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Filipino Dishes

There are times when I crave for some dishes and they are a bit complicated to do or prepare, I would do it for the sake of satisfying not just the craving of my stomach but my kids’ also. Luckily though, some of these dishes/ ingredients are available to buy in Walmart or things I already have in the freezer.

I love meat especially pork with some fats attached to it. Why? Because, fats bring out the true flavor of pork. I just think it is boring to just eat the meat alone. For instance, when making a Filipino style pork on skewers, you will see there’s some fats cut up into decent sizes and put them on skewers.

Here’s how I did my Filipino Style Barbecue.

I marinated the meat/fats with a bit of sprite, Filipino soy sauce, ground black pepper, apple cider vinegar and a pinch of sea salt. Let it sit for two days in the refrigerator. I grilled mine the “old fashion Filipino way” I did not use a fancy egg grill, instead just laid three rocks on the dirt, lit the real charcoal and waited until it was ready.

When the meat is cooked and almost ready to be taken out of the grill, I wanted my bbq to smell and look good by basting it with Filipino ketchup/oil on both sides.


We all know, roasted pork is most loved by almost all Filipinos in the Philippines. They are available everywhere since it is a big business in my country. Though a bit expensive, yet people are able to afford a whole pig or by kilo.

In America, we crave for this but there are only very few Filipinos that do this. What we do instead is buy a pork roast bone-in at Walmart or pork belly, season it the way we want it with the presence of “lemongrass“. Baking the meat for 250 for 2-3 hours and broil the skin to give it a nice brown crispy taste when it is done. Lechon craving solved! Serve with hot rice of course to make it a perfect meal for everyone to enjoy except picky Americans.


A New Bag After a Long Time

I love purses and they are one of my treats. I know I work very hard these days and I deserve a nice treat which is this MK crossbody I bought at Premium Outlet in Grand Prairie, Tx last weekend. After putting off buying a purse for such a very long time, I gave up and went ahead, indulge! It is not bad I think knowing that I earned the money I used to buy this.

I wanted a Vanilla Michael Kors bag, like I said above… been putting it off and saved my money instead. For a medium-sized crossbody and a little under $100 after 60% off discount isn’t so bad after all. While some people putting a smirk face on items bought at outlets maybe because a lot of customers already touched and put their finger prints on every item displayed in the shelf, I have no problem buying there anyway.

By observing other customers while in the store, I found out that you can actually ask for a new item in the back from from the sales associate. I asked for one shown below with straps still wrapped for protection, so for me it is still considered “new”.

I love it! I love the size and the color. It is lightweight and I am anxious using it soon. It has 4 different compartments inside for your little valuables and a separate zipped compartment as well. I made a good purchase I believe and I should not feel guilty for buying a new one albeit of the many purses still new hidden in my closet!

 photo mk_zpsezzpskrw.jpg

 photo mk1_zpswovliz76.jpg

 photo mk2_zpsz55ez9ep.jpg

Chicken Noodle Soup Vs Pizza

Sometimes I cook or prepare two different meals for me and my family. While my children love eating Filipino foods, there are certain dishes that they do not want instead they ask for an American food. One example is photo below. While I enjoyed my noodle soup so much, the girls, however, preferred eating pizza.

For me, Filipino foods are the best. They are filling and satisfying to my stomach plus it they are healthier for I always put some veggies on my soup and some garlic and onions which are known to be beneficial to our health. So, I will not exchange it over pizza or mac and cheese. My children have a taste of both American and Filipino foods because I tend to cook my food all the time and they eat most of it, if not all.

I am just lucky my girls aren’t picky, they eat whatever I give them, otherwise, they go hungry.

 photo food_zpst8ewfwzu.jpg

SHOOin Shoe Bags for All Travel

I received this free shoe bags called SHOOin for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are mine.

I love possessing this precious pair of shoe bags for travel purposes. I can now be at ease that my clothes in a cramped luggage will stay clean because of this beautiful, high quality and durable SHOOin shoe bags. Since they are stretchable, I can actually put in a pair of shoe in one bag. Since I received two, two pairs are safe inside the bag.

If you want to buy it, look for this product on Amazon for only $13.99 PRIME. These are not only used for travel, mind you. They can also be used going to the gym and or storage under your bed or in the closet to keep your shoes from getting dust.

