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3 Things to Ask About Your Cosmetic Laser

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a cosmetic laser, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying and what kind of use you can get out of it. Here are just three questions to ask about your purchase.

1. What services can I perform with it?

Don’t be satisfied with a label that says “skin restoration laser” or “Q switch laser.” Dig deeper into the product information and figure out the specifics of what it can do. Does it remove tattoos? Can it reduce the appearance of acne? Is it certified for melasma treatments?

2. Can I trust the manufacturer?

Everything sounds good on paper, but real life is another story. Make sure the manufacturers have a trustworthy reputation in the industry. You’d be surprised by how many brand names are actually notorious for bad shipping practices or stingy warranties.

3. Is it within my price range?

Keep in mind that the listed price of your cosmetic laser won’t necessarily be its final price. You might also have to pay for shipping, assembly or installation costs. You’ll need to get it regularly maintained, too, so factor that into your budget as well.

These are just three things you should ask yourself about cosmetic lasers before swiping your credit card. They’re costly investments, so it’s worth the trouble of double- and triple-checking to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Maxasorb D3 and B12, My New Beauty Regimen

I received these two products from Tomoson for free in exchange of my honest opinions. All opinions are mine!

So I have been using these two awesome skin products called Maxasorb B12 and D3 on my arms and legs. I notice significant improvement of my ever dry skin for just two weeks of using them everyday. My skin are now smoother than ever.

I like these products because they are made with natural ingredients, no greasy feeling, unscented, formulated without parabens which gives me confidence what I am using is free of harmful chemicals which is very bad for my health. Since these products don’t specifically say for face, hand or body, I just apply them on my arms and legs pumped out together and apply both at once.

Maxasorb D3 promotes a healthy heart, strong bones, and an improved immune system while the B12 serum provides maximum absorption and is hypo-allergenic. And most of all, it is made in the USA.

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Bold Fashion Brands Emerge in the 3D Printing Era

To celebrate Milan Design Week, United Nude founder Rem D Koolhaas (nephew of the famous architect) wanted to make a 3D-printed statement. He asked five industrial designers and architects — such as Zaha Hadid, Fernado Romero, and Michael Young — to use their fabrication skills for high-fashion platform shoes, and each of them came up with something completely original. Like the kind of conceptual collections you see during Fashion Week, Koolhaas wanted to strike a balance between wearable shoes and abstract art. Although these gutsy designs can’t be printed at home, United Nude have also shared Koolhaas’ “Float” shoe as a free download. Meanwhile, the Nooka brand has been taking risks in the wristwatch category, with some futuristic printed bands in patterns like honeycomb and wave. To realize these designs, 3D Systems lent the help of their selective laser sintering machines, which are more efficient than typical extrusion methods. Below, you’ll find more examples of fashion brands adding 3D printers to their arsenal.

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Seafood 101: Tips for Buying the Best

Almost everybody loves seafood, right? Whether you pair yours with a great steak and call it surf and turf, or you like your seafood as the star of the meal, you can’t really beat premium seafood for lunch or dinner.

However, if you’re like a lot of people you aren’t quite sure how to pick out the best seafood. It doesn’t have to be a struggle though, and you don’t have to just guess and hope you get lucky.

Use this guide to help you pick out the best seafood no matter what you like.

Buy Local

Whether you live near the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, chances are there’s a body of water near you. The seafood that comes out of that water is often going to be your best bet when it comes to getting fresh, high-quality food that you’re really going to enjoy.

If you’re not sure what’s local to your area you may want to talk with your local fishmonger or somebody in the area who knows. That way you can pick the best, freshest fish and seafood all of the time.

Choose Reputable Suppliers

Buying local seafood isn’t always possible, especially if you want a certain variety. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to seafood that isn’t good though.

It does mean that you need to choose reputable suppliers for your seafood purchases. Only buy from a company that chooses high-quality seafood to sell to their customers.

Willow Tree Figurines Celebrate Emotions

The Willow Tree collection has a large variety of new and old favorite delicate resin figures hand-crafted and individually painted by Susan Lordi from her original clay sculptures. They convey universal emotions and tenderness through elegance and simplicity and are meant to become touching keepsakes.

Willow Tree statues show that how much you truly care about a person and appreciate the love in return. The figurines also commemorate happiness, promise, friendship and other special emotional moments in a person’s life.

