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Shopping Coupons to Get Me to Spend My Money

As Christmas approaching, a lot of people are busy choosing and buying gifts for everyone in the family. This is when those retailers try to get customers’ attention and spend their money at their store by sending out coupons in the mail, in personal e-mails and on Facebook pages.

I do have a couple of shopping coupons on hand and guess what? I don’t plan of using them all. I only have one particular store that I’d like to go this weekend and buy summer clothes that are cents in prices and sell them online. Stores like Bath and Body Works, Carter’s, Osh Kosh B’ Gosh, Gap, Macy’s and many others have sent their coupons to me but I have enough shopping done already from the past weeks. Unless somebody give me some cash and tell me to spend it all on clothing and other stuff I like, going for a shopping spree is possible…


Unique Purple Ukala Boots


I almost got tempted to buy this unique color of purple Ukala boots on the internet this afternoon. It is on sale for $34.99, originally sold for $90. With that deal anybody who loves boots and in a cold state would probably buy this one plus the fact that it is free shipping, who wouldn’t get tempted with that?

What I love about this pair is the unique, not very common purple color plus it looks cozy, very comfortable and soft inside. I am just glad my Paypal has no enough funds right now otherwise I break my promise again not to spend anymore more money on shopping.

Fun and Social Way to Shop Online

I know there are people out there who are skeptical about this online auction site called DealDash wherein customers get to own the latest gadgets you can find on the market today for less than five bucks. Yes, there are customers who are so lucky to own an iPad without costing them hundreds of dollars. If you head on to
DealDash Facebook page and like it, you will see testimonials, DealDash Review and pictures of customers who participated the auction and won fabulous items.

If you are still hesitant, you may read about the company on DealDash Wikipedia, read the history and mechanics for a better understanding of how the auction works.

Guilty Pleasure


I thought I wouldn’t be tempted today but geeeezzz I found myself checking out at earlier tonight. I started browsing this morning, put two items in the cart and left it like that for hours to pick up my pre-schooler. I did not shut down my computer though so when we got home from the park, that very same website I left earlier was still there… so I browsed again and finally CHECKED OUT.

In my mind, why not? It’s a deal… the original price of those items are $24.50 and on sale for $19.90 plus 30% off entire purchase which brought the price down to $11 plus and the site offers FREE SHIPPING, bought two 3/4 sleeves tees in dark pink and gray! That’s what got me, the free shipping deal. Instead of going to the mall, why not do it online where I don’t have to burn my gas plus I do it in private although admittedly I could have had several choices of items in store…. but I doubt if they have the same deal there as what CYBER MONDAY offers?

I honestly feeling guilty right now for having spent $25 on clothing for myself today. I know it doesn’t sound much to you but I feel like I have been spending so much lately instead of saving my money.

Hard to Find Shoes

If you have unique feet, you are constantly on the hunt for shoes that fit just right. It can be expensive and frustrating trying to find the perfect shoe – ones that don’t leave your feet sore and kill your back. The last pair of shoes I ALMOST bought were (literally) over $100 and that wasn’t even the most expensive pair I have considered out of desperation. So after literal years of research and hunting, I found a few places that sell “uniquely” sized shoes for those of us with foot sizes that break the norm.

 For Narrow Feet

Marmi has some of the cutest shoes out there if you are looking for narrow women’s shoes! From the boots (which are almost ALWAYS too big no matter where I get them) to pumps that don’t slip off and on while I walk, the narrow sizes are perfect. If you are worried about your new shoes being too narrow – don’t! I am living proof that these shoes are practically the ideal pair and if you do decide that you don’t like them, they are great about returns.

 For Wide Feet

For those with wider feet – Jay’s wide shoes offer everything from athletic shoes to slippers and fit like a glove. The site is easy to navigate and they update often (which is good and bad, depending on how much of a shopaholic you are).

Shoes to look out for this season – go for prints! All types – especially reptile (such as snake and croc, faux of course!) These eye-catching replicas are most popular in bold colors like red and purple. Boots are also the shoe of 2013. Short and sassy and knee-high, heeled boots are all going to be a great investment and easy to wear with skirts, shorts and pants.

