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Guilty Pleasure


I thought I wouldn’t be tempted today but geeeezzz I found myself checking out at earlier tonight. I started browsing this morning, put two items in the cart and left it like that for hours to pick up my pre-schooler. I did not shut down my computer though so when we got home from the park, that very same website I left earlier was still there… so I browsed again and finally CHECKED OUT.

In my mind, why not? It’s a deal… the original price of those items are $24.50 and on sale for $19.90 plus 30% off entire purchase which brought the price down to $11 plus and the site offers FREE SHIPPING, bought two 3/4 sleeves tees in dark pink and gray! That’s what got me, the free shipping deal. Instead of going to the mall, why not do it online where I don’t have to burn my gas plus I do it in private although admittedly I could have had several choices of items in store…. but I doubt if they have the same deal there as what CYBER MONDAY offers?

I honestly feeling guilty right now for having spent $25 on clothing for myself today. I know it doesn’t sound much to you but I feel like I have been spending so much lately instead of saving my money.

Trendy Turquoise Earrings


With great sales starting now in almost all online stores, searching for that very gift for yourself can be overwhelming. I don’t have to search for it, I let those great coupon websites bring in the nice and trendy selection of womanly items into my mailbox and if I like it, I’ll buy it just like this trendy turquoise earrings pictured above for $5.99 I can now have this beautiful pair plus it ships free. I know that I love earrings and for that I deserve to have this inexpensive earrings.

Neon Colorblock Dress


I bought this online in medium size, I am selling it for only $18 free shipping within US. If small was available, I would definitely keep one for me but sad to say, it was no longer available when I opened the website.

If anybody out there interested in buying this dress, please leave me a message. Two pieces available as of now. This is just gorgeous that is why I am selling it for I know my customers would love to have this dress.

Be Stylish And Fashionable For Less


It is very common for celebrities shopping for a high-end fashion that are way too pricey because they do have more than they can afford for expensive stuff. But for  the common people like me, I would always go for cheaper ones and buy middle brands instead because that is what I can only afford to have. Aside from them being affordable, the quality is good and can last for a lifetime if you handle your things carefully.

To be stylish and fashionable don’t have to be expensive. As they say, it is not how much you paid for your clothes but how well you carry them. Besides, there are a lot of ways in order to save some money when shopping and be able to afford the latest trends without compromising your budget.

Looking for coupons and deals online should not be difficult to do. It only requires a bit of time and patience so that you can buy the things you want at lower prices. In fact, you can buy what you need using discount codes in almost anything nowadays. It is all up to the person whether he/she wants to save or not. For sure, so many people would want that. I want to save some money too, who doesn’t?

Stocking Up For The Rainy DaysWith Discount Codes

God knows how much I wanted to engage in couponing. I tried but it seems like I am not understanding any of it. Using coupons when shopping truly saves us a lot of money especially in groceries. I know a few people use coupons so much and displaying their bargains on Facebook just makes me so jealous of them for what they do. Most of the time they get items like every day items and body care products for free. They get them free after using coupons they found online or in Sunday newspaper.

One woman who is now into extreme couponing already stocked up tons of items in her house. I saw her pictures and man, she looks like she owns a grocery store now. It really is a good idea using coupons every time we shop and stock up on items we use everyday for when rainy season days come, we are all prepared and need not worry of shortage of supplies for we know we got enough of them.

I really would like to study about couponing and learn about Discount code 2012 too. If other people can do it, I believe I can do it too. All I need to do is be motivated and be patient in finding those useful coupons. Walgreens is one of the pharmacies where most people buy their medications and other home items. Therefore, using Walgreens discount codes would be great to save more. I know Walgreens offer tons of deals and savings in their store but using codes when shopping there could save us even more money. At the end of the day, you will know, you get some stuff for free after using their coupons and taking advantage of the store’s deals.

A lot of stores online now offer free shipping deals with the use of coupons. If you plan of doing an online shopping today or soon, please check out the above links and browse for stores that offer these deals. Remember to spread the words so your friends can avail these coupons too. has all the stores, brands and categories you can imagine so please visit there now.

Shoesday Tuesday: Cute Flat Shoes Up To 65% Off At Macy’s


These are my recent purchase of shoes at Macy’s last week. They were both in the clearance rack and got them for $31.52. I usually buy my shoes at DSW shoe warehouse but since I had the chance to look at Macy’s shoes and actually found a much cheaper pair of shoes, I took advantage of it and used my $10 off coupon.