These statuettes make perfect gifts for special occasions where you want to convey “I love you”. They are also a unique way to decorate the home of the recipient or of an avid Willow Tree collector and create a series of outstanding figures in an unusual and gorgeous montage.

Surrounded By Love

Specifically created for Mother’s Day in 2010, this is for mothers of all ages and in all stages of motherhood or grandmotherhood and including expectant mothers-to-be. A young woman holds a brightly colored bouquet of flowers that remind her of the love that surrounds her from close family and friends. Of course, this will last much longer than living floral arrangements and will give a permanent spiritual lift.

Close To Me

Women play important roles in influencing lives throughout their years, and this statue conveys that bond with the motto “Apart or together, always close to me.”

Guardian Musical

A mother is holding her baby while she sits on top a musical box that plays Brahm’s “Lullaby”.

Other Statues

Additional ones include a cake topper commemorating a wedding promise or a landmark anniversary and an angel wearing a crown of hearts on her head. All the cherished figurines can be kept for many years.

Exquisite Reproduced Watches

Beautifully crafted men’s and women’s classic vintage watch reproductions look amazingly like the original antique watches of the 1920s through the 1950s with their air of sophistication and elegance and offering a “small work of art” in each timepiece.

Vintage luxury designs were originally extremely popular with trendsetters and Hollywood movie stars, and their outstanding fashion sense has never gone out of style.

Imagine owning an affordable reproduction of a piece of history that will glamorize the wrist in a spectacular and affordable alternative without a classic timepiece enthusiast having to spend a fortune for the original watches that are so difficult to find and thus are very expensive.

The smallest gorgeous craftsmanship and quality details of the collectible timepieces are replicated. A 23 karat gold plate alloy is formulated to match the color of the gold alloy that was used in the early to mid 1900s. In the gold-plated stainless steel or polished stainless steel cases, add exceptional dials and crystals, second-hand sub-dials, individually stamped numerals and markers, fancy lugs and more.

A major benefit is that each timepiece has the convenience of a modern day battery powered precision quartz movement, straps of genuine leather, and carries a two-year limited warranty.

Every timepiece is beautifully presented in a lacquered wood display case to create a perfect gift for a loved one for any type of special occasion.

The Benefits and Details of a Mystery Shopping Job

A few months ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to earn money taking on mystery shopping jobs. I had no idea at the time why anyone would pay me to shop anywhere, but I was definitely interested in hearing what she had to say.

“It’s fun,” she said. “Businesses contract with the mystery shopper company to send people into stores and restaurants to report on their experiences there. This helps business owners know where their companies need to improve, as well as where they outshine the competition.”

I decided to try this unusual way to make money and here is what I learned:

It’s Important to Pay Attention

In order to do well on a mystery shopping job, you must take mental notes of everything you see and hear. Pay attention to the names of the employees you encounter. What was their general appearance? Were they neat, courteous, and helpful?

Then be aware of the store itself. Is it clean? Are the products easy to find and well labelled? If you’re sent to a restaurant, how was the food? Did you like the customer service?

It doesn’t take long to get may take long to get good at this job; most of us pay attention to these things anyway.

You Are Reimbursed for Your Purchase

Details of the purchasing experience are important to the business owner. How long did you wait in line? Was the cashier friendly? Was your purchase rung up accurately?

Keep the receipt of your purchase and submit it to your mystery shopper company for reimbursement. Be aware that certain expenses, such as travel costs and tips, may not be eligible for reimbursement. Ask about your company’s policy.

Complete Your Report Quickly and Thoroughly

The mystery shopper company that hired you will give you a report form to fill out. The more details you provide, the happier the business client will be. He or she will use the information to understand his or her business from a customer’s point of view.

If you work with a reputable company, such as Above Benchmark in Brisbane, you’ll never be asked to pay a fee to work for them or to be given mystery shopping jobs.


Mystery shopping is a unique and interesting way to earn money. If you live in the Brisbane area, contact Above Benchmark about applying for assignments. You can learn more about this highly recommended company at .

3 Tips for Buying a Tuxedo Shirt

Despite their name, tuxedo shirts don’t have to be worn with a tuxedo. They can also be paired with all kinds of formal and semi-formal outfits, making them a great investment for both the workplace and the country club.

But what if you’ve never purchased tuxedo shirts before? What if you need a buyer’s guide to the style? Here are just three tips for getting your money’s worth in tuxedo shirts.

