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Shopped For A Hobo Because I Love Handbags/Purses

large Old Navy hobo

I redeemed my $20 coupon at Old Navy yesterday and bought a lot of items mostly for my girls and a few for myself. Here’s one for me, large-sizedĀ Old Navy hobo. I saw this the last time I went to Old Navy but didn’t buy it. I thought it was too much for me but then when I came home, I couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous the hobo was. I love the style, the materials used and it is lightweight. For one whole month I just couldn’t get over with this hobo so when I went today, I couldn’t allow myself to check out without this in my cart. Originally priced for $29.99 but since I got the coupon, it went down five dollars less. Sweet deal!

Burberry’s Iconic Bags

I am drooling to this beautiful collection of Burberry’s iconic bags. Burberry is known for its high quality and good name in the fashion industry. Therefore, their products are of superior quality standard that sets prices way too high for an ordinary poor woman like me. Huh, if I had one of these, I think I would be the proudest human being on earth. I don’t know when is that gonna happen but I tell you, I really love the look of this collection.

Photo snagged from Burberry’s website.

Wednesday Whites: Beautiful Handbag

It’s my first time to join Wednesday Whites meme. I hope I can continue doing this as long as I can for I tend to be lazy and forgetful at times that I forget those days for memes. First entry for Wednesday Whites is this beautiful Coach bag I had that I gave away to a friend in Japan, I like it very much but it’s too small for me. I have a baby and it just not big enough for diaper and wipes.

Coach Handbags Sale Online

It is the second day of Coach’s sale online. I used to be so excited and thrilled if given the invitation from them in my mail but in my case right now, aside from being low on budget, I am just pretty busy to even peek or browse their handbags. I did a quick look yesterday though but that was it.

I saw there wasn’t much going on except those handbags that customers think are pretty good deal were sold out. Maybe next time I will buy one that if I can sell these two brand new Coach handbags I have that I purchased last month.

I don’t know why I am having a hard time selling them, I thought they would sell as soon as I posted them on Craigslist. I might try posting them in my other blog with good traffic, who knows one of the bloggers would be interested in buying one.

A Satchel Given To Me By A Friend

I was so surprised when this satchel arrived yesterday. I did not expect it will come too soon because she told me her package won’t arrive until March 1. When I opened the package, I got wide-eyed and overjoyed for I got the satchel back!!!

It is the same exact satchel me and my friend Jazmine lost at Hulen Mall weeks ago. It was stolen from us by a black woman in Body Central’s fitting room. I was so upset when that happened because it was her who purchased the satchel for me. Take note, none of my friends offered me to choose a handbag and pay it for me but only Jazmine did.

Anyway, when I took it out the package, I was very happy knowing that I got the handbag I ever loved and couldn’t help myself to kiss it in front of my husband at the same time it brings back bad memory the day we got mugged by a thief black woman at the mall.

To you Jazmine, you are the best ever! Thank you so much for the gift. I will use it and take care of it for I know it is the only thing that reminds me of you. It is soooo pretty Kathy Van Zeeland satchel, I love its color and the style and it is the right size for me as well!

Dooney and Bourke VS Coach

I’ve been using Dooney and Bourke handbags since I first blog almost five years ago. I love the quality and the materials these handbags are made of. I got 4 of them so far, thankfully. D&B is more affordable for me than Coach handbags so I settled for it for a few years until 4 months ago I discovered a special website where I can purchase authentic Coach handbags. I tried buying two at first and realized that I love C too. Every month within 4 months I bought a Coach for a total of 5 now. Who would have thought that I can own a few of these awesome brand for handbags?
The more I think about the differences between these two loved handbags I have, I learned that I actually love Coach better than D&B. Why? Because of the three separate compartments Coach has. It’s like I have 3 spaces to put stuff together. I usually carry diaper and wipes, bib and baby bottle when I go out of the house. Coach just makes it easier for me to segregate my stuff inside the bag. I can put my girly stuff in other compartments so when I need them, I know where they are and can take them out easily without spending a lot of time digging in the bag.
In addition to compartments, I love the variations of styles Coach has. Plus they do have pretty amazing colors and sizes to choose from.

