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GAP Dress On Sale

I bought myself a sexy yet simple dress from GAP yesterday and I am lucky I got this very last item in the store I think. After a long time of stopping myself from shopping clothes, yesterday I didn’t hesitate to buy this one for me since it is looking so pretty and have a perfect fit on my bust, waist and perfect length for a petite woman like me.It was originally 59.50 USD and I got it for 19 something bucks. Thanks to Rosalie for showing me dress, I’m loving it and I would definitely gonna wear it on our upcoming wedding anniversary!

Abercrombie Clearance Sale

To those who love wearing nice comfy tees out there, Abercrombie and Fitch clearance sale is still up. Ah they always have nice items on clearance rack and adding some more as we get into summer getting rid of the old stocks from previous months.

It is now your chance to pick that desired color of A&F tees and shirts for you. Some of the shirts were for sale for 19 and now it is down to 15.90 and 16.90 bucks! Hurry and go grab a shirt or two for you!

I bought two already and I am happy I have waited a while for prices to come down before buying or else I’ll end up buying shirts in just half the price which is still kind of pricey for me. I would suggest to shop in your local store though for if you gonna buy it online, you have to pay for the shipping which is usually higher than the items bought.