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I Prefer to Shop Online Sometimes

Admittedly, I prefer shopping online sometimes than going to the mall especially if shopping for my family back home. Although we tend to pay for the shipping and we cannot physically touch the items online yet I find it easy to find the things I really want to buy. Items are laid out neatly in front of me with just a click of a mouse.

We are only less than ten minutes away from the mall but going there is sometimes a bit tiring plus the fact that, the items you see online might not be available in-store or they don’t have the same promotions offered online. Aeropostale is the brand of clothing I buy for my brothers, they are comfortable, nice colors/prints and true-to-size. One instance, I browsed for men’s clothing online first before heading out to the mall, unfortunately, almost all of the nice items were gone at the mall so I went back home and shopped online for the things that were cheaply priced.

I didn’t mind paying for the shipping because I loved what I bought when the items arrived to our front door. I’d rather pay an extra five bucks for my items rather than forcing myself to shop the ones that are leftovers by other customers in-store. I would be very disappointed if I did.

I paid less than $30 for all the items photographed below, that’s including shipping and tax. Men’s shirts are V-neck style in stripes which were not available in-store.

 photo 1376874_10152235858829517_1300276113_n_zps6e43d1d0.jpg

Be Cozy and Comfortable with Heating Blanket from Cozywinters

I love the morning temperatures here in our place now. I could feel the chill when we go to school, it’s just so perfect yet it gets still up to the 90’s in the afternoon. Weeks from now, people will be shivering and really need to bundle up for the winter. Although our winter here in Texas is mild compared to other states, still we need that warm, cozy and comfortable heating blanket at night in our bed. I am looking forward to buying us a new heating blanket with dual controls so I don’t bother my husband to adjust the temperature of the blanket when he is asleep. Heating blankets are perfect for travel too so I really believe it is one must-have accessory for everybody.

 photo 12v-heated-blanket_B_zps65617183.jpg

Dream Wedding Dresses at Dress First

I have been waiting for October to come because it is such a special month for both me and my husband for we are going to celebrate our 9th year wedding anniversary comes October 16. Yes, it has been that long yet it feels like we just got married not so long ago. It is probably because we have such a good marriage that makes me feel blessed to have been married with the man of my dreams.

When we speak about wedding, the first thing that comes in our mind is a beautiful Wedding Dress. Our wedding is the grandest, the most unforgettable and special moment of our lives so it is just right to pick the right motif and the perfect wedding dress brides could ever wear because it is their big day and a wedding can only happen once in our lifetime. Well, it is in a woman’s conservative point of view.

If we are to get wed again in our tenth anniversary, I would surely, with all my heart renew our vow that we made almost 9 years ago. And I would be more than willing to go through all the stress in my wedding preparation just to make it beautiful. I am eyeing on wedding dresses, shoes, bouquets and wedding accessories at DressFirst right now and oh boy, there are just tons of gorgeous dresses to choose from.

However, after just going through each page, I found the stuff that I really would like to try on someday. Following photos below are lifted from’s website that I believe are perfect. As for the wedding dress, I love the sexy detail of this Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Satin Wedding Dress With Embroidery Beadwork. This dress can be bought either in white, ivory, champagne and pink. I also love that a bride can have an option as to what color the embroidery is going to be according to her taste. Embroidery color choices are white, ivory, champagne, pink, gold and silver.

 photo cd8e937b4765babc61b891d9ed4a389b_zps1829b868.jpg

My second favorite from their site is this Mermaid V-neck Chapel Train Satin Lace Wedding Dress With Beadwork. If a bride is a bit conservative then this dress would be perfect for her since it is not too revealing with 3/4 lacey sleeves yet it has the elegance and current look of the gown.

 photo ab9b94e2b3abd01c6820fe919b1a371c_zps7348b2c2.jpg
Of course, one has a wedding gown, she should then choose the veil that would greatly match her dress.
 photo d10880788469f0fa58a2c50be5fea656_zps8e6e6b7b.jpg
9 years ago, I chose ash blue as my motif and if I had to choose again, I would go fuchsia or hot pink this time as my motif and I think the two bridesmaid dresses below are the prettiest.
 photo e0bed1a8f03750dac7c41e894f739bf6_zpsc69bc779.jpg
 photo 8d046676686ad94a8b1e475b5e93bf7b_zps2c184474.jpg
… and below is my choice of bouquet.
 photo 33c23af8134788e3084c4c24982f125f_zps30869b5b.jpg
and of course not forgetting the killer shoes that look trendy and sexy.
 photo 95d48aef8fd36633b19522857a3137b5_zps0962c2bb.jpg