D&B however, has only one compartment and a side pocket for cellphones and small things. Don’t get me wrong D&Bs are awesome but I prefer Coach now over D&B.

…I recently bought another one but I am selling it to a friend in Japan for she loves the tote so much!

And I’m Guilty….

I can’t help to feel guilty since yesterday because I purchased another Coach handbag again. This is far more than addiction, what I have is insanity and my conscience is eating me! Why I can’t stop myself from spending money when it comes to pretty purses? Why oh why? Is there any way to stop this? I always say this is the last one, but nope…I always seem to eat my words…
It’s like this since I’ve become a member to this specific online factory, I keep spending what I earned. It’s like I buy a purse once a month and for me it’s crazy. Who in their right mind would do that? Nobody, you guess but I’m doing it.
My thinking is that, someday when I am no longer be able to make money from blogging, at least I was able to buy the purses I thought I can never have. I’ve always thought I can never have a Coach bag because they are insanely costly than Dooney and Bourke. D&Bs are kind of expensive too but they do offer some promotions to certain products that they want to get rid off. Unlike Coach, you can never see or hear them giving away their handbags up to like 50% off or more until I found this very site that got me into, really really hooked of this site now!
A new handbag is coming in the mail soon…it looks so pretty on the website, I shall see if I like it when it gets here or I may have to sell it on Craigslist just like the white one I purchased 2 months ago… the worst thing is that, I COULDN’T SELL IT lol.

I Love Handbags

These are my handbags I bought through my paid blogging money all these years. They are not so grand brand names but they are good enough to feed my addiction. They are like my meth, my marijuana, my ecstasy! If you ever give me a gift, think of nothing else but a handbag, I don’t mind the brand as long as it is whole-heartedly given by you, it will be much appreciated and gladly accept it.
I take pride of my handbags because I earned my own money to buy them. It’s like a small reward for myself for working my brain off. I buy myself handbags because I DESERVE IT!

First Coach Handbag And Swingpack

Weew what a fine day for me for Coach factory has floods of markdowns plus additional 30% off to already discounted items. Being a member of such store helps for we are given an “exclusive member only mail” that allows us to shop for their handbags and other stuff.
The items below are soon to be mine once they arrive in the mail. I am excited and so anxious to use my first Coach handbag ever! I’ve been wanting to buy one of this brand but I just couldn’t afford to spend my money on to something that is so expensive and is not so important but this morning I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away.

Coach don’t usually offer markdowns in their stuff unless of course you will go to their outlet store elsewhere… I am glad I bought mine early this morning for items are going away fast.  I only paid $185.56  including tax and shipping of course for these two items below. See the original prices and you’ll see how much I saved for taking advantage of the sale!


$328.00 MFSRP
$169.00 NOW
$118.30 WITH 30% DISCOUNT


$148.00 MFSRP
$69.00 NOW
$48.30 WITH 30% DISCOUNT

Purses And Women

Men don’t understand why women have to have several purses in their possession. Even my husband asked me why do I need so many purses in my closet, why can’t I just use one and buy a new one when it is no longer useful?
I hurled back the question at him, it is the same thing as men love collecting classic or sports car. The passion is just the same as women towards purses. I asked him and why do you love sports cars so much? Hmmmmmm… and when I did that, he understood why I am so into purses. 
Honestly, I don’t have too many purses in my closet, I only own a few of them but I am picky when it comes to buying a new purse. My addiction is Dooney and Bourke. So far I only collected four pieces and I take pride of my D&Bs because the money I used to buy them came from my hardwork, my blogging money paid for them. One of the reasons why I like this brand is that they are made with high quality materials and if you are lucky enough, you can get a good deal in them on their site or at the mall. If I want another one, I don’t have to pay the full price, all I do is wait for the price to go down a bit before buying.
Unlike Coach purses, I have never seen them being on SALE unless of course if you shop at an outlet store, you can find plenty of great sales there but for people like me who don’t drive, all I could do is shop online and Coach is just way too expensive for me so I settled on Dooney and Bourke.