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4 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is quick and convenient. After all, if you’ve got jimmy jazz coupons burning a hole in your pocket, you don’t want to have to wait to buy the latest hot fashions. However, one thing shopping online isn’t always, is safe. There are plenty of ways to be parted with your hard earned if you’re not careful. The good news is there are easy, common sense precautions you can take that won’t slow you down.

  • Be URL smart. Because scam sites can look almost exactly like the real deal, never click on any links to get to where you want to shop. Instead, type in the URL in your browser’s address bar. Also check to make sure there is an “s” after the “http.” That means any information you’re sending is being transmitted securely.
  1. Avoid Wi-Fi. Speaking of secure transmissions, if you want to keep your information secure, don’t send it over Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is especially vulnerable as are smart phones. You’re much better off using a computer with a secure router as well as a firewall and anti-spyware software. If you must shop by phone, use a landline.
  2. Don’t overshare. Hillary Mendelsohn, author of, “thepurplebook” shopping guides, says there are only four things an online retailer should ever ask you for: the credit card number, the expiration date, the three-digit code on the back of the card and possibly a shipping address. Never give out information such as your Social Security number or even just the last four digits.
  3. Only use credit cards, not debit cards. When you use a debit card, that money comes out of your checking account and is instantly gone when you make a purchase. A credit card is protected from fraud under law and you’re not immediately out any money if something should go wrong.

 Following these tips will go a long way toward keeping you – and your money – safe.

Fun Summery Colors Activa Watches

So, I found that I am not only crazy with dresses and purses but also with watches. I see them as a candy that could complete my outfit when I go out. I don’t need an expensive piece of watch, as long as it has a fun color that could go with any outfit, rest assured I’d like it.

My recent watch purchase is an Activa watch by Invicta on Groupon. List price worth $99 and bought one color pink-purple. I hope it is pretty when it arrives. I only paid $16.99 for it plus two dollars shipping. Unfortunately though I didn’t get to buy that very color I so wanted to buy, the lime green or the colors pictured below. I would have been doubly happy, lol.

 photo 4qqnevfjd6gvz1tkw7seuhfxhn2uqzfy_zps9f93560f.jpg

Pink Nine West Portofino Under $30

Look what I found on one of my favorite shopping websites, a pair of pink Nine West Portofino for only $29.99! Yes, that affordable and they are free shipping. You can’t miss such a pair of lovely peep toe pumps like that perfect for casual or everyday wear.

Any woman who loves shoes would appreciate having this pair in her closet for she knows what beautiful shoes are and this one is no exception. This pair is just a candy that would look sweet in any woman’s feet, including mine? I am drooling to this pink shoes, I tell yah!

If you want to buy this one, just head on to for it is available there and they SHIP FREE!

 photo nw_zps6db07c7c.png

Chain Link Halter Maxi Dress

Gosh! I am drooling with this dress, everybody did when I shared it on Facebook one time. What I love about this dress is that it looks elegant, sexy but not provocative, the stripes are slimming and I guess it would be so comfortable and soft if I can wear it, haha in my dreams. It is a chain link halter maxi dress by Victoria’s Secret and the price is? Can you guess? It is a whooping $148, yes just for a dress like this. Read the description below the photo.

 photo vs_zps37220bbf.png
Gilty pleasure. Our luxe polyester maxi dress gets a covetable kiss of gold at the straps. Designed in a flowy, a-line shape with plunging back and eye-catching stripes, it’s an effortless way to own the night.
V-neck with goldtone chain straps and VS charm
Plunge back with ruching
Easy, a-line shape
41″ from waist
Machine wash. Line dry.
Imported polyester

Totsy’s Summer Dresses for Under $10

I don’t mind spending money on dresses that are really my type and I could wear over and over again. I just hope that when the items I purchased at Totsy’s today will be comfortable and will fit me good when they arrive. I have been looking for a halter type dress both online and in-stores but I couldn’t seem to find what I really wanted.

Totsy  sent me their blowout sale ad in my email and I took the time browsing for their dresses. How lucky I am for I found these dresses shown below. First and fourth photos are surplice halter dresses for $6 each original price was $32. The second photo is for Jadyn which cost me $5 more than my dresses. The third photo is an elastic waist tank dress for only $7, original price was $82.