Coach Getaway Signature Packable Crossbody – This is the Last One

I bought this Coach brass/orange spice crossbody bag because I feel like I need it! Every time I buy me a new purse whether it be a tote, shoulder bag, body bag or wristlet, I tell myself THIS IS THE LAST ONE! But who am I kidding? I am fooling myself, right? Because here I am again, I found myself checking out from Coach factory website 40 minutes ago. I should not regret for buying this for “I REALLY NEED IT”. I hope it is the perfect size for me to be using everyday to fit my valuables when sending my kid to school.

I got a couple of the same brand handbags in my closet, a few of them still have tags, others I’ve only used once but why the heck am I buying another one again? Sniff! Sniff! I am so high right now. I just fueled my worldly wants. I have been thinking of buying a crossbody bag but been also putting it off knowing that I am trying to save some money for future use.

Duh blah blah, I fell inlove with this yellow color so I went ahead and checked out, I thought the price was okay but when shipping and tax added up, it went up to $74 total. No, I don’t want to regret it since I paid cash through my blogging money for it but heck… the fact that I am buying another bag (conscience) haunting me.

 photo coach_zps978514fe.png
… left photo is just to show how it looks on me… it’s the one on the right is the color I bought… I know it’s weird and crazy color but it’s interesting to look at.

Shopping for Dresses is My Weakness

Dresses! Why are you so beautiful? Why are you so tempting to buy? How can I say no if seeing beautiful styles, prints and colors on one of the online stores are having all dresses for sale for $7.99 each? I found myself checked out three items in my cart just thirty minutes ago. I put them earlier but closed the window and was not going to buy them but then this little devil inside me pushed me hard to open the website again and buy them.

Blame me if I like dresses, I am a woman and dresses are my weakness not to mention, they are affordable. Dresses attached below were the items in my cart, waiting for their arrival next week and hopefully they will fit me good. I trust my selection and size, I have shopped from 10dollarmall before so I am good of the items I picked.

I love their prints and colors, as you may notice they all have some blue-ness in them, can you tell blue is my favorite color? They are MSRP for $64.99, $49.99 and $24.99 – sold on the mentioned site above for $9.99 and they’re on sale today until Sunday for $7.99 plus shipping. All three items totaled below $30. Amazing deal I got there, don’t you think? I am a happy shopper as usual!

 photo dress_zps2abc6ce4.png
 photo dress2_zps1a39a40a.png

My Aeropostale Haul

This post is long overdue. But anyway, I am one of those people who loves to shop smart and anticipating for deep discount sales either in-store or online. Aeropostale had their biggest Bulldog sale a few weeks ago. My tactic was, I checked their online prices for tees and then in the weekend I visited their store and see if they are the same.

Guess what? Their physical store at the mall was .99 more. It took me days before I could visit their store so there wasn’t much left when I did so when I went back home, I checked out the items that were already in the cart. I didn’t mind paying for $4 shipping because I got prettier items online than in the store, besides, it made me save a few cents purchasing online because their normal shipping is $7 but they had a shipping promo that day so I still believe I got a deal. And oh not forgetting, I am getting a few cents back by shopping online through ebates.

I bought 4 pieces of men’s tees for $5 each for my brothers in the Philippines despite the fact that they do not appreciate the things I give them, two pieces aero bikini for my little sister and a color block yoga capri for myself. I know shopping is nice but you have to be smart enough when and what kind of stuff you’re buying so there will be no shopping remorse afterwards.

 photo 1057249_10152058224084517_790089263_n_zps20f2d82e.jpg

My Pair of Boots for Under $15 at DSW

Today is the last day of FREE SHIPPING deal no minimum purchase at I have been anticipating for that promo for a long time now. Finally, just moments ago I got to check out from their site with a pair of new Fuchsia boots, wootwoot!

I had this $20 coupon from them that I saved and today I used it for online shoe shopping! Happy me can you tell? I know it is too early to be shopping for boots but, deals like this is hard to miss so I found myself entering my credit card information on their site.

