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I Have Been Waiting for a Long Time for this!

I have so many wants in life as a woman which for me is just normal for human beings, purses is one of them but no matter how crazy I am over them I cannot buy a purse often. I don’t wish for a luxurious purse either, all I want to possess are middle brands that I can afford.

I have been wanting to buy me a purse that has style and functionality. A cross body bag that I could use when traveling with kids is what I wanted to buy. God knows how I itched to buy me a new purse, for months it’s on my mind to really get one when I have the chance and that chance happened yesterday. We spent our weekend in San Antonio and on our way home I asked my husband to stop by one of the premium outlets so I can buy that very purse I have been itching to get … so we did. You know how it feels when you have been waiting forever for that perfect time to buy something that you really and it came true? Feels like heaven and couldn’t be more thankful.

 photo mcoach_zps40e29737.jpgw purse

… right picture is the color in actual, the photo on the left is a bit darker due to lighting..

At last I bought me this spacious 12″x13″ Coach cross body at Premium outlets in San Marcos. It can be worn as a cross body and hand or in shoulder. Originally priced for $328 and marked down up to 80%. Even with that massive discount, I still feel guilty about it for spending so much on a purse like this. But anyhow, this is what I really need when I fly to the Philippines in a month. I guess I just have to suck it up and be happy of my new purse!

Gucci Replica Handbags – Enhance Your Style

The Gucci is only of the very renowned brands of high fashion in the whole world, and not exclusive of superior reason. For numerous years at the present, the Gucci has continuously expanded and innovated to different lines of product. Their existing lineup comprises aromas and also apparel for women and men both. The principle for their achievement looks to be absolute exploration and dynamism, a bit that other brands look to be sluggish in implement along with their personal efforts of production and marketing.

The reputations of Gucci lengthen to parallel pictures of the real object, or Gucci replica handbags. The Gucci replica handbags that have been shaped with the quality handbag are fast turning into the in thing in the whole world of high class fashion as of the amount of stylish handbags accessible and the absolute number of alternatives to select from. You will not at all run out of excellence replica handbags at the time you require one for the party, or for your each day requirement of carrying handbag. Only of the main things which have been practical with the Gucci handbags is that they have this idiosyncratic feeling that additional brand names have.

Gucci has the streak of handbags which actually do look like the fashionable handbags Louis Vuitton replica, other than at the similar time, they have stylish handbags which actually do resemble a few specimens from other brand names. From this detail only, you recognize that you have the mixture of designs and styles to select from. The shortcoming probably is which people will not be capable to tell instantly whether the design is of Gucci, for the reason that there are assortments of similarity linking the lines of product of various well acknowledged brands.

I Heart This Michael Kors Handbag Vanilla Color


I want nothing else but this only Michael Kors Handbag, East West Top Zip Tote. For months I have been drooling this sweet, delicious looking MK handbag which I cannot afford to buy. My only chance of having it is to control my spending, save up some money until I can come up with the $200 dollars amount in order to buy this one. That is a lot of money for a handbag, you know?

I hope they’ll put a discount on it in the near future so by then I may be able to afford the handbag. I so heart this color. I don’t want chocolate or any other color of this kind of handbag but vanilla.

Striped Cylinder Bag Perfect For Summer


This barrel bag right here I bought for just seven bucks. It is very pretty but it just sits in my closet right now still new. I bought it for Summer but Summer is almost over and I haven’t used the bag. Awa ra jud ka agap, cge palit di kaato ug gamit.

Well, there is always next year and trends never go out of style. If I decide that I don’t like it anymore I can always give it to my sister in the Philippines. I just love the color combination, I thought it was unique and attractive for such an affordable price.

Cute Color Block Quilted Ninewest Purse


My husband said no more buying of purses and here I am again got into accident of buying another one although this time it isn’t as costly as the ones I have been eyeing on for weeks. This is a Ninewest color block quilted brand purse that I bought on e-bay which is $34.99 wholesale price and free shipping. I took advantage of it since it is not too much to pay. Besides, I have been blogging religiously so I deserve something better, something that could feed my addiction.

I wanted the white and black color but it got sold out just minutes I was looking at it. It was too pretty that a lot of women wanted it for themselves too. I have no regret though, it is still very pretty even if it’s in red!

How about you guys? What sort of addiction you have? Any particular collection that you can’t resist hoarding yourself with it? Tell me?

