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Ouch It Hurts

I spit a small amount of blood this morning when I gurgled some water.Blood? Must be serious eh? In my case,it’s not that serious.It’s just that I love picking my nose so hard that it bleeds and I won’t stop even if it means hurting myself until I see some redness inside.

It sounds gross but I can minimize it and probably forget about my nose.I only do it when I am bored hehe.And that blood that I spit,it was from my nose that passed through the tube that connects the air passage to my mouth,I don’t know how to call it but I am certain there’s an exact medical word for that’s all my story.

Computer Headache

I wanted to stop my blogging but I can’t.I just can’t.I am getting tired of sitting on the computer all day and only make a few bucks.All of my time wasted waiting for opps to come out can’t pay with it.Worse,I tend to forget that I have a baby and that I forget to feed her sometimes.

It haunted me knowing that I take priority my blogging than my baby.I promise though that it will not going to happen again.Argsss,it is weekend and yet I am still on my computer.I suppose to havea break you know? Eyes are heavy and having a slight head at this moment.Hope it will go away as the night pass through.

Pretty Good Day

I thought I am going to be zero in my blogging today because when PPP gave out some opps this morning I was not able to grab one.Fortunately though that they gave out another batch of opps later tonight and that I was able to grab 3 $8.50’s and the gray 12 bucks went yellow and I got it.That is good enough for me.

When passed midnight Eastern Time,I got another 11 bucks which will be counted for tomorrow..yeyy atleast my hardwork paid off.Ok,let me sign out from here now guys,pretty darn tired now.Been sitting on the computer all day.Bottom’s hurting so bad,I have back aches and leg cramps.

Until tomorrow.Ohh we have 2 appointments diay gani almost forgot about that.We have to take our baby to her Pediatrician and my husband to the dentist afterwards.Wewww gonna be busy beauty namu tomorrow.Ciao!

I Love John Rambo

I rarely find action movies that can catch my attention.It’s just that action movies is not my cup of tea.I prefer love stories,drama and you know horror movies.My husband and I watched Rambo 4 movie the last couple of nights ago and man until now I still keep thinking about how good that movie was.I loved Sylvester Stallone in the movie,he is one of a kind!

I kept bugging him to rent me the previous Rambo movies 1,2 and 3 because I wanna watched.No wonder why Rambo is so popular because it is such a very good movie.


John Rambo


Summer Go Away

I don’t like the temperatures anymore.Summery hot! Scorching my head as if you can fry an egg on top of my head.As much as possible I don’t like going outside during daytime, I wouldn’t mind staying in the house all day than to suffer heat dry air.

Summertime goes from June to August,3 long months before we can experience a most comfortable and friendly weather here in Texas.

This is My Life

My life is being a mom and a blogger at once.When I am on the computer,I make sure my baby is also well taken care of or else I’ll be in trouble. There is only one way to do it,have my baby beside me where I can see and be able to talk to her at the same time tapping my computer.I have to do multi tasking or the day will end and not doing anything or making money that is.

Me When I Was Still A Virgin

I am all out of words tonight.I feel bored and yet not a single word or interesting entry that I can think of posting on this blog.Bueno,I can compare myself before and after pregnancy.I used to weigh just 86 lbs. before baby and now after 4 months of having Jadyn in our lives,my weight dramatically went up to 106 pounds.My belly is still here but I am optimisitc that it’s gonna shrink in 4 months time.
..this was me when I was still a virgin.Looking dili makabasag pinggan…
…me after I think 4 weeks after having a baby..trying to look cute nalang kay nagkalapad ako fes..este face diay..tambok ayo ko no?

Sick Dog

She’s always been a “daddy’s dog” since she came home 5 months ago.Wherever her dad is,expect her to be there too,on his lap.The perfect place for her to be sitting.
When we drove to San Antonio last couple weeks,she went with us since nobody was home and no one will take care of her so might as well bring her with us.

It is such a long drive going down there so expect for the poor dog to be sick on our way there.She throw up twice and it was gross.I can’t blame her though,she was just sick.I took a snap of her being on her dad’s shoulder as we’re driving on the road.

Payment Day Tomorrow

Yayy,other blogging site’s payment schedule tomorrow.I am going to expect to be paid for my hardwork for the last 2 weeks with a total amount of 90 bucks.It’s not much compared to the biggest blogging site, triple P but sure good enough to add up my savings in paypal.I’m happy with it,better than not having an income at all.

Imagine I am just a full time mom and earning a bit at the same time while staying at home.There is no boss around that commands me what to do,I don’t have to work with other people and mingle with different personalities.Though it is quite a bit tiring but it is ok,I am comfy working in our own home plus I can look after my baby personally.Thanks God for the Blessing everyday!