Here are top reasons why you should own SHOOin;
PACK SHOES MORE EASILY in cramped luggage with two separate contoured bags.
KEEP YOUR CLOTHES CLEAN by storing your shoes in high quality nylon-spandex bags.
SECURE YOUR SHOES with a dependable drawstring and cord lock to keep bags closed.
ENJOY WORRY-FREE TRAVELS with durable and flexible material that is built to last.
BE PREPARED FOR ANY ADVENTURE, whether it’s abroad, backpacking, or a daily trip to the local gym.

 photo shooin_zps0ryt58k3.jpg

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Beautiful Accessories through Instajunction

Are you thinking of giving gifts to the people close to your heart this Christmas? I have a great recommendation to you which you should try out, you will be very pleased of their products. This can be done by turning your Instagram photos into beautiful accessories through Instajunction. Save 25% off by using promo code : LOY25C9P at the check out on anything you like. This code is good until December midnight 31st , 2013.

I recently received great stuff from them that put a smile on my and family’s face. Find below photos what I got in the mail from Instajunction. I honestly couldn’t be happier of my order.

I got at least 2 keyring sets with back to back photo each, magnets, a big sticker and discount magnet for my next purchase as well as discount for my friends.

 photo instajpg4_zpsf9d7fe99.jpg

Here are good reasons why you should order and give gifts from Instajunction.

1. There are so many products to choose from that could turn your pictures into an awesome and valuable gifts. Products like coasters, polaroid style cards, mini books, posters, magnets, greeting cards, framed prints, wall calendar, vinyls, luxury aluminum plates, keyrings, charm bracelets, cufflinks and wrapping paper. These come from high quality printing materials.

2. Easy to get started. You can select photos to upload directly from your Instagram account or direct from your own computer.

3. Perfect for gifts! Cute little accessories that they can bring anywhere they go such as the cufflinks, mini charm bracelets or the keyrings.

4. Fast turnaround. All orders printed and dispatched via First Class Post within 2-3 working days.

5. Great Customer Service. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Truly highly recommended for you guys that if you prefer customized/personalized gifts to people who matter to you. Old memories can keep alive through these products. Not convinced enough? You should check out their Facebook Pagefor more awesome blog reviews, news and or latest information about the company itself. Or follow them on Twitter. I have followed them and you should too!

 photo insta_zps4f759fef.jpg
…….photos above and below are my 2 set keyrings showing two sides of them with different photos on each keyring. Now I can bring my family with me wherever I go along with our other keys. If a friend want to see a photo of my girls, I can easily hand the keyring to her so she can see how beautiful my girls are.
 photo instajpg1_zpsb7250bfd.jpg

 photo instajpg2_zps69ef702e.jpg
…… photo magnets is my second favorite, magnets on the refrigerator door are great help to keeping the bills, important notes or drawings of my girls from falling. Not only I could see them every time I go to the kitchen but they also serve their purpose. Photo magnets are a cute way to send someone from afar photos of your family for remembrance.
 photo instajpg3_zps321cda01.jpg

I’m Selling Two of My Dooney & Bourke Handbags

People who know me especially women know that I am addicted to purses which I admit is true. I don’t have that many purses but I have enough more than I can use. I don’t own those designer handbags either. I only settle for middle brands like Dooney & Bourke, Coach and Guess but mostly the first two simply because of the budget, lol.

Anyway, enough talking. I just want to let my readers know that I am selling two of my Dooneys as a LOT for $85 plus shipping. If anybody interested in buying these two, please leave me a message or email me. They are still in  excellent condition with few minor scratches. See information below.

It is painful to say goodbye to them (they are the first two handbags I bought with my hard earned blogging money so they are kind of sentimental to me) but I have to make space in my closet. Besides, I don’t use them anymore simply because of the size. I have a baby and I need ample space for diapers and wipes, lol. The lucky buyer will be pleased to have them because I take care of my handbags and they are always placed in a dust bag.

 photo 1057615_10152047065254517_1703091329_n_zpsf69f0821.jpg
Up for sale is this LOT of 2 AUTHENTIC Dooney and Bourke cute handbags for only $85 for both. They are slightly used and in excellent condition. I take care of my handbags and they are very well kept so rest assured what you are buying are pretty. Both of the handbags come with registration cards which prove that they are authentic.

