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Where to Dine In When in New Boston, Texas

We just moved out here in the country 3 weeks ago. It’s a big step we had to take, it is my husband’s decision to move out here and make it as his retirement place. It is peaceful and quiet out here and everybody seems to love it and enjoy the surroundings and all.

But, I on the other hand, is longing to go to my favorite stores to just you know hang out and pass time. I may eventually get used to driving 33 minutes to get to the mall, as long as I can buy the basics nearby, I guess I will be fine.

On a lighter note, we found a Chinese buffet restaurant in New Boston, Texas. I am delighted to know that I can just go there and have a taste for Asian food anytime I want since it is not very far from us. We did not expect much for a small town Asian restaurant. I have read reviews about them on Facebook before visiting them last week.

We were not disappointed, although buffet time was over when we got there. We thought that this place served tasty food. We ordered from the menu and plenty of dishes to choose from. We ordered beef broccoli, sweet and sour beef, sweet and sour chicken and shrimp. My children said they loved their food and so did my husband.

The restaurant was quiet and there were only us and another solo customer who dined in at the time, a few ordered to-go. I expected for a crowd but no, it is not in the city anymore so I must get used to going to places like this to be quiet and lots of empty chairs. Prices of food are okay.

Quality of food they serve is 8 out of 10. Ambiance is 7. Food server is 9, she was nice and kept asking if we were okay or if we needed anything. Overall, our visit to China Cafe in New Boston, Texas was a calm and pleasant experience.

I recommend this place to those who love Asian food. You can’t go wrong with this place, it’s good.






Japanese Food Trip

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose the restaurant I want for a birthday treat. I love sushi a lot but it is not often I get to eat it because it is a bit pricey in stores. My birthday, my choice of restaurant, great! There is this Japanese buffet restaurant that serves all the goodness a Filipina woman like me wants that I so wanted to go but the distance stopped us from driving over there.

It is at least 43 minutes drive near Dallas and I think it is not practical to waste so much time driving just so we can eat so we opted to go by a sushi place nearby. Though not a buffet resto yet it was okay. I ordered Chirashi which has ten pieces of cut salmon and other kind with a few pieces of vegetables in my bowl sitting on a bed of sushi rice.

My husband had a Tower Pisa of 4 which was shockingly very cute serving when it arrived on our table. I thought it wasn’t worth of the price. So did mine but trying out a new restaurant we haven’t been before is always a thrill.

 photo sushi_zpsc417425c.jpg
 photo sushi1_zps60d7d59e.jpg

Desserts at Fiesta Manila Restaurant

This is me and my first born by the buffet table of the Filipino restaurant we visited last Sunday. It was our first time to have tried dining at their restaurant and I should say, it was fine. Plenty of foods that I love and have been craving to eat. Thanks to my friend neighbor for bringing us there.

There aren’t so many choices in their dessert table though but rest assured, once you tasted the pitsi-pitsi and their sticky sweet rice, you will love it. Their biko is my favorite of all, it had a sweet creamy taste that I was so tempted to ask the waitress how they cook or make it but I doubt they would tell me that.

It is always good to try a new place to eat so that we can compare the prices and how tasty the food they are serving. Although we paid over $12 for a buffet at Fiesta Manila, I think it was worth the money. I hope when they gather more customers in the future, they will add more dishes to their table, if they do, I would surely come back with my husband.

 photo 1079770_10152158346304517_1043863368_n_zpsd5449938.jpg

Cakes for Dessert — and Plenty of It

 photo keyk_zps3e0ca4fc.jpg

I took these photos of my girl and the different kind of cakes that were displayed at the buffet table at Cochran’s in Air Force Village, San Antonio, Texas. Sunday lunch in AFV is always amazing. Plenty of good food just laid on the buffet table, nice people, good service and great company. What could be a better lunch than that?

We had a scrumptious lunch with Jean last Sunday, the last lunch we shared together and who knows when can we visit her down there again. Well, if only San Antonio wouldn’t be too much of a drive, we could visit her as often as we can but we also have a life here at home.

Anyway, as you can see in the photos, there are several small slices of cakes and there are also whole ones waiting to be eaten by the diners. Jadyn ate a slice of cheesecake and the other kind I don’t know what flavor that was. She was so tempted to try the cheesecake topped with cherry and take note, she only left a bit of that cake after eating the first slice shown on the bottom right photo. I could no longer pick a slice of cake for me because I had 4 rounds of food, I was so full and there was no room for more food in my tummy at that time!

