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A Decent Set of Stainless Steel Roasting Stick

My family loves lighting a bonfire in our backyard when it’s not very cold at dusk. When my husband does that, rest assured, two girls are happy because that is their chance to roast some marshmallows. While roasting mallows is fun, it can also be dangerous especially with children without the proper roasting sticks.

We have had some minor burn incidents in the past due to clumsiness and the other reason is that we used tree twigs instead of roasting sticks. When I saw this Telescoping Smores Forks Set of 4 Skewers for Campfire on Amazon, I did not hesitate to order it because I knew from then on that this is what we need and it is very important to have this in our household since we roast mallows a lot.

Not only this set is good for roasting marshmallows but can also be used to grill hot dogs, make your own k bobs and other food you can think of to grill or roast in fire pits.

It has an extendable handle up to 32 inches long. Two sharp forks which can be easily cleaned and wiped clean. I love that it came with a small tube to put in the forks when done using to keep it sharp and safe since they are really sharp and pointed. This is an amazing product, it is durable and is made with good quality wood and stainless steel handle and forks.

I can see my family use this set a lot in summer and I couldn’t be any happier I found Barbeqa set. If you want to buy your children this product, it is available on Amazon for $27 with PRIME.

I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange of my unbiased review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Cruzee is Something New and Unique for your Child

This is something unique I have never thought of buying for my child. Beautiful straight out of the package and very nice color too. My 4-year old child loves it very much and is now trying to learn how to ride and balance on this one. The size is perfect for her and is very light that she can even lift it all up above her head feeling so proud that she is able to lift it up.

Easy to store away since it does not take up much space. The wheels roll nicely, the seat can be adjusted according to her height and age. Generally a very nice product and my little Princess now loves riding on it from time to time and showing me off her balancing trick even though she needs more practice how to balance to enjoy it fully.

I chose pink because it’s her favorite color, I was not disappointed for it came with the same exact color as pictured on Amazon. There is nothing like watching/seeing your kid’s face light up simply because she really loves what you gave to her.

If you want one for your child, grandchild or a friend’s child as a gift, you may purchase one on Amazon with 9 Sapphire annodized color to choose from. Also please watch the video embedded below to watch how kids in Australia enjoyed their Cruzee.



Cruzee Youtube

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Seneo Cool Mist Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser is the Coolest Thing I Have

I received this Seneo cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser for free in exchange of my unbiased review about the product. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is beautiful straight out of package. It has a cool tear drop design and is way bigger in size than other essential oil diffusers I purchased. It can hold 2.3 ml of water and runs for up to six hours when choosing the highest setting to disperse mist.

 photo P1012735_zpsr4rccstc.jpg

I choose to use the medium setting and it still running the moment I am typing this entry. I started it 9 hours ago at night. It also serves as our night light in our dark living room as it has an LED light setting. It came with a user’s manual and I recommend reading the manual first before doing anything else to avoid damaging the product.

If you skip reading the manual, you might mistaken the dispersing tube is where you put the water in, that’s WRONG! This humidifier has three parts, the base which the mechanical parts are located, the tank where you fill the water and is the body of this thing and third part is the spout that you should put last.

Has a nice black switch on/off button in the back, big round knob with indications as to how much mist you want to disperse into the air and a little button for the LED light.

It is very easy to use once you familiarize yourself with how to get started. It also has an instruction on how to clean it after several uses but for me, I don’t think I need to do the cleaning often as I only use distilled water in it not what the company is recommended which is the use of a tap water. You know, tap water is chlorinated and contains other chemicals in it which will then dispersed into the air, to your floor and your furniture which can be bad and leaves fine white residue.

There is a small tray in the back of the base that you can pull out where you drop essential oils of your choice. In regular diffusers which are 100 ml smaller size ones, 3 drops of oil will be enough but this thing since it’s big in capacity, I put at least ten or more drops of oils into the tray.

I love that it is so quiet and disperses the oil lightly into the air so to not hurt our nostrils even if I use plenty of oils in it. It truly serves its purpose and yes, it’s an additional attention-catcher humidifier now sitting in our living room.

Order yours today at Amazon for $46 free shipping with PRIME.

Picture below shows the two parts taken apart. The object on the left is the bottom part of the body of the humidifier or the tank wherein you turn the knob open to fill it with water. The object to the right is the base where you sit the tank on.

 photo P1012738_zpsfpfpthik.jpg
The entire humidifier fully assembled.

 photo P1012740_zpsxqaxtwc3.jpg
Taken when nothing is lit up but the humidifier in the dark..
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Drinking Tumblers for Convenience

If you have children, you would know that feeding them or giving drinks would be messy and you have to constantly supervise them when they do, otherwise, spills here and there and worse on the carpet. The carpet is the hardest area to clean so that’s when drinking tumblers play their part. You will be assured that when using drinking tumblers, the liquid will be safe inside and is sealed so it does not drip when they knock down the tumbler.

Drinking tumblers are not also suitable for children but for adults or people of all ages too. They are good for drinking hot beverages in the car, in the office or cold drinks when being outdoors. If you ever need one or a couple to hand out as gifts to people you care about, how about you try checking out the link above and explore the different styles, colors, sizes and other selection available for customization. Please check them out now and enjoy your visit.

Cute to the Core Panda Flat Shoes

Look at this cute pair of Panda flat shoes below. Isn’t this pair the cutest? I know you would agree with me because it’s unique and not very many shoes are made for adults like Cute to the Core does. Even my two girls love the shoes. When I look at them on Amazon, there were five choices but I fell in love with panda so I chose it.

