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Beautiful Floral Walmart Handbags For $3

I love it when I scored a deal! When you see these beautiful floral handbags, you can’t tell that they are bought from Walmart. To add shock to them is that, they were on clearance. The tag shows $7 clearance price but when I scanned them, it were down to $3 each. The black floral crossbody was only $2.

You ask why so many bags? I will not be using them, instead put them in a box to send to the Philippines and give to my sister and cousins who would appreciate them! You see, I buy items that I don’t use when they are on sale simply because I have a family waiting for these goodies!

How about you people? Do you scour for sales in stores you go to?

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4 Ways to Recognize if Your Handbag is Made of Authentic Leather

Handbag manufacturers nowadays are quite good at leatherwork. So much so that it is not that easy for consumers to differentiate authentic leather from fake leather. A full-grain leather tote bag under a hundred bucks is tempting but will leave you with feelings of uncertainty. Real leather is normally pricey because it takes a lot of time and effort to produce just a single handbag. So should you give in to that elegantly looking handbag that is on sale at the department store?

If you are planning to buy leather, you have to know how to identify real from artificial in able to avoid any disappointments regarding your purchase. You can tell the difference between real and fake leather by smelling and touching the item. Real leather has a distinctive odor of animals while fake leather smells like vinyl and chemicals. A genuine leather handbag normally feels rough. When you pinch real leather between your fingers, it wrinkles and flexes easily under pressure but it comes back to its original shape. The imperfections are actually a good thing.

But what if you just fall in love with a leather handbag you saw online? Buying leather handbags online requires you to be extra attentive to details. While you cannot smell or feel its texture, there are factors to help you figure out whether the leather you are buying is authentic or not.

  1. Label– authentic leather should indicate the product information, including the form of leather used for the handbag. It should indicate if it is top grain, full grain, or genuine leather. Full grains are the most expensive type because they are closest to the outer skin of the animal while genuine or suede are the cheapest ones because of its least dense texture.
  2. Pattern– Take a close up look at the product. Inspect the design. It is possible for real leather to have an inconsistent pattern. A full-grain leather handbag may retain all of the hide’s original texture and markings.
  3. Finish– Real leather has rougher finish while fake leather has edges that are almost perfect. If a handbag has an extremely glossy finish, it could be made of modern patent leather that is likely to tear over time. Genuine leather may show imperfections and does not come in a wide range of colors.
  4. Price– You can’t always rely on the price of a leather handbag to distinguish its authenticity. Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it could not be fake. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers who put a premium price tag on artifical leather bags to deceive consumers.

Replica retailers use materials that only contain leather fiber. Bonded leather and bicast leather are the types of leathers to avoid. While it is not easy to spot if a handbag is made of these inorganic leathers, you can easily tell just by smelling them. Bonded leather has a heavy smell due to the chemicals used. They are difficult to repair after damage because they are just scraps of leather glued together to form a piece.

Time can also tell your handbag’s authenticity. Untreated cowhide leather tends to have “patina,” a change in surface that happens to leather over time. A light-colored leather handbag may develop a deeper color because of age, moisture, wear, and sunlight over years of use.  


A New Bag After a Long Time

I love purses and they are one of my treats. I know I work very hard these days and I deserve a nice treat which is this MK crossbody I bought at Premium Outlet in Grand Prairie, Tx last weekend. After putting off buying a purse for such a very long time, I gave up and went ahead, indulge! It is not bad I think knowing that I earned the money I used to buy this.

I wanted a Vanilla Michael Kors bag, like I said above… been putting it off and saved my money instead. For a medium-sized crossbody and a little under $100 after 60% off discount isn’t so bad after all. While some people putting a smirk face on items bought at outlets maybe because a lot of customers already touched and put their finger prints on every item displayed in the shelf, I have no problem buying there anyway.

By observing other customers while in the store, I found out that you can actually ask for a new item in the back from from the sales associate. I asked for one shown below with straps still wrapped for protection, so for me it is still considered “new”.