I Can’t Eat Frog Legs


There is no way you can make me eat these frog legs on the plate. It was my first time to see frog legs in the buffet table. I actually put some in my plate thinking that it could be yummy and it is worth the try but then when I laid the plate down the table, I looked at them closely and realized they were frog legs that is when I took a bite and tasted it.

The fact that it’s a frog and they cooked it well and it was very tasty, I couldn’t eat it up so I had to pass it on to the husband which he gladly finished all of it for me. I was just hmmm… yucky!

Leaving the Restaurant Feeling Hungry

My title sounds kind of weird right? Who would love to dine out only to leave the restaurant still feeling hungry? Nobody! No one would do that, right? The purpose of going out is to fill your hungry stomach and leave happy, right? Read on below so you’ll know…

So we went out for a dinner at a seafood house and bar in Camp Bowie tonight, it was our first time trying out that place take note! I loved the place, it is quite fancy and the whole family loved it there too for sure. The foods were delicious but after eating the entire order, I felt like I needed more!

The husband asked me what I thought about the dinner, I replied, the lobster tail was yummy but I wished I had more. He said, he felt the same thing too for his food. You bet the price was pricey and the servings OMG! Pagka cuteeeeeeeeee naman lang jud. The dirty rice, the vegetable medley and the lobster tail is like in a play house, perting pagka gamaya sa servings mabuang ko bayot!

It was nice though that we tried that place, now we know how it is to dine in at their restaurant. We left at the place still feeling hungry to be honest. All in all, it was such a nice dining experience tonight, the staff were so warm, friendly and attentive to our needs but one thing I only wish is that they had bigger servings even just the side dishes… hmm… makes me want to think twice whether to go back there or not in the future. I still have a voucher worth $20 good until 2017 for the same restaurant but I doubt if my husband would ever want to go back there again, lol.

Free Home Delivery

I craved for Chinese foods but no matter how I wanted to go to the restaurant, I just couldn’t do it. My favorite Chinese buffet is on loop 820, going there I had to take the freeway although I’m not afraid to drive in a high traffic area but I don’t wanna take the risk of me driving not having a DL.

What I did one day is to order it by phone and had them delivered it to me. Why I didn’t  think 0f  this idea before? I waited this long before I satisfied my craving for some greasy Chinese foods. I had to go through all the Chinese buffet restaurants nearby online and Quick Wok in Altamesa boulevard offers free home delivery. I have never been to their restaurant nor tried their foods before but I took advantage of free delivery.  Their food by the way wasn’t bad… I can tell there’s no MSG in it which is good.

P.F Chang’s Mongolian Beef

This Mongolian beef dish right here has become my favorite at P.F Chang’s Chinese Bistro for its delicious and great tasting recipe. When we go there, we order a meal for two which includes starters, soups, main dish and a dessert. I would order for Mongolian Beef right away since it is just so pleasant to my taste buds. 
It is not always we go dine out but if ever we go to P.F Chang’s I make sure that I’ll take home some of this dish so I can still have some left to eat for the next meals. If only I know how to do it, I would cook myself this specific dish to contain my stomach.

Bad Weather

In today’s bad weather, it is almost impossible to go out and live a normal life due to icy roads and severe cold temperature. A restaurant delivery might help if you really don’t want to risk your life driving. I guess there are restaurants out there willing to take orders and be delivered to your home. There is a certain website where you can order food online from restaurants at their site. It is the best way to order delivery and takeout food from 5,000 plus restaurants in 27 cities. Find out if your city includes in the list.

My Lunch Hour

This guest post from Daryl Glass
Lunch hour is sacred for me. It’s time to unwind from a harried morning and purge myself in preparation for the activities, challenges and whatever problems the afternoon brings. Usually, I go it alone. I’ll grab a bite from a drive-through joint (unless I brought something from home) and head for a quiet corner of the park.
Reading is a favorite activity of mine during the fleeting quiet time. Occasionally, I’ll not even crack a book open and just people watch instead. They watch me and I watch them; I sometimes wonder if their minds are as blank as mine during the process. I guess it’s a form of meditation for me.
On those occasions when I want to be around people during lunch, I go to the Japanese restaurant and get something to munch on. I’m surrounded by strangers – no co-worker shop talk for me. I’ll sit and idly eat while catching up on the latest news coming over their directSTARtv station.
No matter what I choose to do, it always seems to work. I slowly get back to the job, get my mind in gear and pick up the rhythm again. My soul and spirit cleansed from a peaceful hour, I am able to pick up the tasks with a renewed vigor and sprint to the finish of the day.