Someone I know in Europe whose dream city or dream place to visit is New York City. Who doesn’t dream of going there? I myself is dreaming of going there too, the Time Square especially for it is where big party events are being held, concerts, street parties are just few of the events shown on t.v being held in the streets of downtown New York. I thought, wow so pretty and lots of celebrities!
Well, my dream of visiting the state one day doesn’t only includes attending big events but also to explore the whole city, seeing the whole China Town, exploring places where Filipinos usually hangout and most of all to experience the Manhattan Lunch at Rosie O’Grady’s. A fine dining occasionally wouldn’t hurt. It would be so cool when the whole family can finally be able to spend a vacation way up NY.

How about you? Do you ever wish of going to NY too? If so, are you looking forward to dining at a fine restaurant in between the Broadway and Sixth Avenue streets? I am referring to a place called Rosie O’Grady’s you know?This post is sponsored by Manhattan Lunch