Just the cuteness of these shoes alone is irresistible, that’s what convinced me to buy me a pair. Secondly, is that, it is unique and not very many women are wearing such adorable panda shoes. I love the overall appearance of the shoes. I just wish they had a 6.5 size for it. I bought the size 6 because I am sure they will stay in my feet. If I buy the 7 size, they will be too big. I used them for the first time in a couple of stores and the mall today and oh boy, both of my big toes hurt a lot that I ended up going to a shoe store and bought me a pair of open toes sandals.

The black stitching around the opening of the shoes are kind of hurting my feet when rub against my skin, good thing I wore foot socks today so that somehow eased some of the friction when walking. Only two cons I see about this product, the sizing and the stitching. Other than that, it is a pretty pair to own!

I received a 50% discount for this product in exchange of my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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The enduring trend of online bingo

The perception that bingo is meant for elderly women has completely changed with a whole new trend engrossing the online bingo market.

Earlier, playing bingo was all about going to traditional bingo halls with a fancy environment and carrying loads of cash in hand. It wasn’t so easy or glamorous as one might perceive it as. Players had to sit inside stuffy halls for hours, straining their ears to hear their card numbers being called.

Now the scenario has changed with the emergence of bingo sites, as players can avail and play their favourite games exactly where they want or from the comfort of their homes. In fact the aspect of socializing is kept viable by implementing exclusive chat rooms in their site and also by integrating with various social media channels. So you can meet bingo enthusiasts from all around the world. The chat rooms are instilled along with the game which allows you to play and interact at the same time.

Another major factor which is contributing to the escalating growth in the number of people opting online bingo is the relaxation factor. Many players of all age groups have realized the importance of bingo, as a great way to refresh one’s mood after a busy day at work.

Hence online bingo is not only meant for older people, but also for the younger people who discovered endless joy in playing a game in any of the reliable bingo sites. After a lot of research and surveys the experts has finally come into a conclusion that the trend of online bingo is never going to fade away. Experience the joy of online bingo at!

Way Better than Other Regular Chips

I received a free bag of Way Better Snacks from Influenster CheersVoxBox in exchange of my honest opinion.

This chips taste way better than other regular chips you can buy in all grocery stores. Needless for a dip, for the chips alone is delicious plus you be assured that it is made with good quality and healthy ingredients. It’s gluten-free and NON GMO verified. The makers of this chips are proud of their simple ingredients; stone ground Non-GMO corn, sunflower and/or safflower oil, sprouted seed and grain blend such as flax seed, sprouted quinoa, sprouted chia seeds, sprouted broccoli seed and a whole lot more natural ingredients.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this next time I go grocery shopping or buy online, not only it is yummy but I can also share this to my kids knowing what I am giving them has great ingredients in it. Thank you Way Better snacks for this!

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DETOX Colon and Body Cleanse I Like

Our body carries tons of toxic waste especially our stomach due to the wrong food we eat that contain chemicals and pesticides. If we don’t clean it, it stays there for so long that makes us sick. So it is just right to do something about it and taking supplements that help detoxify your body is a must.

I am glad there are companies out there that offer me free products for testing in exchange of my honest opinion. One example is this safe non-toxic cleansing formula by DETOX manufactured exclusively for justified laboratories. You can find it on AMAZON for only $14.99 PRIME.

I have taken this product and I should say it works. The following day I started using it, I could feel the difference, I feel like I have emptied my stomach of the waste I needed to release. Admittedly, I feel good after that and yes, I find myself using it still and you should try it too especially if you have indigestion problem for it helps promotes healthy digestion and weight loss. MADE IN THE USA too!

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All You Need to Know About Online Bingo

When we speak of bingo, the very first thing that comes to our mind are the amazing games. However did you ever wonder where did the term ‘bingo’ come from? It is actually of Italian origin. The game is believed to have originated in Italy during the 16th century.

Bingo has encountered a notable shift to some of the major countries like France, Great Britain, and other parts of Europe during the 18th century. It emerged from the Italian lottery, ‘ll Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’. The game spread to France and was known as Le Lotto, which was largely preferred by the aristocrats in France.

It was used in nineteenth-century as an educational tool in Germany to teach children multiplication tables, logography, and even antiquity.By then the term bingo became one of the most pleasurable activities to be included in the famous public buildings.

In addition to this, if you are looking for a sophisticated range of casino game, then GameVillage is the optimum destination for you. It’s one of the cool bingo site , where you can play the very best ever casino games such as; Avalon II, Agent Jane Blonde, Keno and even table games including the popular casino classics: Blackjack and Roulette.

Join and become a member in GameVillage, as it is free and packed with benefits. Once you become a member, you can take advantage of all the promotions that the site has in store. In fact you can start with a bonus of 400% on your first deposit.

The website sports a user-friendly interface, with total security and reliable navigation which puts you at comfort while browsing through the games. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to access the website. So just join in to take advantage of it all right at your conveniences!

Joylink Work Out Waist Pack

I have been wanting to buy me a waist pack for my cellphone and other valuables to use while I am out walking in the neighborhood or on the trail with friends but I couldn’t seem to find it in the local stores nearby. I am glad I finally got one for me for free from Joylink through Amazon in exchange of my honest opinion.

I love the product, the waist pack alone feels soft and smooth with beautiful neon color. While it is primarily bought for my cellphone but an added extra space inside for a couple of cards and keys are a bonus. There is a special lining that separates the cellphone and the keys to keep the phone from being scratched, which I like.

Another thing, it has adjustable waist band that could fit to my size. I am small and adjusting it to the desired size of my waist easy. Also, if you look at the picture below, you would notice there is a black with letter C shape on it, you might wonder what it’s for? Well, this is where your headphone wire is gonna go through connecting to your phone’s port. Amazing how can a small item can be convenient to use. I really love this product, I tell you! I am excited to put it to use soon!

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