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Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Clothing Sale


I don’t normally shop at Victoria’s Secret (well except for undies and bras) for clothing for I find them too pricey even if they are on sale or 50% off. Although I browse for their clothes I never would want to buy anything from them unless I see a dress that is attractive enough for me to buy and the price would also be affordable. One for example is the same exact dress photograph above. I bought it for $9.99 that is awesomely delicious for a Chain Strap V-neck Bra Top dress that’s below ten bucks.

I was very happy to have found this red dress. I love it, the style and the material but I wished I ordered in Small size since the waist area is a little too tight for me!

A bit of information about the item lifted from the original source.

Add a little glam to every day, with goldtone hardware straps. Imported Supima® cotton/spandex.
Fit-and-flare shape
Removable pads for added lift and contouring
Made with Supima® cotton for exceptional softness
18″ from waist
Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.
Orig. $39.50 Clearance $9.99

Me Too Ladon

Love love love love these two pairs of Me Too Ladon I found on I believe I found the perfect flat shoes that I have been wanting to buy for myself for quite a while now. Honestly, I already had a pair of red stripe shoes put in the cart on the other shopping site ready to check out but for some reason something inside is stopping me from doing so.

But then when I checked out one morning, this is what I saw. A colorful cute flat shoes that I fell in love with right away. This time nothing is stopping me from buying these shoes so I did not hesitate to check out and buy them. Weeewwwwww bagnos napud ako Paypal folks tabang! I am truly happy of them though because each pair is now 80% off MSRP $89.00 and final price is $17.80. I don’t think I can find this kind of item in the mall at a lower price.

There was this other style of the same price with a bow in it but I love the rounded flower more. Take note, I didn’t pay anything for the shipping. Yes, you read it right… 6pm offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

P.S I got these shoes in the mail this afternoon and they look very pretty and classy. And I am also amazed at how fast the shipping is to think that it is free.



Snakeskin Flats That I So Love

These are just one of the items I bought at Old Navy using my coupon. I can say I am pretty good at digging deals in clearance racks in every store I go to. I am a big wearer of flat sandals or shoes and upon seeing these beautiful flats, I fell in love with them right away. Clearance price was $7.46 and used the coupon final price at check out is $5 something each pair.

I can go out walking all day wearing flats because I feel comfortable with them, they don’t give me blisters or sprain my ankles. I would prefer them over high heeled shoes for the same obvious reason. How about you? Are you a fan of flats or with heels? Do you find Old Navy’s products to be of good quality or affordable?

People Wearing Eyeglasses Are Smart

I just had my eyes checked this morning and I am glad there wasn’t any sign of defect or blurred vision detected during the test. I dread wearing eyeglasses for the reason that I would look ten years older than my age or maybe not. Perhaps, I can choose for that perfect eyeglass frames that would fit or look good in my face profile. I know time will come that the need for wearing eyeglasses is necessary. For the meantime, I just have to take good care of my eyes, rest when they feel tired and take frequent breaks from the computer.

Anyway, I always have good impressions on people that wear eyeglasses, they tend to be smart and intelligent. My husband for one, he wears reading glasses or when driving. He is known to be quiet yet very well-read and smart. I call him, Mr. Genius. I thought he looked good with his glasses and honestly, I admire how good-looking he is that I can’t stop staring at him (laugh out loud).

For those of you out there who are looking forward to changing old nerdy looking frames that you have been using into a new fashionable and stylish one, you can very well do it and make sure you buy frames and order glasses from or if you need new lenses, take advantage of the current sale 50% off lenses at

They carry tons of brands such as Oakley, Converse, Penguin, Perry Ellis, Spy and a whole lot more. Or to make your shopping easy and fast, you can either shop by brand, by style, by type, by material, by color and by size. Check them out now.

I Got Tons Of Aeropostale Tees

I can say I am most comfortable wearing tees during my normal days. I got tons of t-shirts and my preferred brands are Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Guess. However, I owned most number of Aeropostale tees because they are very affordable when they offer mark down sales of their clothing.

I am known to my friends being a wise shopper and coupon maniac for I never buy stuff unless I have coupons to use or they are on sale. I love that there are Aeropostale coupon codes available on the internet that I could use to shop both online and in the mall. Coupon sites like CouponCodes4u is such a great site to be getting an Endless coupon code in order to save some money when shopping.

Guys you have no idea how I happy I am to have found these websites. Next time I shop for tees, I would definitely use their coupons because of the savings! This is what I love about browsing on the internet for I find helpful coupon sites that let me save bucks.

Coach Handbags Sale Online

It is the second day of Coach’s sale online. I used to be so excited and thrilled if given the invitation from them in my mail but in my case right now, aside from being low on budget, I am just pretty busy to even peek or browse their handbags. I did a quick look yesterday though but that was it.

I saw there wasn’t much going on except those handbags that customers think are pretty good deal were sold out. Maybe next time I will buy one that if I can sell these two brand new Coach handbags I have that I purchased last month.

I don’t know why I am having a hard time selling them, I thought they would sell as soon as I posted them on Craigslist. I might try posting them in my other blog with good traffic, who knows one of the bloggers would be interested in buying one.

GAP Dress On Sale

I bought myself a sexy yet simple dress from GAP yesterday and I am lucky I got this very last item in the store I think. After a long time of stopping myself from shopping clothes, yesterday I didn’t hesitate to buy this one for me since it is looking so pretty and have a perfect fit on my bust, waist and perfect length for a petite woman like me.It was originally 59.50 USD and I got it for 19 something bucks. Thanks to Rosalie for showing me dress, I’m loving it and I would definitely gonna wear it on our upcoming wedding anniversary!

Abercrombie Clearance Sale

To those who love wearing nice comfy tees out there, Abercrombie and Fitch clearance sale is still up. Ah they always have nice items on clearance rack and adding some more as we get into summer getting rid of the old stocks from previous months.

It is now your chance to pick that desired color of A&F tees and shirts for you. Some of the shirts were for sale for 19 and now it is down to 15.90 and 16.90 bucks! Hurry and go grab a shirt or two for you!

I bought two already and I am happy I have waited a while for prices to come down before buying or else I’ll end up buying shirts in just half the price which is still kind of pricey for me. I would suggest to shop in your local store though for if you gonna buy it online, you have to pay for the shipping which is usually higher than the items bought.