The coupon is for my husband actually but he didn’t know he has it. Greedy wife, I did not tell him and used it for my own satisfaction instead. No guilt though for I know it is okay with him haha. Assuming ang peg. Anyway, this Qupid Neo boots normally priced for $32.94 plus tax but I bought them for only $14.01 total charge including tax, what a deal. If I didn’t have the coupon and there was no free shipping deal, I would buy it because I know for sure I would only regret it once the item/s arrive.

 photo 8438f285-9f09-4f2d-950c-9db5a83f8418_zps5cd8080e.jpg

 photo 33e392fe-cf1b-49c4-9880-ed957a44be16_zpsd08629fe.jpg

womens Uggs at

Is Mother’s Day coming up? Does your wife have a birthday quickly approaching? Maybe you’re about to celebrate an important anniversary. Regardless of the reason you need a gift for the special woman in your life, there are a number of things you can choose that are sure to delight a mom, wife or even a girlfriend.

Consider purchasing a special piece of jewelry to show your love and appreciation. Most women enjoy receiving jewelry because it demonstrates how special you think she is. A ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace will go a long way in showing how much you love and appreciate the things she does for you.

Another option is to pick up a pair of womens Uggs at Make sure you know the size that the special lady in your life wears. You’ll be able to pick out a fashionable pair of boots in a color and style that she loves. Uggs are a fantastic gift since it means they’re something she can wear again and again with a variety of outfits.

Finally, you could offer the lady in your life a gift certificate to a favorite shop or restaurant. This is a great gift if it’s something the two of you want to enjoy together.

Beautiful Sunhat for Under $5

Look what I bought for me. These two beautiful sunhats were on sale on one of the online shops I frequent. For under $5 each, I could protect me from the sun by these attractive stripes hats. They are lightweight, breathable and are made of straw. Looking forward to using them one of these days. They could match any outfit and complete the look so perfect for summer.

Sunhats are normally sold for $30 if you browse other online shops or in the mall, I just got lucky when I snagged two last week at such a great price. They are normally sold for $5.99 so a dollar of each doesn’t hurt.

 photo sun_zpsdff439c1.png photo sun2_zps9264561b.png

Tips on Finding an Online Contact Lens Retailer

If you want to find unique contacts for everyday or special use, searching online can easily produce the results you want. However, it can be risky to shop online, so it is crucial to prepare yourself beforehand for the task. In order to find the right online contact lens retailer, here are 5 tips:

 1. Comparison shop.

 In order to find the best online contact lens retailer, it is a must that you take the time to comparison shop. By browsing through various online stores, you will easily be able to compare products and services, as well as the prices, to find the best lenses for your needs.

 In most cases, it is recommended to use larger companies when buying contact lenses. Larger companies are often better sources because they:

 Offer a wider range of contact lenses and other related products and services

  • Have the experience and stability needed to ensure that you get the right lenses
  • Offer more flexible prices and payment plans (depending on the retailer)

 When comparison shopping, you may even be able to take advantage of various discounted offers as well.

 2. Look for the ability to place phone orders.

 Reputable online contact lens retailers typically offer the option to place your order via telephone. The option is a good one to have since many people still prefer working with other people instead of machines. Having a telephone number available also indicates that the retailer is less likely to be a scammer.

 3. Check for fast shipping.

 If you need your contacts fast, you will have to check for fast shipping. Many reputable retailers offer the option to have same day delivery for the fastest delivery possible. However, you will need to take into account that the faster delivery options will also be more costly than regular options.

 4. Ensure that the company has secure servers for ordering online.

 Whenever you purchase any product or service online, it is crucial that you ensure that the server is secure. An easy way of checking for a secure server is to look for the “https” at the beginning of the URL. “Https” is different from “http” because it indicates that the website is encrypted to help protect your sensitive information. If the website URL does not begin with “https,” it is recommended to immediately take your business elsewhere.

 5. Check for reliable customer service.

 To ensure that you have the best customer service, you need to check out various customer reviews to see what others have experienced. However, it is often not enough to rely on the reviews posted on actual company websites because they may not be altogether trustworthy. For example, companies can easily choose what comments to post, so negative comments may not always be present. Additionally, some companies pay to have people write and leave positive reviews. In order to get the best honest reviews, you need to check with forums or consumer reports.

 With these 5 tips on how to find an online contact lens retailer, you will be able to get the contact lenses you need with the added peace of mind as well.

 Chelsea Miller has been an optical technician for over 20 years. She enjoys writing about the progress and developments in her field. Visit the website for more information.