Coach’s Fun Summer Signature Print


When I first saw this on Coach Factory online store I fell in love with it right away. I just love the fun summer print of this tote that I so wanted to get it. I did try to put this in the cart though and check out. The item itself cost $69 that is after 30% off deducted from it but heck, it could total $84 final check out including shipping and tax so I had to close the window and just let it passed me by.

It sucks when you want something especially purses or handbags and you can’t get it simply because it is too much of a price. Several times I chose beautiful Coach handbags to just go and not buy them but this time, I really want it that I could roll on the ground and cry for it. My heart is bleeding right now because of this tote. Hmppppp! Next time, I would really buy the one I want without hesitation, I promise!

Replica Louis Vuitton – The Superior Choice For Everyone

Louis Vuitton is the superior alternative in case you desire to buy an elevated designer handbag. On the other hand, most of the people can’t have enough money to purchase a genuine handbag owing to it’s far above the ground cost. The Replica Louis Vuitton handbags have been in trend owing to the towering demands from those persons who can’t pay for to purchase the genuine ones.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Replica handbags seem extremely parallel to the genuine ones and are practically the similar as the real ones. They are the same as the genuine ones: the equal edging, the equal material, the equal monogram and the equal mark lining. Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags utilize the similar high class fabric as the genuine ones, even as replica handbags don’t.

There are superior and terrible worth replicas of these stylish handbags. The excellent ones have the characteristics of the real ones therefore they charge additional than the unfortunate class replicas. Although they are duplicates, they need many efforts and occasion to provide them the authentic look that even clarifies a few of the steep costs charged for definite techniques. They are the most excellent preference at the time you can’t pay for the genuine ones and just hold a handbag infrequently.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim replica can create you seem as designer and arresting without the cost of the genuine ones. You might purchase a replica bag for every day of the week for the cost of single real bag. You are predictable to purchase approx one hundred dollar to five hundred dollar for an excellent replica of the luxurious handbag. Alternatively, you must pay approx three thousand dollar for a genuine handbag. Don’t waste your precious time now go and purchase the superior handbag which enhances your personality among the crowd.

My New Baby


My new baby. I have been wanting to buy a dependable wristlet for so long and now I got one. This is the only thing I got for myself when we went to the outlet mall last Sunday. I am happy with it and I can’t wait to use it elsewhere. It is light and easy to carry for busy moms like me, I don’t have time to go through my closet and choose which bag to bring. A wristlet is perfect it can fit all tiny valuables I have and go out.

There were different colors of this style and size of wristlet but I chose blue because obviously it’s my favorite color. There were even leather wristlets all with the same price as this one yet again I opted for lacquered fabric so it won’t be too obvious if it get stained or dirt.

Hot New Leather Totes But Watch Out for the Prices Folks

leather totes

Whether you’re looking to carry in-flight essentials or farmers’ market finds, these roomy leather bags score major points for both form and function. Alrighty, but for ordinary stay-at-home moms like me surely cannot afford to buy any of these colorful delicious totes so for my eyes only are these totes!

From Top to Bottom:
Pebbled leather bucket tote, $3,100, Hermès.
Calf-skin leather color-blocked shopper, $795, Bally.
Perforated Italian-leather bag, $265, MZ Wallace.
Embossed leather carryall, $2,160, Louis Vuitton.
Leather top-stitched carryall, $910, CH Carolina Herrera.
Grained leather shoulder bag, $572, Jennifer Haley.

Mother’s Request For A Handbag

It is hard to refuse a request that is from my own mother who rarely ask me something. When I talked to her two nights ago, she shyly asked if I can give her a new bag for the ones she is using are falling apart. Well, that isn’t too much to ask. Very well mother. Will give you a brand new handbag which I think is really gorgeous, in good quality and most of all something that you don’t see most people use in the Philippines.

Gladly enough I found a new website that sells cheaper designer handbags and other clothing. It didn’t take me long to find that perfect handbag for her. I found this Nine West handbag that is made of synthetic leather, holds a wallet, sunglasses, personal technology and a cosmetics case with dual shoulder straps. Since shopping from this particular website has free shipping, might as well look for a pair of sandals that would coordinate to the bag. I found one that 60% off the original price that look gorgeous. I hope my mother will love the stuff I will give to her. This would be my late Mother’s Day gift for her.