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Zebra Print Travel Jewelry Case


I bought this cute zebra print travel jewelry case at two weeks ago. Animal prints are so popular these days fashion wise and whenever I see one that looks pretty and affordable to me, I’d buy it. When this travel case arrived I was a bit disappointed although it truly is cute but the quality itself is not something you can be proud of.

This is jut one of the many items I bought at that is made with cheap materials. I am still gonna be using it though despite of its poor quality.

Costumes At Milanoo Fashion

We have different ways to release stress whether it be work-related stress, family, financial and others. For some, they go to hangout with people at a disco bar, saloon or play sports. For women, shopping is the best stress reliever and I am pretty sure of that for I, myself does that when I feel stressed in the house.

Last week I bought this beautiful piece of hand painted piece of art which has a slogan in it that says, “Shopping is cheaper than therapy” and every time I talk about shopping to my husband and he starts to spin his eyes round and round, I would get it and put it close to his face so that he couldn’t argue with me more. He can’t stop me from shopping in stores or online because it is my own hard-earned money from blogging that I always use for my shopping. I love clothing, shoes, fashion jewelry and most of all I am so into handbags!

I have saved different online store in my toolbar so whenever I feel like shopping, I could just click on them one by one and begin to browse. Speaking of shopping since it is August already might as well look for that cute outfit for my girls to wear for Halloween party. My girl starts schooling last week of this month of August and for that the school will hold their own kiddie Halloween party for sure. I think choosing for the best but affordable costumes for my kids online is a good idea, that way I can view different options of sizes, price and styles of costumes.

As for adult Halloween costumes, it would be great if we browse zentai costumes because for me, theirs is unique, sleek, stylish, fashionable and you can really find almost everything or any character you would like to wear during Halloween. One pretty example for this are these flag zentai suits. If you want to look like a walking flag then this is perfect for you also these suits are best to represent a country during the Halloween party.

Or if you want something else, you may browse for cosplay costumes and pretend to be the anime cartoon character of your choice. I would recommend you to visit the site or click on any of the links above to browse for hundreds of fun and colorful costumes. Thank you very much and enjoy shopping!


Nunn Bush Shoes On Sale

You know you love shoes when the first time you lay your eyes on them and you fall in love right away. Personally, when I look for shoes I look for styles first and then the color and the price. Sometimes I get lucky shopping shoes that are marked down below $20. Other times especially buying online, I get deceived of how they look and the price and not knowing when they arrive, the shoes are not so comfortable to wear. Well, they say you get of how much you pay for certain things. The cheaper the price unless you are familiar with the brand, you know what to expect!

If you are familiar with the shoe brand called Nunn Bush then head on to the shoe because this brand is available on their site. Good news is that they are on sale! How cool is that? Isn’t that amazing to actually find your favorite brand online and are on sale? I can tell they are pretty good shoes and made of fine quality. They look very comfortable too. If you don’t know anything what to give for your husband or brother on his special day, then these shoes might be the perfect gift for them. Browse now for there are few items left of this brand and that are on sale. Also they offer free shipping all order over $49.88.

GUESS Double Charm Strawberry Heart


I bought this beautiful  Guess sweet double charm strawberry heart at 6pm.con for $14.99 two weeks ago. I am very happy of my order because it is what is pictured on the website. What attracted me to these earrings is that the unique look of the heart plus the hanging strawberries which are captivating. Even my husband asked me what’s hanging in my ears when I wore this for a try one time.

The earrings can be worn with just the heart alone or with  strawberries but for me, I prefer wearing them both as they are made to be worn together. I checked the price just a minute ago and it went up 2 dollars more.

Color Block Tiered Top From Oasap

I have always wanted to buy a color block tiered top on the internet but for some reason something is stopping me each time I tried to check out. I was hesitant because that little voice in me is saying maybe I can find this very top that I would fall in love right away on a site that I have never shopped before. I was right! When I heard about, I registered and browsed their online catalog right away and look what I found? The exact top that I ever dreamed of buying.

Who would have thought that I could find this on the internet, I just love the fitting of this top, the way it looks and most of all the materials used. So light, so comfortable and most of all I received a lot of compliments when I wore it last weekend during our short stay in San Antonio.