I love it! I love the size and the color. It is lightweight and I am anxious using it soon. It has 4 different compartments inside for your little valuables and a separate zipped compartment as well. I made a good purchase I believe and I should not feel guilty for buying a new one albeit of the many purses still new hidden in my closet!

 photo mk_zpsezzpskrw.jpg

 photo mk1_zpswovliz76.jpg

 photo mk2_zpsz55ez9ep.jpg

Kelly and Katie Totes Clearance at DSW

I know a great deal when I see one like these totes I availed at DSW two days ago. I visited the store not knowing what I could buy that day, my main purpose was to look for discounted umbrellas. Unfortunately, there was none. So, as usual, I proceeded to their shoe rack clearance area and found two pairs that I actually fell in love with but having a hard time choosing between the too. I ended up not buying both.

Anyway, since I did not have anything in mind to buy, I roam around the store some more and I found these lovely totes on clearance with “red” stickers on them. Red at DSW store means the item is additional 50% off. Each tote is marked $39.95, plus I had a $20 coupon off of $49 purchase and a free scarf coupon to go with it. BIG SCORE for me!

I came out of DSW that day very happy and proud that I got to save a couple dollars for buying three sets of summery/floral reversible totes. These are decent size totes with matching medium size zipped pouches each, plus a bonus of dust bags.

 photo bags_zpstuqe5j3r.jpg

Cute Aldo Crossbody From $39.99 Down to $10 Plus

Look what I found on DSW website? This is probably one of the cutest crossbody bags I own now. I love it’s hot pink color ( photo don’t show and don’t do justice) and the first pink color bag I bought.

Sometimes it pays to be patient and wait until you hit the deal. Before I could purchase this thing, I eyed on it for a few days and so wanted to buy it right away but had a hard time using my coupon certificate on their website so, that somehow, delayed me from checking this out. Well, the odd was in favor of me because two days after I itched buying it, DSW offered 25% off promo for their entire site including clearance or sale items and take note free shipping too. BOOM! How I liked that?

If I didn’t wait, I could have paid more for this item than the price I got it for. Imagine this crossbody bag retails from $39.99 and only paid $10 plus tax final price after site promo and a coupon certificate worth $20! Ain’t that sweet? I am happy because the thing I really want finally in my closet for a fraction of a price than what most people normally pay. It’s sooo cute and beautiful!

 photo aldo_zpsgcxwyopk.jpg

My First Purse Purchase for this Year

I am excited for a package to arrive, inside it, is my first Coach purse tote purchase of this year, haha. For the record, I haven’t been buying purses simply I lost interest with them for a while. A friend showed me this particular item last week and I thought, why not buy it? Mother’s Day is coming so it serves as a gift for myself and also, the price was right for such a cute and feminine tote like this.

I did not hesitate checking it out because it is my kind of purse, I love the zip top closure among other types of purses. I feel safer using zip top you know? I can very well use this in the Philippines someday. I prefer using zip top purses while I am out of the country because you’ll never know when you can become a victim of pick pocketing, there are so many of them in the Philippines and using just magnetic closure purses are so inviting for those criminals.

I love the look of this tote so much, it has soft feminine prints with adjustable straps that could be made into a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. I hope the size is right when it arrives. For now I am so anxious to get it here and adore it, haha!

 photo coach_zps8fc34538.png

Coach Getaway Signature Packable Crossbody – This is the Last One

I bought this Coach brass/orange spice crossbody bag because I feel like I need it! Every time I buy me a new purse whether it be a tote, shoulder bag, body bag or wristlet, I tell myself THIS IS THE LAST ONE! But who am I kidding? I am fooling myself, right? Because here I am again, I found myself checking out from Coach factory website 40 minutes ago. I should not regret for buying this for “I REALLY NEED IT”. I hope it is the perfect size for me to be using everyday to fit my valuables when sending my kid to school.

I got a couple of the same brand handbags in my closet, a few of them still have tags, others I’ve only used once but why the heck am I buying another one again? Sniff! Sniff! I am so high right now. I just fueled my worldly wants. I have been thinking of buying a crossbody bag but been also putting it off knowing that I am trying to save some money for future use.

