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Shopping for Dresses is My Weakness

Dresses! Why are you so beautiful? Why are you so tempting to buy? How can I say no if seeing beautiful styles, prints and colors on one of the online stores are having all dresses for sale for $7.99 each? I found myself checked out three items in my cart just thirty minutes ago. I put them earlier but closed the window and was not going to buy them but then this little devil inside me pushed me hard to open the website again and buy them.

Blame me if I like dresses, I am a woman and dresses are my weakness not to mention, they are affordable. Dresses attached below were the items in my cart, waiting for their arrival next week and hopefully they will fit me good. I trust my selection and size, I have shopped from 10dollarmall before so I am good of the items I picked.

I love their prints and colors, as you may notice they all have some blue-ness in them, can you tell blue is my favorite color? They are MSRP for $64.99, $49.99 and $24.99 – sold on the mentioned site above for $9.99 and they’re on sale today until Sunday for $7.99 plus shipping. All three items totaled below $30. Amazing deal I got there, don’t you think? I am a happy shopper as usual!

 photo dress_zps2abc6ce4.png
 photo dress2_zps1a39a40a.png

Speedy Lobster Delivery from Canada

Lobster!!! One of my favorite catches from the sea but I don’t get to eat it very often due to the fact that it is a bit pricey here in our place. We live in North Texas, about five to six hours drive away from the ocean. Although I see lobster sold at local supermarkets here, but the prices are choking high for a one-income family. I can only get a lobster when there is a special occasion ordered from a restaurant.

I choose not to buy the ones in the grocery store because they have been frozen for how long, I don’t know. I don’t think the taste will be the same as they are freshly caught. Buying frozen lobsters in such a high price is not worth my money in my own opinion.

However, I have hope that I can try eating fresh lobster from Canada pretty soon. I am glad I can now buy lobster online canada because I now discover a website that offers fast lobster delivery canada by Speedy lobster. Photo snagged from their website makes me want to drool. I am looking at their prices online and I think I may be able to afford two or three lobsters for home delivery plus they also offer free lobster recipes that I can follow once the lobsters are here. Pretty awesome site, I am glad I found it just now.

 photo creamy-lobster_zps5d17e137.jpg

My Aeropostale Haul

This post is long overdue. But anyway, I am one of those people who loves to shop smart and anticipating for deep discount sales either in-store or online. Aeropostale had their biggest Bulldog sale a few weeks ago. My tactic was, I checked their online prices for tees and then in the weekend I visited their store and see if they are the same.

Guess what? Their physical store at the mall was .99 more. It took me days before I could visit their store so there wasn’t much left when I did so when I went back home, I checked out the items that were already in the cart. I didn’t mind paying for $4 shipping because I got prettier items online than in the store, besides, it made me save a few cents purchasing online because their normal shipping is $7 but they had a shipping promo that day so I still believe I got a deal. And oh not forgetting, I am getting a few cents back by shopping online through ebates.

I bought 4 pieces of men’s tees for $5 each for my brothers in the Philippines despite the fact that they do not appreciate the things I give them, two pieces aero bikini for my little sister and a color block yoga capri for myself. I know shopping is nice but you have to be smart enough when and what kind of stuff you’re buying so there will be no shopping remorse afterwards.

 photo 1057249_10152058224084517_790089263_n_zps20f2d82e.jpg

My Pair of Boots for Under $15 at DSW

Today is the last day of FREE SHIPPING deal no minimum purchase at I have been anticipating for that promo for a long time now. Finally, just moments ago I got to check out from their site with a pair of new Fuchsia boots, wootwoot!

I had this $20 coupon from them that I saved and today I used it for online shoe shopping! Happy me can you tell? I know it is too early to be shopping for boots but, deals like this is hard to miss so I found myself entering my credit card information on their site.

The coupon is for my husband actually but he didn’t know he has it. Greedy wife, I did not tell him and used it for my own satisfaction instead. No guilt though for I know it is okay with him haha. Assuming ang peg. Anyway, this Qupid Neo boots normally priced for $32.94 plus tax but I bought them for only $14.01 total charge including tax, what a deal. If I didn’t have the coupon and there was no free shipping deal, I would buy it because I know for sure I would only regret it once the item/s arrive.

 photo 8438f285-9f09-4f2d-950c-9db5a83f8418_zps5cd8080e.jpg

 photo 33e392fe-cf1b-49c4-9880-ed957a44be16_zpsd08629fe.jpg

womens Uggs at

Is Mother’s Day coming up? Does your wife have a birthday quickly approaching? Maybe you’re about to celebrate an important anniversary. Regardless of the reason you need a gift for the special woman in your life, there are a number of things you can choose that are sure to delight a mom, wife or even a girlfriend.

Consider purchasing a special piece of jewelry to show your love and appreciation. Most women enjoy receiving jewelry because it demonstrates how special you think she is. A ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace will go a long way in showing how much you love and appreciate the things she does for you.

Another option is to pick up a pair of womens Uggs at Make sure you know the size that the special lady in your life wears. You’ll be able to pick out a fashionable pair of boots in a color and style that she loves. Uggs are a fantastic gift since it means they’re something she can wear again and again with a variety of outfits.

Finally, you could offer the lady in your life a gift certificate to a favorite shop or restaurant. This is a great gift if it’s something the two of you want to enjoy together.