I found this lovely Oasap women’s high street fashion store and would like to invite you to join its Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange a post on your lookbook, chictopia or blogspot.
PS: If you join through this invite and approved to be Oasap Fashion Hunter, I’ll get $8 cash credit. You can invite your friends and get money too. Join Now.




For The Love Of Fashion, Please Join Oasap

Do you see those sweet stuff below? I just ordered them online all at free of cost including shipping. How awesome is that? I could have paid $47 for all of those but thank God, I am a first time member of this great website so they gave me 50 credits for it. If you love fashion and fashion is your passion, please Join Now. I guarantee you will not regret it instead very thankful that you’ve stumbled on this site today. This is open to fashion bloggers by the way, once approved you will receive an email from the system and voila!

…. Contrast Colored Flouncing Sleeveless Blouse for $29
……… Starfish Embellished Three Layers Necklace for $10

……Sweet Candy Shaped Bobble Earrings Plastic for $8


Multicolor Wedges


I hate it when I see something on the internet that is pretty especially if it’s a pair of wedges that is just so freaking cute and attractive. My conscience tested when it comes to things like these because it is either I just let my addiction rule over me or I stop myself from purchasing these cute wedges I found on

Cute item plus affordable price are just hard to resist I tell you. Not to mention it is free shipping and no tax. Tell me, how can you ever dodge from putting this in your cart? Photo above is a pair I keep looking since this morning, it is $19.99 a pair and absolutely love this multicolor straps!

Hey I tell you, although I’ve been eyeing this pair for days now, I’m still not putting this in the cart that means I am strong enough to say NO to this!

Glitter Leopard Silver Round Watch With Rubber Band

I promised that I will stop spending money online shopping anymore but guess what? I am eating my words. Every time I see cheap stuff on, I can’t help but check out. Humok ug ilong is me!
My latest purchase is this cute and fashionable leopard print Geneva watch for ten bucks plus shipping equals 12 bucks in total. Let’s the quality when it arrives soon. But I guess this is going to be the last for now. I would wait a bit longer before doing online shopping again…


The leopard print face on this watch creates fun and whimsy. Add in some sparkle with the cubic zirconia rhinestones around the watch bezel and you will definitely be smiling as you check the time. The rubber band strap makes the watch super comfortable, yet has the look of the classic linked band. Want to know more? • Geneva watch with analog display • Manual adjust and wind dial • Available in black, brown, grey, pink and white

Me Too Ladon

Love love love love these two pairs of Me Too Ladon I found on I believe I found the perfect flat shoes that I have been wanting to buy for myself for quite a while now. Honestly, I already had a pair of red stripe shoes put in the cart on the other shopping site ready to check out but for some reason something inside is stopping me from doing so.

But then when I checked out one morning, this is what I saw. A colorful cute flat shoes that I fell in love with right away. This time nothing is stopping me from buying these shoes so I did not hesitate to check out and buy them. Weeewwwwww bagnos napud ako Paypal folks tabang! I am truly happy of them though because each pair is now 80% off MSRP $89.00 and final price is $17.80. I don’t think I can find this kind of item in the mall at a lower price.

There was this other style of the same price with a bow in it but I love the rounded flower more. Take note, I didn’t pay anything for the shipping. Yes, you read it right… 6pm offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

P.S I got these shoes in the mail this afternoon and they look very pretty and classy. And I am also amazed at how fast the shipping is to think that it is free.



Fans Support

We all have favorite hobbies and interests. A lot of people love being involved in sports of any kind. Others just love music. While those that are avid fan of softball, football, basketball and hockey they go to a ball game or whenever their favorite team has a game and cheer for them. Most of the fans show their support buying wearing the team’s tee shirts, wear baseball cap or have an autograph taken by their favorite player after the game.

For those that are loyal to Alabama, they would show their loyalty by wearing Alabama T shirts. This of course encourages the players of team Alabama to do good and be motivated in their game because they know full well, they got thousands of fans cheering them up and supporting all the way.

If you have a team of your preference and would like to buy any items that has their name printed on it, please check out on the link above as they have all kinds of stuff you want to see and buy. All for the love and support of your favorite team, do it and I promise you will like what you see at < Go and hope you enjoy browsing cool stuff on that store.