Duh blah blah, I fell inlove with this yellow color so I went ahead and checked out, I thought the price was okay but when shipping and tax added up, it went up to $74 total. No, I don’t want to regret it since I paid cash through my blogging money for it but heck… the fact that I am buying another bag (conscience) haunting me.

 photo coach_zps978514fe.png
… left photo is just to show how it looks on me… it’s the one on the right is the color I bought… I know it’s weird and crazy color but it’s interesting to look at.

I’m Selling Two of My Dooney & Bourke Handbags

People who know me especially women know that I am addicted to purses which I admit is true. I don’t have that many purses but I have enough more than I can use. I don’t own those designer handbags either. I only settle for middle brands like Dooney & Bourke, Coach and Guess but mostly the first two simply because of the budget, lol.

Anyway, enough talking. I just want to let my readers know that I am selling two of my Dooneys as a LOT for $85 plus shipping. If anybody interested in buying these two, please leave me a message or email me. They are still in  excellent condition with few minor scratches. See information below.

It is painful to say goodbye to them (they are the first two handbags I bought with my hard earned blogging money so they are kind of sentimental to me) but I have to make space in my closet. Besides, I don’t use them anymore simply because of the size. I have a baby and I need ample space for diapers and wipes, lol. The lucky buyer will be pleased to have them because I take care of my handbags and they are always placed in a dust bag.

 photo 1057615_10152047065254517_1703091329_n_zpsf69f0821.jpg
Up for sale is this LOT of 2 AUTHENTIC Dooney and Bourke cute handbags for only $85 for both. They are slightly used and in excellent condition. I take care of my handbags and they are very well kept so rest assured what you are buying are pretty. Both of the handbags come with registration cards which prove that they are authentic.

The first handbag is a North/South bucket bag- gray/white color with a light scratch near the buckle which is shown in the third photo above and some light scratches in the bottom of the rim, they are minor scratches and are not very obvious. Inside is clean and pretty with a style sticker still on. NO rips, no holes
Measures: 11W x 9 1/2L

The second one is a bucket bag,zip top closure in blue/yellow color, it is clean and no stains. Style sticker is still on. NO rips, holes. Measures 11W x 6L

FIRM PRICE! And please serious buyers only!

Michael Kors Handbag for My Birthday

I take pride in every handbag I buy for me because it is a fruit of my own labor. When it comes to things like these, I don’t ask money from my husband just so I can buy my “want”. And since my birthday is drawing near, buying a designer handbag would be a great excuse. This is my first ever Michael Kors handbag and don’t laugh at me. This is just the beginning. Gotta save up some moolah and hunt for bargains next time.

I couldn’t resist the appealing deal Macy’s had last weekend. When I went to the mall last Friday, I did not even think of buying an expensive handbag although I had a plan of buying the much cheaper ones. I was in a handbag department and browsed a while, I saw this great sign for MKs of 25% off plus take an additional 20% off sign. The style shown below was originally priced for $178, after the two discounts, it came down to $106 but I paid $115 total including tax.

While a few of you think it is a little bit too much for a handbag, but it’s Michael Kors you know? They don’t normally come down to that price. They normally are pricey (well for me who has no money!). Photo on the left is the MK bag I brought home with me last weekend.

 photo trmks6osh45enka055gutkz9cu1bo9bt_zps894513cb.jpg

Overly-Priced Coach Handbags

I see quite a few people here in the Philippines wearing or using Coach handbags especially in Davao. I was curious, where did they buy their handbags or do they have family/relatives abroad and gave them the handbags?

Out of my curiosity, I asked the sales lady in one of the popular shops in Abreeza mall called “Maze” and asked how much is the price for their Coach handbags and MKs. She said, the coach is 14,000 pesos and is genuine. I was a bit shocked since that is a lot of money to be paying for a handbag to think the size of the handbag I was pointing at was a small size.

In the US, I bought my large size body bag for $125 at an outlet store and I thought it was already expensive but no, it costs more here in the Philippines.

Those ladies I saw using the Coach ones were probably class A handbags because it would almost be too impossible to buy an authentic one while the most priority commodity to buy here is RICE and viands. Just my thoughts…