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Rental Property

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

My husband I have just invested in our first rental property. We bought a small, old house and fixed it up, and now we are going to rent it out to college students. We live in a college town, so that shouldn’t be too hard. We are hoping to have steady renters to pay the mortgage, and still make a little profit. Once it is paid off, it will be all profit. Rental properties can cost money, though, believe me.

Just the cost of maintaining it can get high. I’m sure that when someone lives in a rental property, they don’t take as good care of it as you would if you owned it yourself, so there will always something to repair. Right now I’m researching different cable providers that we could use. I wonder if there is someone that specializes in serving rental properties. Surely there is some sort of plan out there for landlords. Then again, we could just leave it up to the renters to get television if they want it.

Wondering How It’s Like

I wonder how it is like living near the lake especially if you are in Texas? It can get real hot and dry here and if your house located near a body of water, would it help? I am so jealous of people who own a home in Table Rock lake homes just because aside from it being an exclusive gated lakefront community located in the spectacular Ozark Mountains overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Table Rock Lake, they also have these beautiful panoramic views like you are in a vacation every day of your life plus the temperature would be a lot cooler than those living away from the lake.

Vacation Rentals Directory

To all you travelers out there, isn’t it nice to have something to refer or read about where you are going or finding a place for rent while away from home? Good thing vacation rentals directory exists making for tourists easy to search for an apartments or condominiums or a place to stay the whole time for vacation. And if one is planning of visiting Istanbul for pure pleasure or do business, he or she may search for vacation rentals Istanbul on this link here. This of course brought to us by It is an excellent, user-friendly resource to post and find worldwide listings for: vacation rentals, vacation home rentals, and furnished apartment.

Buxton Foreclosures

I found a great website to search for homes and land for sale in Buxton, Dare Country including Buxton foreclosures is here. has listings you can browse properties by type or properties by area. Also you can filter your search by Buxton waterfront preferences or find bank-owned or distressed properties in our Buxton Foreclosures and Buxton Short Sales searches respectively. If you know someone who are looking for a property to buy along the Outer Banks, please refer him/her this website. Buxton real estate is known to be one of the ost affordable options in the area.

Dating Reality Show

One of my favorite reality shows had its finale last Monday. Bachelors and Bachelorettes from the past seasons were there to win a freaking a quarter million dollars plus a chance of finding love. The winners of the Bachelor Pad reality show were Natalie and Dave. I bet they were so happy to split the money they’ve won. They have come a long way to earn their prize.

Before they were declared the couple winner, they were asked what they are going to do with the winning prize..I remember both of them to donate some to charity and they are not going to lie they will go for a vacation. I wish I’ll know they take into consideration of looking at Outer Banks rentals for it is really nice over there. The superb accommodations are one of the reasons they should pick the place to stay for their vacation to enjoy the beach and other activities they want to do while in North Carolina.