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Drooling…Dang It I Don’t Have Money!!

I’ve been staring at this pretty seer sucker fun beach tote with flap wristlet, suncreen and lip balm by Dooney and Burke since this morning. I am drooling over this thing right here……. I have no money to afford this tote dang ittttttttttttt!
If only blogging is good these days, I could’ve went ahead and bought this for me right there and then. Before a $147 D&B tote wasn’t so bad…that was when I earned over a hundred bucks per day in my blogging.. karon tawn ay ga kuyaig grrrrrrrrrrrr… 

Hello Kitty Bag

I spotted this hello kitty bag on e-bay the other day. I seldom see bags so cute like this that it caught my eyes at first glance. I could have bought it if it’s available in the US but to my dismay this comes straight from China plus I need to pay for the 20 bucks shipping if ever I decide to buy this bag. I am not willing to spend that much money on shipping alone because it’s not just practical at all. So cute is this bag, I am lovin’ it!!!!!!!!!!

Sassy Purse

Sleek and sassy is how I describe this handbag on the left. For two days now, I can’t take my eyes off it. I am drooling over this purse here eh. It’s been a while since I last purchased a handbag and I so miss having a new one in my closet.

My mind and budget are debating whether to buy this one or not while it’s on sale at Macy’s. It was originally priced at $88 down to 49 bucks now. What do you think guys? Should I get it or just let it slip through my fingers???