Discount on all fashion trends

It is the time of the year when people get busy! Get busy preparing for Thanksgiving here in America and also for finding things for Christmas to give to someone special in their life. This is the time of the year too when most if not all, love to shop a lot and get broke because of the flooding deals in most stores. They tend to spend more than what they earn. Good thing credit cards are always available to the rescue for more spending.

Why this happens? People think that they should shop while stuff are on deep discounts instead of paying them in full price. Besides, Christmas is a big holiday and there is no reason for people not to spend money. Well, while that can be true, spending in moderation should be observed because in the end, credit card holders are always be the one to end up paying all the borrowed money.

My idea to minimize of using so much of the credit cards is first, to find great vouchers online or at local newspaper ads. I tell you that work pretty well to me. This, although may be a little time consuming but you know when you get to avail the huge savings, you will be happy. When you are happy, you feel less stressful that Holiday shopping brings because you bought a lot of stuff at a fraction of prices than what other people normally paid for.

Toys, clothing, jewelry, electronics, perfume, shoes, kitchen appliances and etc. are what people usually buy during the holiday. For that, stores also entice customers to shop from them by giving away coupons, vouchers and in-store discounts.

If you live in the UK and are into shopping for fashion trends, wouldn’t you want to search for discounts on all fashion trends and get to save tons of money for your shopping spree? If you click on the link in this paragraph, you will be directed to Boden page where you will see Boden discount codes, voucher codes and deals and sales.

Boden is actually a shopping destination for the whole family, stocking reasonably priced clothes in a variety of styles of men, women and children. It is the UK’s leading stockists of clothing for all the family. People of all ages from all walks of life come to this site and find codes to shop online. You should do that too and never forget to get your shopping codes every time you do your online shopping so you will save even more.

Don’t have any idea how to pick your outfit using coupon codes? Refer to this link for inspiration then you can begin picking your own clothes and style after looking at this artist’s outfit.

I Heart This Michael Kors Handbag Vanilla Color


I want nothing else but this only Michael Kors Handbag, East West Top Zip Tote. For months I have been drooling this sweet, delicious looking MK handbag which I cannot afford to buy. My only chance of having it is to control my spending, save up some money until I can come up with the $200 dollars amount in order to buy this one. That is a lot of money for a handbag, you know?

I hope they’ll put a discount on it in the near future so by then I may be able to afford the handbag. I so heart this color. I don’t want chocolate or any other color of this kind of handbag but vanilla.

Striped Cylinder Bag Perfect For Summer


This barrel bag right here I bought for just seven bucks. It is very pretty but it just sits in my closet right now still new. I bought it for Summer but Summer is almost over and I haven’t used the bag. Awa ra jud ka agap, cge palit di kaato ug gamit.

Well, there is always next year and trends never go out of style. If I decide that I don’t like it anymore I can always give it to my sister in the Philippines. I just love the color combination, I thought it was unique and attractive for such an affordable price.

3 Genuine Freshwater Pearls For $10


I bought these trio genuine freshwater pearls at Nomorerack sometime a month ago and now wearing one pair when I go out to the post office or at the grocery store. I wore it one time to the dentist office and I got a nice compliment on it. They are pretty in actual to be honest but they are kind of tiny. For just ten bucks for three pairs of earrings I couldn’t be more happier.

Be Stylish And Fashionable For Less


It is very common for celebrities shopping for a high-end fashion that are way too pricey because they do have more than they can afford for expensive stuff. But for  the common people like me, I would always go for cheaper ones and buy middle brands instead because that is what I can only afford to have. Aside from them being affordable, the quality is good and can last for a lifetime if you handle your things carefully.

To be stylish and fashionable don’t have to be expensive. As they say, it is not how much you paid for your clothes but how well you carry them. Besides, there are a lot of ways in order to save some money when shopping and be able to afford the latest trends without compromising your budget.

Looking for coupons and deals online should not be difficult to do. It only requires a bit of time and patience so that you can buy the things you want at lower prices. In fact, you can buy what you need using discount codes in almost anything nowadays. It is all up to the person whether he/she wants to save or not. For sure, so many people would want that. I want to save some money too, who doesn’t?