The first handbag is a North/South bucket bag- gray/white color with a light scratch near the buckle which is shown in the third photo above and some light scratches in the bottom of the rim, they are minor scratches and are not very obvious. Inside is clean and pretty with a style sticker still on. NO rips, no holes
Measures: 11W x 9 1/2L

The second one is a bucket bag,zip top closure in blue/yellow color, it is clean and no stains. Style sticker is still on. NO rips, holes. Measures 11W x 6L

FIRM PRICE! And please serious buyers only!

The Newly Renovated Victoria’s Secret Store in Hulen Mall

It’s undeniable that Victoria’s Secret is a favorite shop for almost all women including me because of their fun, colorful, stylish, fresh and always new line of lingerie, clothing, beauty and make up plus the fact that they send out pretty good coupons to their loyal customers that keep them coming to their shops. I, for one love love love Victoria’s Secret so much. I love their lotions, mists, bras and pantie most especially because I think I own 10 free panties from them already, lol.

Anyhow, take a peek of the newly renovated Victoria’s Secret store in Hulen Mall. Shopping here has never been more colorful and oh the walls inside out are just pink. When me and my girl went there for the first time after its renovation, were like WOWED for how pink it is inside. So beautiful, so girly and oh so pink! I think the new look will encourage more and more women to shop from them. Here’s what I feel when I am inside, I feel so feminine and like a Princess for a while.

 photo 1061072_10152039977959517_83436187_n_zps15f35649.jpg
 photo 1058809_10152040302899517_1655818987_n1_zps59085d10.jpg

My Photo Brag Book

 photo mailpix001_zps79617a40.jpg

I do have a wonderful family and I think my friends and people around me know that. We do have two gorgeous girls that are growing so fast so I make it sure I don’t miss every milestone and cute moments they do for I know they are going to be young once. Capturing those moments is very important that is why I always have my digital camera within reach.

Obviously, I take a lot of photos and most of them are stored in my computer, a few of them are already printed out. I am waiting for the time when I can print all of them through an online digital photo printing service and hopefully bring the print outs for my family to see in the Philippines.

Anyhow, I received this very neat brag book from and I love it. I think it is very cool to own one of their brag books. I love the way they make it. As you can see, it has a transparent good quality photo cover and has a spring on the side very similar to that of a spiral notebook. The only difference is that, it is a spiral brag book. I know they do have photo products to choose from but I chose to have my photos printed in a brag book. Anyway, I can always order a different style next time I want hard copies of my photos. You guys should check them out too!

Sultry Look Of Avril Lavigne

I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne from  my younger years until now. I have not seen her latest videos nor heard her latest songs because life has been so busy with me here. Recently, yahoo featured her sultry lingerie look as a gift to her fans on their homepage. She has gone from skater girl to seductress in her newest video “Goodbye” as she dedicated it to her fans as she closed out the last leg of her recent “Black Star” tour, the video follows her around celebrity hideout Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles wearing little more than heels and black lingerie. As sexy as she looks, the 27-year-old Canadian singer is practically unrecognizable out of her tomboy uniform of a t-shirt and jeans. Has she gone too extreme in an attempt to be more mature?

I actually like how she looks in her sexy lingerie in these photos. I don’t see it as offensive either instead, she just embrace her thin body and loves her own skin.

The music video can be seen here

Weekend in San Antonio

We just arrived home from a long and tiring drive from San Antonio. I am so sleepy and hungry, I don’t know what to do first… I don’t understand what I feel, I so wanted to go sleep but how can I if I’m too hungry?
Might as well finish uploading photos from our visit to San Antonio yesterday with all the beautiful pictures in Botanical Garden with Jean. We visited her before I could pop this baby out. We took her to the garden and I can tell she had fun. She even said it was the best day after two years. That means she hasn’t gone out for 2 years? If I were her, I would be crazy by then not being able to see places in 2 years. More photos from the trip will be posted in all my blogs so watch for it guys!

……. above photo is of Jadyn, myself and Jean resting for a while before going to the rose garden

……… entrance of the exhibit room

…. beautiful flowers in such a beautiful day with beautiful family…