No regret after spending $36 on clothing today for I really got a pretty good deal in all items I checked out at Totsys. With that price, I bought 6 dresses in total (2 items aren’t shown in photos). And oh take note, I didn’t pay for the shipping by the way. Right now, they offer free shipping promo for orders $35 and over. Isn’t that so sweet? I found the dresses I wanted plus I didn’t have to burn my gas going to the mall (I even doubt if I can find the same style and price there knowing that I am going to have my two girls with me, shopping these days isn’t easy with kids in tow).

No other clothing website can beat that, I believe, not even Body Central, Forever 21 or Alloy. I am a happy shopper here today!


 photo 6qzz3tnbxelsp866oqpdc3kbkbw4rl4a_zps298d4a3a.jpg

Victoria Secret’s Chain-Link Bandeau Swim Wear

I am not a bikini person but looking at this sexy and stylish Victoria’s Secret chain-link bandeau top and bottom swim wear makes me want to drool. They are honestly fashionable and the color is just in. Those who look forward to showing some skin this summer, this can be perfect for you. Head on to Victoria’s Secret website and buy this pair for you.

If only I had the guts to wear sexy bikinis like this, I could have collected a few… if only… if only… but I am not gifted with beautiful curvy waistline and flawless skin.

Read the description below…

 photo vs-1_zpsf6f46a89.png
Chain reaction. This bandeau bikini top stuns with goldtone chain-link trim straps and sultry crisscross front. Designed in our luxe Italian fabric for a silky-soft feel. From our exclusive Very Sexy collection of top-of-the-line push-up tops.
Lightly padded
Goldtone chain trim
Halter strap ties at neck
Twist front
Imported nylon/Lycra® spandex

Trendy Neon Top-Sider Shoes

Top-sider style of shoes has been around for decades and I guess it never go out of style. I can remember as young as I seven years old, my mother bought me one of those and the memory of it wearing the shoes still linger in my mind.

This style can be worn by both genders, adults, middle-aged and kids. Whoever invented this style has a brilliant idea of doing so because people of all ages proudly wear his style. Talking of which, here are some samples that I found on one of my favorite shopping sites yesterday. Popping neon colors is what is popular today and shoes are  just so cool to be wearing a pair of trendy neon top-sider shoes. Pick your color if you must and wear it everyday.

If I didn’t have to go on a trip soon, I would have to buy myself a pair of this style. My husband would think I am weird but who cares, wearing a neon pair of shoes is not bad at all.

 photo colors_zps19885fed.jpg

I Saved 60% on Juicy Couture Perfume

I love wearing perfumes. I feel so feminine if I wear it whenever I go out either for a quick trip to the post office, grocery shopping or out with friends. I love a perfume that has a sweet floral, light scent in it. However, I don’t have a lot of perfumes but I do have a few very good ones that I could smell from time to time when I wear them.

My recent purchase is this 1 oz. Juicy Couture perfume which saved me 60% off the original list price. Not only that, I also got a free shipping on it from Groupon. So now I am looking forward to receiving it in the mail and see how it smells. I have a feeling though that I am going to love it. I am anxious for it to be here and start wearing it.

 photo j_zps8b810ded.jpg

You Know You Are A Fan If…

You can easily spot a person if he or she is a big fan of a popular football team when walking in the mall, grocery store or somewhere else. You know you are a fan if you wear your favorite team’s t-shirt, wear a cap with their logo in it or wear jewelry ensembles of their team. If you are an avid of of Dallas Cowboys, you can purchase your dallas cowboys jewelry here. Select from pendants, earrings, rings, bangles and other stuff that you can be proudly wear during their game.

 photo NFL-ROB-DAL_zpsf0207d5d.jpg

Three Piece Double Heart Valentine Gift Set

 photo 3pc_zpsc933cb8e.jpg
For just $12.99 you can get this fashion pieces including shipping. It doesn’t hurt if we wear fashion jewelry at times so why not buy this set if they are affordable, right? I bought this just before Valentine’s Day and I plan of wearing them when I’m in the Philippines to be safe. That way, I don’t have to worry of my jewelry being snatched or robbed for they’re for fashion only.

The amazing set has three beautiful pieces. The bracelet features the double heart in the center on a chain that adjusts from 7 1/2 inches to 9 inches. The interlocking hearts are silver and pink crystals. The necklace has the same heart on 16-18 inch adjustable chain. The set is complete with matching post earrings.