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Abercrombie And Fitch’s 40% Sale On Hoodies and 50% On Jeans

Do you guys love shopping at this popular brand of clothing called Abercrombie and Fitch? They currently offer 40% off on their hoodies online and in store, offer ends tomorrow as well as 50% off on jeans for men and women. Hurry now for it is the last day of their jeans sale. You don’t wanna miss this out, do you?

I always love how soft and comfortable A&F’s material used in their clothing but I can only buy one or two tees at a time when they are on sale because they are a bit pricey for me if I buy them in original price.

Free Shipping Code

Boots lovers, take advantage of the free shipping deal that Alloy is offering right now. I am not supposed to spread the coupon I believe for they sent me the code as EMAIL EXCLUSIVE for members only but I am too kind to let others enjoy the free shipping. Why not visit the online store now, buy that pair of boots you like for 50% off and enter the code FROST in checkout.

I bought mine and I’m happy I waited for a while before deciding to buy anything at Alloy otherwise I could’ve wasted my money paying the shipping!

Humorous Enough?

Express yourself with this famous Foulmouthshirts funny tee shirts are shirts for humorous people, they are not for the weak. There is nowhere else you can find these humorous t-shirts but at Or buy in bulk to give out to your closest foul mouth friends this Christmas. Yes, this can definitely brighten up their day especially if the print on the shirt describes about them or expresses their personality. So what do you waiting for? Browse for funny tees online now.

Bundle Up With Fleece Jacket

I love the idea that it is getting colder everyday. I don’t spend much time outside so it is alright with me and my kids to be cold for we don’t have business outside and spend most of our day inside. During the weekend when we usually do our shopping and other errands, we have no choice but go out and get them over with. With that said, before bringing the kids out, I make sure they are bundled up with cozy and comfortable fleece jackets so they won’t shiver as we go through the day. I love the feel of the fleece material on my skin, so soft and just comfortable. I would love to have one or any of the northface fleece wear I have seen on the internet yesterday. They are kind of expensive but most of their women fleece jackets are on sale plus free shipping on orders over $35 so that makes it a kind of a deal.

Fun Hobby This Summer

I really think that some people’s hobbies are interesting. One for example is using those garretts metal detectors for buried treasure underground. Although few find it weird, but for me it is just as exciting as playing soccer ball in an open field where people are cheering for you and your team. The only difference is that, you get to do it alone by yourself anticipating to find something valuable in the long run. By using such tool, a metal detector that is you will never know what you can find underneath. Finding coins, jewelry – including gold & silver rings, necklaces and more. Discover hidden relics and caches such as military memorabilia and other historical items. Walk along the shore line and find lost objects with pin-point accuracy are just few of the many treasures you might find!

Pretty Girly Stuff

I am happy with the items I bought online last week. I received them in the mail yesterday and I found out the quality of the materials used in each three items are nice. I have now a pretty red double-breasted pea coat, a stylish short sleeve off shoulder top and a stripe sweater coat all in discounted prices. I am glad I’ve waited a little longer buying the coat for I got it in much lesser price than what most online or local stores normal would cost me. Aside from that, small size fits me good that adds a big bonus to my shopping. Would definitely keep shopping at Alloy. It has now become one of my favorite online stores aside from Victoria’s Secret and Body Central.

… I finally own one decent coat for special events I’m gonna attend someday during cold days.. been wanting to have one of these for so long..

… my cute off shoulder top which will fit even if baby bump will reach up to 7 months..

…. a new stripe sweater that I can just grab when I am in a hurry…

A Good Chat

I had such a good conversation with one of my good friends in the USA last night. She made my night alive even if I was very tired but she eased my tiredness away. We talked a lot of things including her looking for a scrub because she enrolled herself to become one of the healthcare staff in the hospital near her home. Since I do a lot of reviews on this particular site, I told her to visit because they sell not only they sell scrubs for women but also nursing uniforms. This company only make the finest and most fashionable medical scrubs and medical scrub hats you can ever find on the internet. There is nowhere else you can buy your ever cutest and trendy scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats and accessories but by Get yours now and be comfortable at work.Back to the conversation with my friend, she couldn’t be more thankful to me because she find their products very cute. I am glad I was able to help her in such a little way and my help was being appreciated.

Last Major Purchase

I bought my older brother this pair of brand new Adidas Superstar shoes as my present to him. He asked for it several months ago with matching pinahangyo so I couldn’t resist but grant him his wish.
While I can have anything I want in my life, I would like to play the role of being someone who can provide little things that my family wants as long as I can afford to buy it, I am willing to do the best possible way I can.
Anyway, I purchased this pair of shoes online using my Tropicana points I have accumulated throughout these past months we’ve been drinking this specific juice brand. It only take me 4 points to be subtracted from my total points and it gave me such a sweet deal on this one.
I chose to buy it on Adidas online store for the reason that I cannot drive and if I bought it in the mall, I doubt if they’ll credit me of my points which then gave me a $10 dollar off plus free shipping. Its original price was $65 minus ten dollars that would be 55 bucks.
It would have been nearly 100 dollars if I didn’t use my coupon for I had to pay for the shipping which would cost me 5 bucks plus tax. I had to pay for the tax of course but I only paid a total of 59.96 dollars on this pair of shoes. Sweet deal, isn’t it? I hope though that it’s gonna be my last major purchase for I’m really trying to save up some money now…

Gift Giving

I talked to my brother last night who just came home from working overseas. I asked him what are his gifts for the family because I don’t want to buy them something that he already gave them. He just said he gave them a t-shirt each of them and a thousand peso each too. That is good and how kind of him to do that.On the other hand, I want to give something to my mother, something might make her happy. And since she likes jewelry, might as well look at these affordable murano jewelry pieces I just saw on the internet. I tried giving her other stuff before but she didn’t seem happy with it, never did she appreciate my presents to her. Hmppp.