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12 Full Size Bottles of Victoria’s Secret Mists and Lotions for Under $5

If you follow this blog, you should have read the entry I wrote about how to get freebies from Victoria’s Secret. Here’s one of those freebies I just took advantage today at their store. Twelve full size bottles of mists and lotions plus a pair of undies for just under $5. How is that possible?

Well, it is very possible, just read on.

I have collected 6 secret reward cards in total throughout their giveaway days, 4 of which I got just by sending them stamps and envelopes in snail mail. 2 from shopping online and their store. Anyway, I bought these items pictured below because they are the cheapest I can see in their store right now, 2/$10. I used six secret reward cards worth $10 each and a free panty coupon that they sent me in the mail. Regular price of each bottle is $18.

$4.75 is the exact amount I paid today, that’s literally just taxes! All of these are just FREE!

You might be wondering what am I gonna do with all these? To answer your question, I am sending them all in a box to the Philippines for my family to enjoy or sell them there. I am one happy Victoria’s Secret shopper here!

 photo P1013148_zps54zbkc2d.jpg

How To Earn Freebies from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works

I tell you what, I can go to the mall and not spending any dime for items I wear and use everyday, instead, bringing them home for free. Loyalty to one’s store pays off, once you become their loyal customer, rest assured, you will get many freebies ahead of you!

I don’t buy my panties anymore. Most of them are free from PINK by Victoria’s Secret. My bras are all PINK too, although I did not get them for free but at least, I got them at discounted items plus a whole lot more free stuff from them. Same goes with lotions from Bath and Body Works store. I have a couple of travel size BBW lotions free from them as well.

Here’s I do it.

1. Become a member by applying for a Victoria’s Secret or Pink credit card. You can apply in person at their store or online.
2. When you shop in-store, do not hesitate to provide your email and physical address so they can track your purchases and so they can send you brochures, coupons and other promos to your home address in the future.
3. The more you shop, the more you get coupons from them. Once you have your VS credit card, always swipe it for points. Certain points earned will be equivalent to certain reward card in the future when you reach the threshold they set for you.
4. Also, if you choose to shop online. Sign up on EBATES and search for your favorite store through their site to earn cashback when you check out successfully. First time members, receive $ too!

As for Bath and Body Works, it pretty much work the same way as Victoria’s Secret since they are sister companies only I don’t hold a BBW credit card but I do provide my email to them when they ask in store plus I have been a long time customer to this store so coupons arrive in our mailbox once in a while.

….. PINK panties and BBW lotion I got for free the other day with the use of coupons they sent me to our home address. That is $20 plus savings there for both items.
 photo VSFREE.png_zpsgbxzifw0.jpeg

Dried Anchovy and Danggit are Like Gold

Dried fish, dried anchovy or dried squid are salty yet it’s every Filipino’s craving and favorite wherever they may be in the world. When you are far from your home country and have been away for so long, you can’t help but long to eat this dried stuff for the poor.

Dried fish is treated like “gold” because it is not always available in certain parts of the country, in the USA, for example. Not everyone can buy this at the Asian store or they live out in the country area.

I consider myself lucky because I can get to visit my home country every two years and each time I come back here in the US, I make sure I bring a kilo or two of my favorite variety of dried fish. Although, we don’t live far from the Asian store, I don’t buy their stuff. They are products from the Philippines, yes, but they are too salty plus they are too expensive. For an anchovy in small pack that is not even 1/4 of a kilo it’s $9. Imagine that.

So here, have a taste of my fried anchovy and dried danggit. I’ve had it for several months trying to forget it’s in the refrigerator so it can last until next year.

 photo buwad_zpskhrha7ii.jpg

Sausage on Sale

I found this deal yesterday at Fiesta Mart. They’ve got a lot of sale going on in their store but this one caught me the most. There’s a better deal for this kind of sausage someplace else but it was a coincidence I went there and their sale has just started.

Two dozens of sausages might be lot you would think but hey, I am saving a dozen to put in my box to send to the Philippines. Thought of buying enough while they are still on sale as you can see the two tags displaying its original price per can and the sale price.

Stocking up on cans like this is good on days when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time standing in the kitchen cooking or just the idea that you got something to grab in the pantry in case something bad happens outside.

 photo sausage_zpsxcfteedy.jpg

Perfect Cooked Rice on a Stove Top

In America, things are done fast and easy with the help of technology. Almost everything can be done in a flick of a finger, this includes cooking rice. Most people use a rice cooker in order to cook a perfect rice for meals.

I don’t know for some reason what got into my husband’s mind when he opted to choose cooking rice manually just like what we normally do in the Philippines by putting rice grains in a pot and on the stove top. He did not say anything or ask me how to do it. He just went on and did his thing.