1. Shop By Gender

A womens tuxedo shirt is different than a man’s tuxedo shirt. They have variations in the arms, chest and neck area. Whether you’re shopping for male or female formal wear, make sure you’re shopping in the right department.

2. Note the Collars

Spread collars fold over the sides of a tie. Wing collars allow the tie to be seen around the entire neck. If you’re buying a tuxedo shirt for work, they may have specific rules about which kind of collar is allowed.

3. Think About Color

While most tuxedo shirts are white, they can also come in every color of the rainbow. If you want to make a splash at your next big event, consider investing in a pink, yellow or light blue tuxedo shirt.

These are just three things to keep in mind while purchasing tuxedo shirts. Whether you’re buying them for work, recreation or a combination of the two, it’s important that you buy something made of the highest quality and construction. A poorly-made tuxedo shirt is practically an oxymoron!

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Lightweight Contoured Sleep Mask Kit

I received this free kit from Dream Essentials sweet dreams lightweight contoured sleep mask in exchange of my honest opinion about the product. The kit contains the contoured sleep mask, earplugs and travel pouch.

I am truly glad that I now have this kit for the sole purpose for my travel in 5 months time. I am looking for something lightweight that I could bring with me to the airplane and use during the 22 hours flight so I can get that much needed sleep while in the air. This mask is perfect! It is so light and so comfortable that it won’t give me any pain the longer I use it as it is contoured with adjustable straps in the back.

One of the features I like very much is that it allows for uninterupted rapid eye movement (rem) mask contours away from eye and lashes. The earplugs is a bonus as well as the pouch, I can keep it in good shape and clean once I am done using it in a pouch!

Are you looking for an excellent sleep mask? Head on to Dream Essentials site and purchase this product for yourself. It is worth the price, if I should say!

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Choosing the Right Bra for Your Outfit

Your bra choice is more than intimate wear. It supports you, conforms your shape and can harmony to the clothes you are wearing. With so many different types of bras available, however, from tee-shirt bras to multi-way bras, it can be difficult to choose just the right one to flatter your outfit.

The Cut of Your Clothing

The versatility of today’s bras make them a unique fashion statement. A black lace bra can compliment a sheer blouse, adding just a touch of frills to the v-neck edges. An open bodice, multi-way bra adds elegance and volume to a plunging neck line. Back straps also add to the fashionable wardrobe, with t-straps, low back cross straps and multi-strap designs. If you are wearing a low-back dress, choose a strap design that adds value to your clothing style and sets off the grace of your low-back ensemble.

Your sports bra looks great for recreational activities, with a large number of styles to choose from, from simple stretch bras you can accent with clothing layers, to halter-tops that can be worn alone or under a loose tee-shirt. Sports bras do well with lounge and casual wear, but do not always flatter your professional, formal or party outfits. If your outfit is sleeveless and consists of something more formal than a baggy shirt, wear a thin-strapped, fully supportive bra that will allow you to reveal your cleavage without revealing unsightly straps. Wear a strapless bra for strapless gowns. Choose colors that harmonize with your clothing.

Getting the Right Bra Size

No matter how sexy the ensemble looks, the wrong bra size can ruin your appearance. Your bra should fit comfortably, without sagging under the arms or in the cups. If you spill out over the top, your bra is too small. A poorly fitting bra can cause the skin to roll under the arms, ruining the cut of your outfit. Another indication of a poorly fitting bra is one that has straps that dig into the shoulders or slide down while in movement.

Measure your bra size before shopping. Your size may change from year to year as you lose or gain weight, bear children or simply grow older. Wear a tee-shirt when you shop so you can see how it will look under the thinnest clothing. Stoop and lift your entire breast into the cup, then straighten to check the fit. You should be able to fasten the bra comfortably on the second or third hook. A correctly fitting bra will do more than make you look good. It will increase your comfort and add to your confidence in your healthy appearance.

The Quality of Your Life Style

The bra you wear should match your life-style, which can be as variable as the types of bras offered. Your morning may begin with a jog around the block and end with evening cocktails at the local club. Wear the type of bra that looks stylish with your activities. Match their color and design to the outfit you are wearing. Wear low-cut bras with low-cut clothing and save your sexy, back-strapped bras for those special outfits that are just craving a little designer flair.

As an undergarment, your bra is part of your most personal attire and is the most important asset you have in wearing outfits that are stylish, fit well and add grace and form to your figure.


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