Zaggora High Rise Hot Pants Capri I Own

I am one of those bloggers who was given a chance by this popular brand for a review. I am glad I own one Zaggora pants now to become my partner during my home work out. I have used them twice so far since its arrival and yes, I honestly love wearing them. They are stretchy, comfortable, they look nice, they feel good in my skin and most of all the company claims to help my body burn more calories by helping me to generate more body heat with their patent pending fabric.

Here is a little information about the company.

The Zaggora Hot line of clothing was tested by ETScience based at the University of Southern California in the US between September 2012 and January 2013 and at The University of Brighton in the UK between September 2011 and August 2012. The line, which is made with their patent pending Celu-Lite technology, was shown to:

• increase the metabolic rate during exercise by up to 18% vs. a standard garment when Zaggora clothing was worn for at least 30 minutes during exercise.

• be safe during high-intensity aerobic exercise since core body temperature did not exceed acceptable exercise-induced elevations

 photo cmx962x8ilai60mppvpvkubmhhcvcrmr_zps425296cb.jpg

Photos above are of me wearing my neon yellow Zaggora high rise hot pants but I chose to fold it over in the hips and calves to add style and color block effect on the pants. Guess, I will be more motivated to lift weights now that I have this pair of pants and hope to burn calories in the next days.

Read Product Description:

Calf-length High Rise HotPants Capri target your stomach and nip in your waist while you get hot!

Key Targeting

Your hips, bum, tum, thighs, knees and calves.

Key Product Features

• Comes in two variations: pink accent panel or classic black

• Wide, high-waisted band pulls in the tummy, sculpts and supports the waist, and stays securely in place as you move

• Center back zipped pocket lets you store your cards, keys or phone

• Breathable gusset

• Curved seams contour your figure along your natural curves and have a fantastic slimming effect

Fit & Feel

• Wide high-fitting waistband nips in the waist comfortably

• Curved flat-lock seams follow and flatter your body’s curves

• Light, flexible compression fit supports your body and creates a smooth silhouette

Fun Summery Colors Activa Watches

So, I found that I am not only crazy with dresses and purses but also with watches. I see them as a candy that could complete my outfit when I go out. I don’t need an expensive piece of watch, as long as it has a fun color that could go with any outfit, rest assured I’d like it.

My recent watch purchase is an Activa watch by Invicta on Groupon. List price worth $99 and bought one color pink-purple. I hope it is pretty when it arrives. I only paid $16.99 for it plus two dollars shipping. Unfortunately though I didn’t get to buy that very color I so wanted to buy, the lime green or the colors pictured below. I would have been doubly happy, lol.

 photo 4qqnevfjd6gvz1tkw7seuhfxhn2uqzfy_zps9f93560f.jpg

Pink Nine West Portofino Under $30

Look what I found on one of my favorite shopping websites, a pair of pink Nine West Portofino for only $29.99! Yes, that affordable and they are free shipping. You can’t miss such a pair of lovely peep toe pumps like that perfect for casual or everyday wear.

Any woman who loves shoes would appreciate having this pair in her closet for she knows what beautiful shoes are and this one is no exception. This pair is just a candy that would look sweet in any woman’s feet, including mine? I am drooling to this pink shoes, I tell yah!

If you want to buy this one, just head on to for it is available there and they SHIP FREE!

 photo nw_zps6db07c7c.png

Totsy’s Summer Dresses for Under $10

I don’t mind spending money on dresses that are really my type and I could wear over and over again. I just hope that when the items I purchased at Totsy’s today will be comfortable and will fit me good when they arrive. I have been looking for a halter type dress both online and in-stores but I couldn’t seem to find what I really wanted.

Totsy  sent me their blowout sale ad in my email and I took the time browsing for their dresses. How lucky I am for I found these dresses shown below. First and fourth photos are surplice halter dresses for $6 each original price was $32. The second photo is for Jadyn which cost me $5 more than my dresses. The third photo is an elastic waist tank dress for only $7, original price was $82.

No regret after spending $36 on clothing today for I really got a pretty good deal in all items I checked out at Totsys. With that price, I bought 6 dresses in total (2 items aren’t shown in photos). And oh take note, I didn’t pay for the shipping by the way. Right now, they offer free shipping promo for orders $35 and over. Isn’t that so sweet? I found the dresses I wanted plus I didn’t have to burn my gas going to the mall (I even doubt if I can find the same style and price there knowing that I am going to have my two girls with me, shopping these days isn’t easy with kids in tow).

No other clothing website can beat that, I believe, not even Body Central, Forever 21 or Alloy. I am a happy shopper here today!


 photo 6qzz3tnbxelsp866oqpdc3kbkbw4rl4a_zps298d4a3a.jpg

Victoria Secret’s Chain-Link Bandeau Swim Wear

I am not a bikini person but looking at this sexy and stylish Victoria’s Secret chain-link bandeau top and bottom swim wear makes me want to drool. They are honestly fashionable and the color is just in. Those who look forward to showing some skin this summer, this can be perfect for you. Head on to Victoria’s Secret website and buy this pair for you.

If only I had the guts to wear sexy bikinis like this, I could have collected a few… if only… if only… but I am not gifted with beautiful curvy waistline and flawless skin.

Read the description below…

 photo vs-1_zpsf6f46a89.png
Chain reaction. This bandeau bikini top stuns with goldtone chain-link trim straps and sultry crisscross front. Designed in our luxe Italian fabric for a silky-soft feel. From our exclusive Very Sexy collection of top-of-the-line push-up tops.
Lightly padded
Goldtone chain trim
Halter strap ties at neck
Twist front
Imported nylon/Lycra® spandex