When I came back from across the street an hour later, there it was! A perfectly cooked rice on a stove top greeted me in the kitchen. I was amazed because, for someone like him who probably have not done that method of cooking would have burned the rice. It resulted to an edible cooked rice, haha. Salute to the husband who was not afraid to risk burning the rice that day!

 photo rice_zps8g7ocvm7.jpg

Using Essential Oil Diffuser Help Me Tremendously with My Allergy

I remember during those early years of living here in the US that I did not have allergy of sort. It was then after I had my first born that I begun developing a sensitivity to pollen in Spring. Unless you suffer an allergy, you can relate what I am talking about. One thing is certain though that it sucks and it is not easy dealing with it.

I also noticed that as seasons change, I suffer different seasonal allergies. Even Winter is not an exception. Right now, I have this stubborn allergy that wakes me up at 2-3 at dawn. My nostrils would start to be very ticklish as if somebody’s screwing my nose with a cat’s tail inside then it will be followed with sneezing and water nose. It won’t leave me alone unless I blow my nose and will continue to do that for the next hour or so.

Since I received this free diffuser and essential oils for my review in exchange of my honest review on Amazon, I have used it for three nights now and I can say, it alleviates my allergy and I am not sneezing or miserable compared to the nights before I had these things.

I am just beyond thankful I have them now and most especially, it did not cost me money! I am using two essential oils, eucalyptus mixed with either lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, orange oils! It is working for me. The vapor I inhale from the diffuser to open up my passages and it puts me to a restful sleep in the evening.

Anyone who has allergies should try using essential oils in the diffuser. It might also work for you all.

 photo P2072450_zpskh1gnrlj.jpg

Tuna Steak Soup is Just What I Need

There are times in your life when you don’t want to spend too much time standing in the kitchen cooking, then this delicious tuna steak soup is perfect to make. I don’t feel good and all I need is this kind of clear watery soup as what my husband call it.

Just a tomato, 3-4 pieces small cut tuna steak fish, some onion leaves, a piece of ginger, sword pepper or what call in Bisaya ” siling espada”, half of knorr cubes, a pinch of salt and voila! It only takes 30 minutes from preparation and cooking. The result is awesome goodness hot and delicious soup that I like especially if it is served with a bowl of newly cooked rice paired with steamed veggies and fried dried fish!

 photo tinuwa_zpsichua3vx.jpg

Kicking off 2016 with the #CheersVoxBox

Kicking off 2016 with the thanks to . I received these products for free from #Influenster. Looking forward to testing these full size Suave Biotin shampoo and conditioner, Way Better snacks and Dr. Teal’s epsom salt for days to come.

I love trying out new products and give my honest opinions after using them. Not only I receive free perks from companies but also I am hoping to give some insights and ideas to other shoppers before they spend their money on something new or a product they haven’t tested before.


Great Deal on Clothing and Shoes at Old Navy Store

I’ve been back to Old Navy store twice already. It is not my habit to go back to the store and shop a lot of clothing but when I find real deep discounts on clothing and shoes for the kids, I wouldn’t mind driving there twice or more.

Last Friday last week, Old Navy had a promotion buy 2 clearance items get 1 free. That promo only lasedt for three days. I was able to avail that on Friday, bought quite a lot of slippers, boy shorts and some adult tops starting from 47 cents up to a little over $5. I spent only $27 plus that day plus I got a $10 Old Navy super cash certificate.

Yesterday I went back again and I was not disappointed. I found more awesome merchandise that are less than a dollar each. More shorts for the boys, slippers and slip on shoes for both girls and boys, some shorts for the girls at 47-97 cents. Imagine how amazing that is? Although the buy 2 get 1 free item promo has ended, I still think I got a good deal on my second haul. Some of which will be shipped to my relative in Oregon for she requested me to buy some for her siblings too.


…. photo below are just 97 cents per pair. Ever wonder why I ¬†bought a lot of this? Well, they will go into my balik-bayan box to be sent to my brother and nephews in the Philippines.

 photo onfind_zpseohpvujm.jpg

… shorts and t-shirts for my little brother, 47 cents each, a dollar for the t-shirts.
 photo onfind1_zpsofz0tgkq.jpg

…. stylish little girls’ shoes for 97 cents, shorts 97 cents for the girls. I should say, boys shorts are 50 cents cheaper than girls and they are thick and comfy materials.
 photo onfind2_zpseexjxmap.jpg

 photo onfind3_zpsghz6uyos.jpg

Deals on Vitamins at CVS this Week 1/3-9/16

Here’s a good deal worth driving to CVS this week, a deal on vitamins with tons to choose from. Brands like CVS brand, nature made, nature bounty and Disney are buy one get one free! It is even better if you have manufacturer coupons and store coupon printed from the red machine last week to stack altogether. I got $4 off of $25 vitamin purchase for that and a $5 ecb along with a few manufacturer coupons.

These vitamins could easily cost me over $60 but with the use of coupons, I was able to save 75% of the price for all this. I am pleased with my shopping trip because I only paid $19.90 including tax for vitamins that could last for months, these are of course for me and for our girls.

Another deal I am aiming to avail this week is the Aveeno cleansing bars which will then give me $10 ecb back, no need for coupons for this. Hopefully when I go to the store on Saturday, there’ll be stocks left in the shelf before the promo ends.

 photo vits_zpszl8sm6rh.jpg