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CVS Thanksgiving Freebies

Free is good and I love it. Free paid for by your neighbors is bad and I don’t like that idea. So, if you haven’t head out to CVS this week, better go asap as these freebies are only good until tomorrow. I scored a few items that I use and are useful to my family worth $12.47. I could have scored more but when I went to the other CVS store, some items are out and I can’t force them to sell me the stuff I want if they are out, lol.

Anyway, I only paid $2+ out of pocket for all this since I had $10 extrabucks on hand. Goodies are good, eh! I used two cards for this, of course!

Items below;

1 CVS trial pack boys training pants

2 CVS brand pantiliners

2 Colgate toothpastes at $3 each ( I used (2) red machine printed coupons $2.50 and (2) .50 manufacturer coupons

2 CVS travel wipes

2 Extra gum sticks

1 Luden cough drops

1 sour patch gum

1 CVS adult gummies

1 sample Centrum vitamints

 photo cvsfreebie_zps9w45q7rx.jpg

Couponing: CVS Haul 11/27/2012


HERE’S MY SCENARIO to give you an idea how I came up with the savings I got for this haul today.

CVS Haul 11/27/2012
TOTAL: $61.30

First transaction my card

1 6pk olay bars $5.50
1 olay body lotion $5.50

Manufacturer’s coupons used:
1/$1 olay bar soap
1/$1 body lotion

and rolled my ecbs from yesterday


Second transaction, my husband’s card:

1 pack of charmin $5.99
2 cover girl lipsticks $7.99 and $3.99 for the other one
BOGO 50% off
2 dawn 99 cents each
2 Gillette male disposable razors $10.99 each

Manufacturer coupons used:
1 $4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon
1/.25 charmin mq
1/$4 cover girl lipstick mq
1 gillette mq buy one get one free razor

Today I saved: $37.90
RECEIVED: $10 ecb back…

The Convenience Of Online Pharmacy

I love how easy and convenient things are done here even getting your prescription drugs at the pharmacy, you don’t have to wait in long lines instead drop your prescriptions at the drive thru or have your doctor’s office call it in so your medications will be ready in an hour.

When I went to the dentist’s office last Monday for a root canal and deep cleaning, I was given an antibiotic prescription by the dentist and she asked me if she can call it in or should I order the medications myself and told her I will do it myself because I didn’t know our pharmacy’s phone number.

People are always busy here in America therefore, waiting for a long period of time at the pharmacy is not their thing. They ¬†buy or order drugs at their preferred online pharmacy. Examples of these drugs are zanaflex 4mg and also you can buy tramadol online. Amazing isn’t it?

Back in my home country things are done differently. I don’t think buying medications online is possible. You always to go to the nearest pharmacy personally and bring your prescriptions along with you and mind you, there is not a single pharmacy there that is not busy. Always at any time of the day there are people falling in line, waiting for the slow service of the pharmacists and cashiers. I am not criticizing them I am just stating a fact you know? Those who have lived there would say the same thing too.