There were a couple pairs of wedges and high-heeled sandals that were affordable too but I went for flat shoes. I do have kids and I will be more comfortable walking around carrying a baby wearing flat shoes. I guess I will only shop for high heels once baby Megan would no longer want to be carried by mommy.

I so love clearance sales and flat shoes. Do you?

Best Canadian Online Coupons

Just weeks away my first born will start Pre-K. I am sure going to be a busy mom of two soon. I am excited sending her to school for the first time at the same I am kind of nervous. Just like other moms out there, I think it is normal for me to feel this way. So many what if’s that would only be answered once Jadyn will start going in her first day of class. Whatever happens, I believe she will do good in school.

She likes to be around with other kids and is no longer shy approaching them for the first time. I think she had practiced well enough that she is now confident making new friends. My only hope that she is not going to be bullied in school. That is my greatest fear for my child, you know?

Speaking about schooling, I have not bought her a backpack and lunch containers. That will be in my to-do-list this weekend. I want her to be ready and so as her stuff. I guess I still have plenty of time searching for Back to School Coupons before heading out to the store or doing online shopping.

We all need to save some money when buying for school stuff, right? So here, is where we can find great deals on school stuff. is the perfect site to be looking for coupons and deals. This website is known for the best way to search for Canadian online coupons. Apple Store Coupons are even available for those who are buying any Apple products for their kids.

Not only you can find Apple or school coupons here but other popular brands too such as; GAP, BesyBuy, Newegg,, HP, Walmart, Costco, Sears, Lenovo, Dell, The Children’s Place, Staples and many others! Please checkout this coupon website people and I hope you can score deals on thousands of stores listed on their site by using their coupons. You can also check out the hot coupons, new coupons and most of all, follow them on twitter so you will be the first one to know their coupons and deals.

Store Closing: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Great Finds Sunday

Just you know guys, this is my first time joining this meme. I love the idea of this meme for I’ll be able to share my great finds too which a lot of people can relate especially when it comes to shopping… for clothes!

A blogger friend of mine, author of My Rendezvous is like a blessing in disguise to me because if it wasn’t because of her, we weren’t be both so lucky for getting such a huge deal in clothing last Thursday. It was our third time seeing each other and this time we both agreed that we will meet at the mall.

5.7.9 store nearby is closing and they are letting their items go. Grabi nangabuang mi’g kajut sa mga baligya, wa na hapit ka pili tungod sa kadaghan nindot nya very marked down pa jud ang prices. But since I didn’t expect to find such a bargain I only had limited money and just bought six items. Excuse my writing for I can’t express myself enough in English lol. Would you believe if I tell you I only paid $21.89 for all six items pictured above? I so wanted to go back there but the thought of towing my girls along with me going out is such a hard work.

Multicolor Wedges


I hate it when I see something on the internet that is pretty especially if it’s a pair of wedges that is just so freaking cute and attractive. My conscience tested when it comes to things like these because it is either I just let my addiction rule over me or I stop myself from purchasing these cute wedges I found on

Cute item plus affordable price are just hard to resist I tell you. Not to mention it is free shipping and no tax. Tell me, how can you ever dodge from putting this in your cart? Photo above is a pair I keep looking since this morning, it is $19.99 a pair and absolutely love this multicolor straps!

Hey I tell you, although I’ve been eyeing this pair for days now, I’m still not putting this in the cart that means I am strong enough to say NO to this!

Glitter Leopard Silver Round Watch With Rubber Band

I promised that I will stop spending money online shopping anymore but guess what? I am eating my words. Every time I see cheap stuff on, I can’t help but check out. Humok ug ilong is me!
My latest purchase is this cute and fashionable leopard print Geneva watch for ten bucks plus shipping equals 12 bucks in total. Let’s the quality when it arrives soon. But I guess this is going to be the last for now. I would wait a bit longer before doing online shopping again…


The leopard print face on this watch creates fun and whimsy. Add in some sparkle with the cubic zirconia rhinestones around the watch bezel and you will definitely be smiling as you check the time. The rubber band strap makes the watch super comfortable, yet has the look of the classic linked band. Want to know more? • Geneva watch with analog display • Manual adjust and wind dial • Available in black, brown, grey, pink and white