50
Paid: $3.94
Received: $3 ecb

3 Packs Tone bar soap $1.49 each
1 CVS baby wipe $2.99
1 Dove travel size bar $1.37

used CVS q $3 and a $3 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $3.06

1 Crest Sensi-Relief Toothpaste 4.1 oz $2.74
1 Oral B toothbrush $1.37
2 Colgate mouthwash 500ml $5.99 each

Used 1/$1 mq and CVS q $3
Paid: $12.99
Received $5 ecb

1 Tide w/downy laundry det. $5.94
2 dawn dish liquid det. 97 cents each
1 Physician’s Formula Eye pencils (orig. price $11.99 with 40% off) $7.19
1 Downy softener 103 oz $12.99

used 2/.25 dawn mqs, 1/$1.50 Tide and softener mqs, 1 CVS q $7 and $5 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $15.22
Received $5 ecb

Patriotic Women’s Sweater

I purchased this USA flag sweater online two weeks ago. It is my first clothing that has an American flag in it. Surely I am going to wear it when I feel most patriotic in a certain days. I love it and it’s warm perfect for mid Fall or Winter.

When I looked at the tag sewn on the neck of this sweater, I was actually surprised to see that familiar clothing name that is sold at Macy’s. The website I bought it from isn’t a big online store nor popular but look, they carry the same clothing line as Macy’s. And you Macy’s clothing are expensive unless they are marked down or in clearance.

I should have not doubted the quality of merchandise of the online store because… they are not cheap after all although their prices are way lower than in department stores.

For just less than $10 including shipping for a gorgeous sweater like this, I think I scored a good deal on this one.

 photo us_zpsce8885d4.png

 photo us1_zps491b6716.png

CVS Deal I Made on 1/30/2014

I am into couponing as you may all know but I don’t go to the extreme. I only do it once or twice a week, that if I got really good CVS and manufacturer’s coupons or depends on my mood. Today, I went to CVS and managed to make some deals. For some, paying the amount below may still be big but for me, there is some deals there. Not much but I got pretty good deals on things we use everyday.

 photo coupon_zpse3119171.jpg
Total Cost of Items: $54.95
Extrabucks Rewards Received: $17

Final Cost of the Items after rolled and received ECBS: $10.83


1ST Transaction:
2 Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 each
used 2/$1 manufacturer’s coupons and $3 ecb on hand
Paid: .98
Received: $4 ecb

2ND Transaction:
1 Dawn Ultra dish washing liquid .99
2 Charmine Ultra Mega Packs $9.99 each
used 2/$2 Charmine manufacturer’s coupon, 1/.50 dawn mq and $4 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $13.77
Received $5 ecb

Second Card:
1ST Transaction:
2 Maybelline Elixir Lipsticks $8.99 each
used 2/$2 mq, $3 CVS coupon and $1 ecb on hand
Paid: $10.80
Received: $5 ecb

2ND Transaction:
2 Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotions $6 each
used 2/$1 mq, $2 CVS coupon and $5 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $3.25
Received: $3 ecb

I still got total $8 ecb left for next CVS shopping.. Yeehaw!

Taking Advantage of Puma Sale

It is not everyday I see some really deep discounts on name brand shoes and if I do, I try to take advantage of it. I bought a pair of Puma running shoes to give to my husband for Christmas, I bought the pair for only $24 plus. It came in the mail and looks pretty, I hope he likes the color I picked for him though, it is burgundy and I am not sure if he finds it nice.

Last week, I bought another at least three pair of the same brand on Puma website since they still have the sale going on and the free shipping offer. 3 Pairs and a tee for me total a little over $100 but, I did not pay that amount because I got an additional 30% of from them (get additional 30% off entire purchase of $75) so my total came down to $79 and a few cents and FREE SHIPPING!

Three of my brothers will receive these awesome goodness beautiful brand new Puma shoes while the drug-addicted brother of mine that I hated so much  won’t receive shoes from me. He will drool and eat his heart out once he finds out that he has no shoes, lol.

I can’t wait for them to arrive. My husband will be shocked I ordered too many shoes this time!

 photo pisa2_zps20933d81.jpg