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Tacori Engagement Rings by Haig Tacorian

Tacori is named after a man Haig Tacorian, the patriarch of the Tacorian Family that made the Tacori engagement rings reflecting his artistry and passion. He and his wife Gilda immigrated from Europe in 1969 and brought with him unique skills and vision paving his way for phenomenal success in the world of fine jewelry design. In short, he is the man behind or is the creator of the business Tacori engagement ring and jewelry. However, Tacorians are now taking the company to new heights although the man, Haig is still very much involved in the business he created until today.

When we hear the name Tacori, people especially women get excited due to the fact that it is one of the most important names in the designer jewelry world and their rings are by far the most sought after in the market, and are especially popular with young couples in the process of tying the knot.

Women who get to own a Tacori jewelry especially engagement and wedding rings feel pride in their valuable possession, not only they are meaningful to them but also the fact that all Tacori jewelry is made in America– handcrafted in California by some of the finest jewelers in the world just wonderful. They know that by wearing one of their jewelry, they are wearing that finest with care and attention to detail inspired by Haig’s original version so they feel they are far more lucky than those that wear the not-so-known brand jewelry.

If you are a man and think now is the time to get engaged with your long time girlfriend, you may visit their website either by clicking the link above or visit the Houston showroom through this link that if you live in the city or nearby areas. By visiting their showroom personally, you get to see their products and meet their experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff that help you choose the right ring for you to buy. This venue is especially designed for clients like you intended for a specialized experience!

Or if you don’t have the time for now, you may explore their website and check their custom design through their Whiteflash or request your own design. Not only that, there are a lot of things you can do there too such as searching for engagement rings in different settings; solitaire settings, three stone settings, diamond settings, designer rings, wedding sets and lastly, design your own ring.

Personally, I prefer if I were to buy a ring or two, I would love to have the chance of designing my own ring. But it really depends on the person, some are easy to please and would be happy to receive a rock from you and others are kind of picky.

Photo embedded below is that very special engagement ring I found which I think is special and would look good in any woman’s finger. It is an 18k White Gold Tacori Ribbon Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Ring which cost $2,980 and it can be set with Round or Princess.

 photo tacori_zps018e2892.png

Pure White Palladium Rings

I have seen a lot of people recently with palladium wedding bands. I really like that they are pure. In fact they are almost 100 percent but 95 percent pure. I had a white gold ring that I wore for a number of years. It has really faded from white to a not so attractive yellow color. I am so tempted to go out and replace the white gold ring with a palladium ring. It would look much better in my opinion.
One thing I really like about them is they aren’t as soft as silver. Silver looks real good but the metal of it just bends too easily for my liking. My dad hit his silver ring on something hard and it has never been the same. It hasn’t been a complete circle since. Ever since these wedding bands palladium have come out I have wanted one. Especially after I did some research on palladium it feels like it would be right for me.